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What's the most important lesson that you've learned in life so far?

For me it's that I'd rather happy with peace of mind, tham be poor, broke, and a loser in the eyes of society. Just a nice quiet life for me - lessons on lessons.

WiseOldApe‎, Today 02:38 AM
Last Post: Today 03:20 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Sober October

I know what you're thinking. It's not October. Thing is, October 1st comes and such a thread gets posted, you have to make an impulsive decision to join, success rates might fall. Doing "Early Access" gets you into the rhythm and habit, making October 1st even easier. I'll be starting tomorrow...

Visel‎, 09-19-2022 07:25 PM
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by LargePeter  Go to last post
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The blackpill is the best philosophy

Only believes in material reality and admits that some people just lose in life. Some things dont have solutions, not everyone can be a winner, etc. Most people cant cope with life and need to make **** up to feel good about themselves.

davik‎, Today 02:51 AM
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by davik  Go to last post
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In Search of Strength

09/29/12 Steel Bending - (6", 3/16, cold rolled) x 1 - (5", 3/16, cold rolled) x 1 - (6", 1/4, hot-galv nail) x 5 -- braced - (7", 1/4, cold rolled) x 0 -- braced -- bent it a few degrees - (6", 1/4, grade 2 bolt) x 5 - (7", 1/4, cold rolled) x 0 -- braced -- bent it a few degrees -...

CharlesSwann‎, 09-29-2012 12:14 PM
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Question Will the pendulum swing back or will society continue to degenerate?

Will there be a push for more "masculine" qualities in men? Will there be less social media, attention seeking, and promiscuity? Or are we on a downward spiral?

AcetylCoA‎, Yesterday 08:53 PM
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Question for personal trainers (This is related to gaining strength)

Can someone get a stronger core if they do 2 sets of ab crunches (100 reps each) AND 2 sets of knee ups (100 reps each) two times a week? Can this make a beginner get a stronger core if they do this? or will this only make their core have muscular endurance?

american123‎, 09-10-2022 01:37 PM
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Official Russia vs Ukraine Thread V- The winter is coming: A tale of stupid sanctions

Part 1. May the coming world famine keep us in check Part 2.

gachase21‎, 09-05-2022 05:00 AM
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Stallone and wife Jennifer Flavin back together 1 month after she filed for divorce she proly wanted to sloot around at 60

MEDITATE‎, Yesterday 11:27 PM
Last Post: Today 03:17 AM
by AncientYouth  Go to last post
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Zyzz Is More Relevant Than Ever 11 Years After His Death

He is literally hailed as king on tiktok fitness. He's basically the arnie of that app, srs. people including him in all types of videos on there 71nLXpObJcc Still huge on youtube too

YuckywidaBoys‎, Today 12:37 AM
Last Post: Today 03:15 AM
by eod8989  Go to last post
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lmfao @ females

yUzevqExH-k 0:37

PutinItInYoGirl‎, Yesterday 09:21 PM
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Shout out to Mikieson

I just checked out Mikisons channel. The dude is making progress!!!! Dude is repping 405 on the deadz and barely straining, on free weights!!!!

LWW‎, 09-23-2022 02:02 PM
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Over Age 35

Supplements for age 35 to 50 old noob

Supplements for age 35 to 50 old noob What supplements should us old people take besides a cheap generic vitamin? Is there better vitamins? What other supplements should we take? Especially for an old noob

SwoleToronto‎, 08-16-2022 02:50 PM
Last Post: Today 03:14 AM
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**Official 2019/20 NHL Season Thread*** (*******s Welcome)

Official 2019/20 NHL Regular Season Thread Welcome to the 2019/20 NHL Regular Season Thread: We Trump Now where hockey is sometimes discussed, politics are always discussed, where everything is made up and the points don’t matter THREAD (FORMERLY) SPONSORED BY: NOTABLE EVENTS The...

compan‎, 09-13-2019 07:58 AM
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LUNC crew

Bought 26 million LUNC after the crash just to gamble in case this becomes the next meme coin. Anyone else in LUNC?

Silencespeaks‎, 08-18-2022 08:20 AM
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if you were to be executed... how would you want it done?

beta gas chamber electric chair lethal injection beta .5 firing squad break neck hanging pistol shot to the head. Guillotine.

CementPizza‎, Today 01:49 AM
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by LargePeter  Go to last post
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90s-2010 was perfection, what happened? (Dedicated, but not so dedicated lifestyle)

The energy of the culture pre 2011 had just harboured the rough/beast personalities we had before. Just look at this ****ing ****. Yes, this is MY page, link is to a landing page which is this picture. Tribal Tattoos, juiced athletes, tan everything, gel spiked guidos, steveo, man. ...

04akhriz40‎, 09-22-2022 05:10 PM
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by 8eggs  Go to last post
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I want to start HIIT exercise but I know nothing about it.

I'm 96 kg, 173 cm and I want to start a keto diet & hiit exercise. I already found a good youtube channel teaching you about keto here: Dr. Sten Ekberg But what about HIIT, where can I start learning how to do HIIT exercises? I heard that one of the benefits of HIIT is that you continue to...

Rislaw7‎, 09-15-2022 02:01 AM
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Losing Fat

Playing MW2 Open Beta without Pre-Order - PlayStation Master Race

feelsgoodman, can't imagine being an Xboxcel

mgftp‎, 09-18-2022 10:16 AM
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Red face Starting to get decent Tinder matches. I have no idea what the fuk to say...[PIC]

Pics will come as soon as I get a chance to upload them here at work. Reps for legit responses. I had one in mind "You seem fun, wanna destroy the city together sometime?"

Voidgaze‎, 02-10-2020 11:20 AM
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