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  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Lying Leg curls: usual slow warm ups:

    1/ 95kg full stack 1x20
    2/ 1x20

    3/ +2.5kg 1x15
    4/ +5kg 1x15
    5/ 1x14
    6/ 1x13 No music with headphone missing on left side.
  • Tuesday: Back

    Decide not to start with Bent over rows today. As time consuming

    Underhand Laterals: 60kg x 40 80kg x20

    90kg x 15

    100kg/side: 5 plates. Not done these since 2017/18??

    1x6 lose grip...
  • Monday: Shoulders

    7pm and feeling dead.. Even though slept solid last night.. Gym empty though.

    Standing Military Press.

    10kg x 20 15kgx15


    22.5kgx10 right not flowing
  • Sunday: Y3T: No enthusiasm: Soaked through

    Storms in afternoon. Humid after. Soaked soon as started working.

    Leg Press: 6 plates all sets: 1x20

    1/ 1x20 1x20 eyes closed : 1x10 1x10 1x5 all a struggle.

    2/ 1x10 1x10/10/5/5 on the...
  • Saturday: Arms

    Lifestyle Preacher Curls: Barbell curls

    40kgx40 60kgx10 65kgx8



    72.5kg x 6
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    RPM on time.. And up the front ugh! Hot and full on.. Wishing for it to end.. Abductor strain holding me back.

    Full class! New people I think.

    Leg Press Calves:

  • Friday: Chest. Weaker: Favourite strength day too.


    Hammer Chest Press: 40kg x 80/10/10

    60kgx25-30 easy


    80kgx8 maxed out
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Seated Leg curls: Weak

    54x20 75x20 89x20



    117x10 weak
  • Tuesday: Back: Feeling weak

    Bent over Rows: 20kgx15 30kgx15



    45kg x 9

    47.5kg x 8
  • Monday: Shoulders: PR Viking press

    Viking Press

    40kgx40 60x20 70kgx20


    80kg x 10 finally :D PR and control last 2 reps

    82.5kg x 7 beating 4 reps
  • Sunday: Squats:extra reps gained. Which is great


    Usual too late start. Take far too long on Squats.

    Leg X in other room. Right still tight and cannot do easy reps.

    Squats: Felt better than previous weeks.

    Barx20 20kgx20 40kgx10...
  • Saturday: Arms

    So hot I put off going till Late.

    Liams shop for new Chocolate biscuit Rule 1 Protein and Nutrition Warehouse for Gro Pronto. 2.45-3.30pm

    6pm-7.40pm gym. Wanted to go for 1 hour

    Spent time...
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Great sleep.

    Solid RPM class.. good amount of people here. Actually hard going and soaked but feels ok.. Abductor does not feel as strained this week.


    No where near as good as last...
  • Friday: Y3T 16th September: Almost as strong as 1 month ago

    Short Chay ravine walk: 30 mins. Had to turn around at top of path: No time.Hot and dry.

    Echo cardiogram at 10.30am.. Heart health has improved :D in one year.

    Missed a week of Y3T because...
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Lyndale loop 30 minutes


    5.05pm: Natasha sent me 2 videos and blew my mind. Had to turn car off and get out. Then talk more when got to gym and warm up sets.

    But instead of...
  • Tuesday: Back

    Venmans loop: Hot and nothing to see: Slower than normal: 41 mins.


    Bent Over Rows: 20kgx20 30kgx15

  • Monday: Shoulders: Viking strong today

    Parkview ride. But stuffed around... 1 hour instead of 48 mins.

    4.20-5.40pm. Just see Paul on way out.Nice chat


    Seated Smith Military Press: 20kgx50 30kgx20

  • Sunday: Heavy day: Strain still holding me back.

    Saturday too sore: from Chest in shoulders and triceps to go to gym

    6pm arrive. 8.45pm leave.

    Alien Pre workout. Not feel it. Could not sleep till 3am. 95.9kg

    Leg X usual prep sets.......
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Great RPM class. Soaked and worked hard. Can feel strained abductor holding me back.

    96kg before and after...No 0.5kg drop today

    Was feeling disheartened. Gym always empty. No one good here....
  • Friday: Chest: Dumbbell Pullovers destroyed me 10/10

    Chay ravine walk: short one: 9.15am too. Home 10am. No time to eat. 37 mins 3.0km

    Extemely hot day. Got eyelashes done at Mikayala's home.

    Gym 6.45-8.30pm

    Really smashed out Smith Machine...
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