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Worst life decision you made?

Mine was getting high at an edm event and going for a jog the next morning on no sleep. fked me up good, developed allergies soon after and also hit with a mood disorder feels bad man

zhengterry‎, Yesterday 09:27 PM
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GOP needs to go hard against clown world

After seeing the threads about Mr Potato Head and boys and girls sections in retail stores being cancelled, I am baffled as to why GOP refuses to take a firm stance against clown world (well not really baffled because it's common knowledge that they're a bunch of jellyfish, but you know what I...

John L‎, Yesterday 03:11 PM
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Post Computer

It is an electrical machine which is design to work with information.

pmsantosh2020‎, Today 02:06 AM
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They're likely going to win unfortunately.

The citizenry of the US and most other countries is going to be enslaved under their totalitarian rule. That means almost all of us. There are too many unintelligent fools and cowards among the 14-24 year old age group just as they planned, and there are so very few intelligent ones among that...

LukeLissen‎, Yesterday 08:04 PM
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Lightbulb GOAT movie effect

When theres a big explosion and the screen goes white, and the sound is muffled, and all you can hear is the high pitched ringing. It makes you feel like you're actually there. So good brahs

Jandels‎, Today 01:43 AM
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Is it true that a high school varsity male tennis player could defeat...

a top 10 professional female player? That the disparity in skills in tennis between males and females is so much that a decent male high schooler could defeat a Serena Williams or Naomi Osaka?

GMiscer‎, Yesterday 09:10 PM
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Girl at gym killing my vibes to workout

Theres this girl at my gym who literally is there 4-5 hours a day 7x a week, she wears basically a brah and legging every day and looks like she spent at least 3-4 hours getting ready for the gym. Now normally I don’t care and do my own thing but she almost daily tries to get my attention by...

Olympia2018‎, Yesterday 12:10 PM
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What happened to misc’s humor?

Jesus, this place has gone downhill. Used to be lulzy threads all over the place in 2010. Now almost every thread on the front page is depressing.

Blasting‎, Today 01:10 AM
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lambos on the moon crew assemble! this is what your bitcoin is worth today:

Will update regularly, not quite a lambo yet but its a charming little motor, power to spare from that 1.3 litre engine, fit and fitment that we have come to expect from the prestigious highly sought after 'jeep' brand. what does tomorrow bring?

samsbolton‎, 02-23-2021 03:29 AM
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**Un-OFFICIAL** Trading and Investing Thread: Part XIII -- Robber Baron Edition

Let's swap some stock.

ApeXXXPredator‎, 01-31-2021 01:07 AM
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Angry Harvard admissions: below average black and hispanics over top tier whites and asians

As a clear case of systemic racism, while evaluating students for admissions when using grades/GPA, Harvard gives preferential treatment to blacks and hispanics: A decile is dividing a distribution(in this case, applicants) by 10...

JIA‎, Yesterday 11:56 PM
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MISC Crypto Crew (MCC) Vol: XIII: Money printer goes brrrrrr, But Bitcoin doesnt

OG thread: Vol. 1: Vol. 2: Vol. 3: Vol. 4:...

Gringo12‎, 08-16-2020 05:56 PM
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Reddit mods closing all threads related to Syria attack It’s over for Americels. Welcome to being unable to distinguish news from lies my amigos.

AmbivalentFeels‎, Yesterday 10:55 PM
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Angry lady gaga's dog walker shot as 2/3 dogs kidnapped hate seeing people getting hurt over stealing animals , pieces of ****

littlecaesars59‎, Yesterday 07:07 PM
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Can someone tell me what this word means? (srs)

uwjxQoTyVAE?t=931 15:32

frezKo‎, Yesterday 10:03 PM
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Did you actually know someone personally who suicided?

Why did they do it?

GMiscer‎, 02-24-2021 08:17 PM
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by Olympia2018  Go to last post
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***The Official Atheist and Christian Friendly Discussion***

Everyone in between is welcome too... :)

2nd_chance‎, 07-14-2012 07:28 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: **Official PC rig Pics/Specs/Mods thread PART V ** GOAT PC Master Race Checking In!**

Part 5 Brahs, let the GOAT master race rise again! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:...

PositiveCrew‎, 03-25-2017 08:50 PM
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What F-150 starting from 2015 is the most reliable?

For a few years I've been quite sure I want an F-150 for my next vehicle. I want a used one that's at least a 2015, that's when they changed the design and I fell in love with it (I really don't like the 2021 redesign). Does the 2015 model have any issues? If so which year did they solve any...

ch2s‎, Today 01:53 AM
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Thumbs up 61 Now Natty & Jacked

This last monday I decided to close the old thread with a Bang and with some seriously sweet heavy personal best lifts . Today is a New start, A more focused and determined aging but classy gentleman..I hope you like the New direction New determination, a more focused direction with way more...

charlievanriper‎, 12-19-2019 07:41 PM
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