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Watch all 45 min, make up your own Dam mind

Since most of us were at work..... see the title.

x-trainer ben‎, Yesterday 05:16 PM
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**Official 2018 Gardening Thread part 1**

Let’s get this thread started Post what you’re going to plant this year. Raised beds ? Standard garden? Till? No till? Share tips and advice as far as where you get your seeds, fertilizers you use, YouTube channels, magazines etc...

Burtle1‎, 01-22-2018 03:27 AM
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by Burtle1  Go to last post
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Nootropic stacks? Anybody use them? Are they legit?


MBisonSon‎, 07-15-2018 09:26 PM
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Can anyone share their daily meal plans with me?

Hi, I'm looking to hit a 2,200kcal intake and would love to see some example daily meal plans if anyone willing to share. Thanks in advance

chocheaven‎, Today 03:30 AM
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by chocheaven  Go to last post
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What Are You Listening To? Part XXIII

Time for a new thread! Music crew welcomes all <3 0lVdMbUx1_k

Voluspa‎, 05-11-2018 08:30 AM
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by danielbor  Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: PICS and DISCUSSION of YOUR HOME GYM V2.0

Have a home gym? New to this forum? Post your gym pics in this thread.

ironwill2008‎, 12-12-2017 08:33 AM
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by gym62richard  Go to last post
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4 day split

Hi So I’m starting a fat loss phase and will be able to workout4 days a week. Msg like I do upper x 2, Lower x 2? Or better to divide by body parts..shoulders/triceps, legs, chest, back/biceps? Female at around 30% bodyfat, been weight training a few years.

milliejake‎, 07-15-2018 03:53 PM
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by milliejake  Go to last post
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Fierce 5 cable rows instead of pendlay and some questions

İm recently started allpros auto regulated version. İ was doing icf 5x5 before i couldnt make any progress on bench,row. I had formbreakdowns when i was doing allpros because it was high rep training. İ rather do low reps and focus on form. But i feel like im lost by changing programs . İ couldnt...

emrey09‎, Today 04:27 AM
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by emrey09  Go to last post
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PlayStation 5 - What would you like to see?

There is a possibility that the PS5 could potentially be released in 2019 and highly unlikely released in 2018. The smartest decision Sony should do is wait till 2020 or 2021. Invest time and effort and do not rush production. Everyone remembers how the PS3 was rushed and there were bugs left and...

rdwire88‎, 07-12-2018 07:05 AM
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by Godfrd824  Go to last post
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Morons driving Supercars.


EternaLovE‎, Yesterday 09:23 AM
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by MBisonSon  Go to last post
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Is it possible to be jacked AND really flexible?

I havent seen a jacked guy have great flexibility nor have i seen a really good yogi carry that much muscle mass (either skinny fat or super cut and lean). Jw if eventually its one or the other or you just need to actually invest in flexibility training while lifting.

TheScapeGOAT‎, Today 04:19 AM
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Body Pillow Crew.

Use a body pillow? Cant sleep without it? Sign up in this thread.

liftingforlife‎, 04-20-2010 07:56 AM
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by FoulSmell  Go to last post
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Ex-CIA director: Trump news conference performance 'nothing short of treasonous'

Tamorlane‎, Yesterday 09:47 AM
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by gachase21  Go to last post
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Unhinged NYT puts out homophonic Trump/Putin gay romance video

Let’s ponder why faith in the MSM is at an all time low. An animated cartoon posted by New York Times Opinion portraying Donald Trump in a gay romance with Vladimir Putin has been met with overwhelming backlash online. After posting the video on Twitter, the outlet received almost...

fitnessislife‎, Yesterday 11:34 PM
Last Post: Today 04:24 AM
by KINGFABIAN  Go to last post
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Thinking about picking up Injustice 2

Anyone have any insight into this game? Love DC universe and I've heard good things about the game. Looks pretty fun, albeit a bit difficult, but definitely seems like it has a lot of depth character wise. Legendary edition includes all the DLC characters and everything bundled into one game...

TheWeeknd4Ever‎, Yesterday 05:28 PM
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by Criollo  Go to last post
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Police shoots through his windshield during chase (vid)

FUUUUUUARKKK. So intense to watch. Palms sweaty, knees spahgetti. Chit gets real @ 3:10 M_bF7i2_ok4

HMFIC_BROWSIN‎, Yesterday 07:25 PM
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by HMFIC_BROWSIN  Go to last post
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Red face Anyone else fcking around with their ex?

Share your situation. Personally, I continue to engage in emotional self-destruction because I let her use me for sex while I still have feelings for her. I can't help it... the sex we have is out-of-body pleasurable. We won't be able to see each other for a month starting on Thursday, so that...

Enragingboner‎, Today 01:40 AM
Last Post: Today 04:22 AM
by FoulSmell  Go to last post
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Smile How much is my bench lagging?

Hi guys, I'm a 5 7' 21yr old guy weighing 62kgs and I've been lifting seriously for just over a year. My stats for squat, dead and bench are 140kg, 165kg and 85kg resp. How much are my lifts lagging I'm general standards and what should I do to get my bench over 100kg? Thanks for the help!

JustLiftt‎, Today 04:22 AM
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by JustLiftt  Go to last post
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Protein intake daily?

I’m 265 lbs and 6’ 1” and I’m trying to build muscle. How much protein should I be taking in to build up muscles?

KINGMOS‎, 07-14-2018 06:42 PM
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by DutchTeamUltra  Go to last post
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