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  • Poll: Why does it seem like every gay guy has so much energy?

    They're always so energetic and sure of themselves it's really weird.
  • Poll: Women are so hot today and men are so ugly because theres estrogen everywhere

    It's in our food, in our water, in the products we use. It's making men ugly and women hotter.
  • Poll: You need to have a minimum IQ of 85 to have the most basic job

    But 10% of the population have IQ's lower than 85. What are they supposed to do?
  • Poll: If you don't floss than it's almost certain you have bad breath

    You have bits of foods stuck in between your teeth making your breath stink.
  • Poll: Why is the head diabetes organisation saying people should eat 60% carbs?

    They're telling people with diabetes to consume the majority of their calories with carbs...
  • Poll: Do i need stiches? I sliced my knife with a thumb a a few days ago and it still hurts

    I don't think it's normal to have it hurt this bad this long.
  • Poll: Do most miscers turn into white knights once they reach their mid 30's?

    They seem to all turn into white knights once they reach that age.
  • Poll: What are some ways to eat melted cheese?

    I love metled cheese so much but what are good ways to eat it?
  • Poll: To get decent cashback from credit cards you'll have to spend 20-30k minimum a month

    If you spend any less than that the cashback would be virtually nothing and you'll be wasting your time.
  • Poll: I saw this huge pink bird in my backyard today

    I was pretty fat and stubby with short legs. Never seen that bird before.
  • Is anyone anyone here on 10k a week?

    I'm almost there but has anyone here reached that yet?
  • How many messages a week did you get when you used Bumble?

    I think we'll have some guys saying 100 and some guys saying 0.
  • We need stricter marriage laws and harsher penalties for cheating

    The law is allowing psychopaths to flourish while good people suffer.
  • Miscers that earn more than 150k do you feel better than everyone else?

    Do you have this sort of arrogance that they're not worth your time?
  • Poll: Wait, do vegans think fat causes diabetes and not sugar?

    Hahaha is this what they actually think??
  • Poll: What percentage of men get messages on Bumble?

    Do you think it's about 3-5%?
  • Poll: What kind of underwear are you wearing?

    What does it look like and what brand?
  • Why didn't Pizza Hut and Domino's take over the frozen pizza market?

    Why did they skip frozen pizza market when they can dominate it?
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    Anyone here ever been pigged?

    I know a couple people irl it happened to just curious if anyone here has.
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    GravityLee is 37 years olds wtf

    I thought he was like 23 for some reason.
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