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jf rugby log

I am a rugby newb at age 32. I recently started a backyard workout program. Mondays and Fridays are my offseason lift days, started program last October. Two Weeks ago I hit a PR dl @400. Then started a deload week and started over this week on a Coan/Philipi variation with deficit deads here...

jamalfudge‎, 01-20-2013 08:24 PM
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ITT: Breakup advice - What I have learned LONG

OK brahs, this is something we all go through at least once in our life, and I see a lot of threads about it on here so I thought I would compile the advice that I think works, feel free to add on to it or challenge anything I say, also feel free to share experiences. It will be a long read, if you...

_Roidz_‎, 09-06-2011 10:52 PM
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Which miscer is her bf?

> dmd random sloot soft dick pic with text "hardest those tits ever gonna get me" (red this move from another miscer under my cold approach thread, Doing em all for lmaos but this was first one) > Sloot turned out to be christian and claimed she would never **** anyone before marriage > Sloot got...

Chaddydaddy69‎, Today 02:41 AM
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Question SRS - Can someone tell me the appeal of hunting? No judgment

First of all, i am not opposed to hunting or game, I actually think its really cool. I just dont get the point of trophy hunting/sport of it besides the eating of the animal. So what is the allure of it? aka posting pics with your hunt and rifle It really cant be man vs beast because the gun...

Phesper‎, Today 04:41 AM
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Would Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson be a good US President?

Would have cheesy lines like "He will Lay The Smack Down" on Poverty and "Do you smell what the President is cooking?"..

GuinnessPower‎, Today 04:17 AM
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Arrow You are reborn tomorrow in any country you choose - who do you pick?

You are reborn as a baby tomorrow in any country and city you pick, which is your choice?

shoelaces‎, Yesterday 08:23 PM
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Can u gain muscle on a low carb diet ?

I hate carbs phukin hate them Taste like chit Makes me feel like chit Makes me tired all the time

Suchislife085‎, Today 04:35 AM
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GOAT 10K chat thread #V...C'mon get down with the sickness!!!

I wanna take you through a wasteland I like to call my home... Version I: - OP: NWDub Version II: - OP: Buckeyenutz Version III: - OP: Zizzfanatica Version lV - OP: riley444

JaymzJ‎, 07-29-2017 05:50 AM
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Soccer will be the #1 sport in USA in 20 years, here's the reason why (pic)

A lot of Americans are slowly begining to realize that the NFL, MLB, and NBA are just huge advertisement programs rather than sporting leagues. I've heard hardcore Football fans talk about how they dislike how the NFL is only like 11 minutes of actual sporting. How sad is that? Like the whole other...

Trillical‎, 09-17-2017 10:56 AM
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is intermittent fasting legit?

unawares: basically you eat two meals at the same time everyday; 1pm and 8pm, that's it my friend has been doing this for 5 days and is absolutely shredded right now, was a little chub prior to trying this out. is it legit? seems unhealthy for you to 'starve' your body in a sense, but apparently...

DJGirth‎, Yesterday 12:46 AM
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Post Sara Piana posts video of Chanel Jansen (Rich Piana's girlfriend) partying it up

Here's the post, it contains a video of Chanel dancing (allegedly only a few weeks after Rich Piana's death) and some recent pictures of her at a party. The text: The video that Chanel had posted on Rich's channel...

Bulker‎, Yesterday 11:54 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Buying and selling: Supp Misc Crew is moving on up


Synapsin‎, 08-09-2017 06:22 AM
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FBI wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort before and after election

B.O.L.A.‎, Yesterday 04:32 PM
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Cool ITT i post stylish/fashionable stuff [PART 9]

Check out this thread to learn how to improve your style, learn/help fellow miscers, share pics/deals, etc. Subscribe/actively follow this thread to stay in the loop Some pics to start the thread off:

newuser18‎, 01-18-2016 03:04 PM
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Let's gun for 150,000 Pull-Ups again in 2017!!!

We got 112,995 in 2015, but we only got less than 75,000 in 2016. Bad year. Let's try gunning for 150,000 again! 2016 (less than 75k, horrid): 2015 (112,995): 2014...

JustBulk‎, 12-31-2016 09:48 PM
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by jamalfudge  Go to last post
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Exclamation Always sore for a week after leg day

I don't know what's going on but my leg are always extremely sore after a working them out for a least 5 days. I am not going until failure. (unless I failure equal the number of rep I need to do, ex: 6-8 reps.) My routine consist of squats, legpress, lunges, leg curls and sometimes when I have...

machusenpai‎, Today 04:43 AM
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Looking to put on weight, please help!

Hey everyone I am currently trying to bulk up for the winter. Unfortunately, I have a fast metabolism and can't seem to get past the 200 lb mark on the scale. What can I do to add those extra pounds? Will rep for good answers. Thanks! -JMS 210

TajTebwee‎, Today 02:22 AM
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by JUGGERNAUT1333  Go to last post
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☼☼☼ ✘11: Too legit to quit: Not enough Grit...oh, and happy Bday Kezzy ☼☼☼

Ok...lets do this phuckers :D This is a general chat thread and crew for people that are devoted to nutrition. ---Rules--- No mod bashing No rep talk No trolling

fatboystick‎, 12-13-2016 06:32 AM
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What program are you guys currently running?

Curious as to what program you guys are currently running.

WorldClassDBag‎, Yesterday 10:21 AM
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Little boys still playing with 315lb/225lb bench press. 405lb for reps reps reps

315lb? 225lb you say? Ha! Krum laughs at you! 405lb is the true gains! nOCwQSwnDDQ will attempt 425lb next week.

Kahnx100‎, Today 04:09 AM
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by Iakovos  Go to last post
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