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    If you're running for your health focus on how...

    If you're running for your health focus on how your body is feeling, sometimes "pushing through pain" can actually cause long term issues. If you are doing it to be competitive I would recommend...
  • General Information To Reference in Preparing for an Ultra Marathon

    Has anyone ran an ultra marathon before and do you have any tips that you could share in terms of nutrition throughout the race?
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    Ultra Marathons

    I am currently in the process of training for an ultra marathon at the 100 mile mark. Does anyone have any recommendations for shoes and super foods to snack on that will keep me energized?
  • Do you guys have any detox drink recommendations?

    Hey so I have recently started looking into detox drinks rich loaded with vitamins. I can across a few YouTube videos and since I am rather new to this I would love other recommendations!
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