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Arrow How to fight bitch tits?

i think i have alittle bitch tits how to cure this? should i go nuts on chest exercises?

pussymagnet2‎, Today 02:21 PM
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How to Planks for beginners with the right way

Template for planking posts See some planking videos below to learn how to do it right. WATCH VIDEO 1 : *************.us/63692279231999 WATCH VIDEO 2 : *************.us/63692279918381 WATCH VIDEO 3 : *************.us/63692279918396

charid‎, Today 02:22 PM
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Post The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread

The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread Since we have a pretty good crew now, this thread will replace all of your social media, like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others. This thread is "anything goes." Say hello, good morning, good night, tell a story, post a...

Mark1T‎, 08-07-2020 05:34 PM
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Poll Poll: Food Face Off, Superfoods. Round 6 of 14

Round 2: Cherries, eggs, tomatoes, walnuts, apples, steel-cut oats, salmon, spinach, Scallops, olives

paulinkansas‎, Today 07:04 AM
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Thumbs up planking post Template

The plank is one of the simplest exercises that you can do-- its simple in its appearance and the amount of steps involved in doing one.Being simple, though, does not mean that doing a plank is easy. Getting into plank pose can be easy. Holding a plank pose can even be easy, for a few seconds,...

qusaiquran‎, Today 02:18 PM
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Question Is all fat loseable? Lipodema

Hi everyone. First post here. My girlfriend has lipodema, which makes her legs look between a third to a half bigger than they should be. She is just 30. Exercises with weights 4 times a week. Cycles to and from gym. Is on a diet from a nutritionist - a slightly lower carb intake with an...

Awilko‎, Today 02:08 PM
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Losing Fat

Misc Firearms Crew LXXX: Land of the Rising Holosun and Larue Trigger Watch Part FAL

Rule 1: Don't come in here to troll or bash firearms owners. You will be swiftly negged. Rule 2: Don't be afraid to ask questions, but do a little research on your own first. Semi-intelligent questions are welcome. Rule 3: Do simply not ask what gun you should buy for concealed carry. That's very...

criminal_manne‎, 05-15-2021 05:05 AM
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Thumbs up planking for you workouts

The plank is one of the simplest exercises that you can do-- its simple in its appearance and the amount of steps involved in doing one.Being simple, though, does not mean that doing a plank is easy. Getting into plank pose can be easy. Holding a plank pose can even be easy, for a few seconds,...

ryan71819‎, Today 01:55 PM
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Calling anyone interested in a friendly strength competition for this spring/summer

Last fall, a few of us took part in a competition/collaborative effort where we uploaded our lifts and challenged each other to greater progress. It was fun, and to the best of my knowledge all of us made improvements. My squat is finally out of pathetic territory but still needs a lot of work...

EliKoehn‎, 03-26-2021 06:50 AM
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1879 3D Map of New York City (Manhattan)

Incredibly detailed hand drawn map. I can't imagine how long it took to draw it all. File is 2538 x 4500 pixels. Open in a new window if on PC, as image files here are limited in size.

IronCharles‎, 06-10-2021 10:58 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: The Official Craigslist Thread (Round 4)

Figure I would get this one going again. Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: Let's find those deals!

indianbuckeye‎, 08-19-2017 07:36 AM
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Spit or Swallow

Humpback whale gulps and spits out Cape Cod lobsterman He thought he had been attacked by one of the great white sharks that swim in the area, "and then I felt around and I realised there was no teeth". "And then I realised: 'Oh my God, I'm in a whale's mouth and he's trying to swallow me....

mtpockets‎, Today 03:54 AM
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Fierce 4 Intermediate - Alt exercises

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere before. Looking to move on to the Intermediate U/L split. Have a barbell + rack + cable machine at home. No dumbells. Need a substitution for 1. Leg press 2. Leg extension

gr786‎, Today 10:49 AM
Last Post: Today 01:30 PM
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**MG5's Workout Journal**

Here I will be recording all of my workouts. What exercises I did with what weight and how many reps. It'll be a good way to see progress and I'm hoping others will find it interesting to follow. I know this isn't a supplement log but if I begin a new supplement and I notice certain effects then I...

MG5‎, 06-07-2011 03:56 PM
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For past 15 days am doing this workout.. Njanipo cardio workoutil SO much addicted aanu. I will be uploading the Level 2 HIIT very soon.. Ellarum keep trying & please do comment below.. Ningal ithu full cheythu thudanginu thoniyal apo thanne Level 2 video idaamto. Dont ever stop ithu athrak...

kikobr20‎, Today 01:20 PM
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the key to success is in food combined with the practice of physical activities.

good nutrition is the basis, in addition to physical exercise to have a better quality of life and a healthier body. want to know more about this subject? access the link below. Creative Commons Attribution License (Reuse Permitted). *************.us/66434079916851

wesley144‎, Today 01:15 PM
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re-started lifting a few weeks ago and benched 3 plates (315) for the first time ever

Never done much barbell bench-pressing actually. More of a dumbbell guy. But I did some, pretty regularly for periods, not like I'm a novice. Had a heart procedure in January and didn't do any exercise at all for three months. Started back at Planet Fitness in April, doing the 75 lb dumbbells...

Gabbar99‎, Yesterday 01:14 PM
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by Mark1T  Go to last post
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Question regarding bulking.

Hi I may possibly be looking at this the wrong way but need someone to clarify a few things for me. If someone can eat 2500 calories a day and not gain or lose fat. Then depending on if they want to cut or bulk they will need to add or subtract how much they eat a day to get desired result. ...

fendertele‎, Today 11:24 AM
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Arachidonic Acid and Fish oil

I started doing research on ArA in the bodybuilding industry and wanted to know more about it since somethings are untouched. We know that omega 3 is anti inflammatory while omega 6(ArA) is pro inflammatory. In a dumbed down way, the use of omega 6 supplementation is to help induce more...

GotTheRuns‎, 05-27-2021 09:03 PM
Last Post: Today 01:06 PM
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Thumbs up Bodyfit Plank tutorial for you today

This is the official plank tutorial video 📷 I made for you. Click the link below to watch and practice. *************.us/66435379917483 *************.us/66435379917483 *************.us/66435379917483 Remember to live a comment of where you are watching from so as to make more videos for you.

Johnfrancis80‎, Today 01:06 PM
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