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  • I dont have access to a strongman gym, whats the cheapest way to train ?

    Like the title says, I want to train strongman style, I have tried looking for equipment online but everything just seems ridiculously expensive

    All i have so far is an $80 sandbag (best...
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    What exactly is bodybuilding nowadays ???

    Every time I see bodybuilders they got a gut bigger than mine sticking out, it looks disgusting, their muscles are so big it doesnt even look proportional , looking at old school bodybuilders during...
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  • Is long distance running the most pointless form of exercise for fat loss?

    Lets say you add a mile per weeek, “technically” in 10 weeks thats 10 milez but lets say its 7

    If you run a 10 min mile thats an hour and 10 mins of doing the same chit

    The body adapts to long...
  • Getting no replies from girl = shes not interested ?

    I asked her to come to a concert with me, she said yes at first then literallly 5 mins later she said “im not sure, by when do i have to let you know” i just replied with “as soon as you can because...
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    You can easily make that doing uber, however...

    You can easily make that doing uber, however you’re gonna have to work 50 hours a week and pepper your car for wear and tear
  • Not losing weight , hit a plateau and not sure what to do

    I started in February at 273 lbs, not sure how many calories I was eating but If I was to guess it was around 3500-4500 a day, I would eat cookies for breakfast and mc donalds for dinner

    I started...
  • Not sure how people over 200lbs reach their carb, protein, fat goals per day

    220lbs here

    Foods high in protein are low in carbs (eggs, beef, chicken, cottage cheese)

    Foods high in carbs are low in protein (pasta, oatmeal, almonds, potatoes)

    Foods high in fats have a...
  • 1000 calorie cheat meal vs dividing 1000 calories over 7 days???

    Im cutting on 2500 calories losing about 1.5lbs a week, I meal prep for 5 days a week and eat pretty lean foods, then on day 6 i eat 2500 calories of whatever foods, and day 7 i eat 3500 calories of...
  • Poll: Which phone to get? Iphone 6s Plus vs Iphone 7 Plus vs Iphone 8 vs Galaxy S7 vs S8?

    I currently have the Iphone 6 plus from 3 years ago, the phone is messing up, screen becomes unresponsive, freezes, battery is dying, slow processor, and its only 12GB of space

    I dont care for the...
  • I've always been skeptical about that logic,...

    I've always been skeptical about that logic, techincally i could eat a box of pizza and a large soda everyday since im cutting at 2400 calories and losing weight
  • I dont really mind buying a harness they're $10,...

    I dont really mind buying a harness they're $10, i just dont want to do an exercise that will develop bad posture
  • Anyone us a neck harness for neck muscles ?

    Two questions

    1. Does this build neck muscle to avoid a pencil...
  • Feels like my body has adapted to lifting so Im making no progress...

    When I was 19-22 I worked out intense, 6 days a week every single week for 3 years (srs) I was 200lbs pretty strong and big, I could look at dumbells and get huge

    2 years ago I started half assing...
  • Im cutting at 2200 calories and losing 1.3 lbs a...

    Im cutting at 2200 calories and losing 1.3 lbs a week

    Im 225lbs, 5'9

    And yes I have a chit metabolism, I was once 180lbs while drinking a cup of chocolate milk and a chicken breast a day...
  • A decent serving of pasta, one potato, and a...

    A decent serving of pasta, one potato, and a slice of avocado will give me around 400 calories and less than 30 grams of protein

    One serving of beef will give me the same protein for 200 calories
  • Anyone make gains off less than 50% of protein per lb of bodyweight?

    Tired of having to eat chicken, beef, and tuna for breakfast lunch and diner just to reach 70% of proteins per bw and stay under certain calories

    Cant eat pasta, oats, avocados, potatoes , apple...
  • Today my mind has been blown into pieces (air conditioner)

    So apparently according to physics (srs) cars have two parts for the AC system, the compressor which cools air, and the fan whichblows air to the driver

    I always thought that putting the fan on...
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    Back sweat while driving

    Brb drive 10 minutes
    Brb soaking wet back even with full power AC
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    Brahs who run ling distances, any tips?

    I absolutelly cannot stand this chit, I hate running, its hard, tiring, annoying uncomfortable , not fun , etc

    However I hate running out of breath while simply walking fast or going up stairs so...
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