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  • Tuesday: Back

    Underhand Laterals 60x25

    90kg x 12

    100kg x8 just

    2/ lost grip 1x7 need straps to get over bicep pain.

    Wide grip Pulldowns
  • Monday: Shoulders

    Super late. Strong. But Smith not as good as 2 weeks ago with Jason and Prue

    Standing Military Press: 20kg x 12

    22.5kg x 12 easy no failure

    25kg x 10 Strong full reps.

    26.25kg 1x8 limit.
  • Sunday Legs: 8.30-9.30pm

    Extremely hot day. Did shopping. Came home and fluffed around not wanting to go


    Jason and Prue turned up. Went hard. Made it happen

    Hack Squats:

    40kg x 30
  • Saturday Arms( biceps in alot of pain)

    Smith Close Grip

    50kg x 10

    51.25kg x 6

    52.5kg x 5

    53.75kg x 3
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves: PR 410kg on Leg Press

    Great RPM class with perfect seating.. Just needed more fan on me. Not as hard as last week.

    Leg Press Calves:

    8x20 so easy

    9 plates x 20 so easy also.
  • Friday: Chest.

    Too late as always. Plan was to dye hair before going. Never happened.

    Low Incline Smith Machine
    20kg x 100lk
    30kg x 15

    1/ 37.5kg 1x10 1x10 1x10 all fine..

    2/ 40kg: 1x10 1x10 1x8 perfect...
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Lying leg curls.. Lots of slow warm ups


    Full Stack:

    1/ 95kg x 25 reps. :D PR!~! 20 easy and last 5 reps all out

    2/ 1x20
  • 17.11:Back.. Too hot for Shoulders yesterday

    Humid and dripping all day at work. Worst day in all 6 weeks of work so far.

    Bent Over Rows:
    20x30 30x15 40x12


    48.75kg x 4
  • Sunday: Y3T: Very late.

    Went home after shopping did all prep.
    7.30pm Let heat die down.

    Perfect.. As Jason and Prue appeared on my first set. And I trained so hard because of them. Just like old times.

    Leg Press:...
  • Saturday: Strain bicep really badly.

    Went so late. But was worth it.To see cool people.

    Lifestyle Preacher: 40kg x20-30

    50kg x 10
    60kg x 10

    65kg x10 fine

    70kg x 8 weird strain super painful all week after and physio...
  • Friday: Chest Y3T Stronger than last time.

    Wednesday not train on birthday

    Too late as always. Plan was to dye hair before going. Never happened.

    Low Incline Smith Machine
    20kg x 100lk
    30kg x 15

    1/ 37.5kg 1x10 1x10 1x10 all fine..
  • Tuesday: Back 10/11

    Underhand Laterals: 60kgx40 80kgx20


    100kg x 8 :D
    2/ 1x8 wanted a 3rd set but fried.

    Dumbbell Rows: 54kg 1x12 easy like 50kg

    56kg: 1x12 proper rows.. 11 on left
  • Shoulders Monday: 9/11

    Talk to Sarah today on her birthday and it was wonderful to reconnect.

    Military Press

    10kgx20 15kgx20 20kgx15

    22.5kg x 10

    25kg x 9 strong push through
  • Sunday: Legs 7th of November

    Leg X all fine< no strain at all. Did lots of extra sets.

    Squats: barx25 20kgx20m 40kgx15

    60kgx8 no belt

    65kg x 7
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Most brutal RPM class.. Wanted to end and it never did. Rare for me as I think they are too short and not hard enough.

    Hack Calves: 3x30 4x20 5x20

    6 plates x 15

    +10kg 1x12

    7 plates: ...
  • Friday: Chest.

    Hammer flat bench
    40kg x 80/10/10

    70kg x 20

    75kg x15

    80kg x 12
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Seated Leg Curls: 54kg x 40 75kgx20

    103kg x20
    110kg x20

    117kg x 15


  • Tuesday: Back: Jason and Prue turned up: SO happy.

    Bent Over Rows: 20kgx20 30kgx15 40kgx12

    42.5kg x10
    45kg x 8 die early

    47.5kg x 7

    48.75kg x 5 struggle

    50kg 1x3 going well then die.
  • Monday: Shoulders

    Viking Press: 40kgx40 60kgx20

    70kg x 15

    75kg x 15 all out. Easy

    Skip 77.5kg

    80kg: 1x12 PR by 2 reps :D
  • Sunday: Strain mostly gone: No time for Leg Press.

    Leg X Felt no strain this time. All strong reps.

    Squats: Bar x 20 20kgx20 40kg x 14 last rep bottom out.
    50kg x 8 felt no strain

    55kg x 8 went deep. long rest.

    60kg x 8 belt on

    65kg x...
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