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Who has done a water slow?

who drinks their water really slowly? when out to eat I will rarely drink more than 1/4 - 1/2 cup of water.

desslok‎, Today 02:47 PM
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Bowser's Progress Log - No Better Time Than Now - Start 2014

Greetings All, To help hold myself accountable, I am starting this thread, which I intend to update a few times a week. I am starting my cut today, with the goal of getting back down to 230 lbs. I have a buddy starting with me. He's new to, so please welcome: ...

bbowsh54‎, 01-16-2014 09:33 AM
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Thumbs up Fitness Plank Videos

1. 4 Minutes Plank Challenge To Get 6 Pack Abs. 4 Weeks Results. ( Watch 1 No. Video Below ). 2. How To Plank Properly For Beginners Step By Step Tutorial. ( Watch 2 No. Video Below ). 3. Mastering The Plank In Just 2 Minutes. ( Watch 3 No. Video Below ).

Biman1968‎, Today 02:48 PM
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So excited for the Olympics this time around..looks like a complete generational shift. So many new talents and incredible athletes coming from the U.S. as well. But props to Allyson Felix for qualifying for her 5th Olympics. Then finally someone who can possibly get close or get Flo Jo's old 100 m...

steffo99‎, 06-23-2021 04:37 PM
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Post Blood test (T levels)

Hi all I’ve been trying to build muscle for a while and never have really got there, I suspected low T but (I know this sounds stupid) but was too scared to actually test and I kind of closed my eyes/ ears and pretended it wasn’t a problem I finally did a private test and these are my...

jazzycafc‎, Today 02:42 PM
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Post Blood test (T levels)

Hi all I’ve been trying to build muscle for a while and never have really got there, I suspected low T but (I know this sounds stupid) but was too scared to actually test and I kind of closed my eyes/ ears and pretended it wasn’t a problem I finally did a private test and these are my...

jazzycafc‎, Today 02:41 PM
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Calling anyone interested in a friendly strength competition for this spring/summer

Last fall, a few of us took part in a competition/collaborative effort where we uploaded our lifts and challenged each other to greater progress. It was fun, and to the best of my knowledge all of us made improvements. My squat is finally out of pathetic territory but still needs a lot of work...

EliKoehn‎, 03-26-2021 06:50 AM
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Smile mtnmama doin it again - 40 weeks 6/11/21 thru 4/1/22

starting (this time, ugh) 236 & 41.7% goal 170 & 21% (down ~160 & 22% and then put on muscle) will be hydro testing bf% every 6 weeks til i get there starting with diet (already down ~15 pounds) more movement (had gotten mostly sedentary - been working outside on ranch more last few weeks)...

mtnmama‎, 06-14-2021 11:49 AM
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Cost No Object: Machines and Free Weights, the Best of the Best. PART 2

Cost No Object List, Version 1.8: This thread is not meant to be a free weights vs machines thread, and I think we got that out of the way early in the thread. This thread is simply about discussing all the choices of various free weights and machine choices on the market that people feel...

HealthNutMD‎, 03-28-2017 04:23 AM
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Post Bodybuilding Exercises to do while with Shoulder Impingement?

Used to lift regularly from 2013-2015 but stopped due to this. Recently got really depressed about this because I went from skinny -> big ->impingement -> not doing anything about it for years and decayed back to skinny again. I wasn't even doing deadlifts/squats when I lifted back then and made...

Matusala‎, 07-17-2021 07:00 PM
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I might be getting weaker, what should I do?

2 days ago I was able to do: 2 sets of 12 proper pressups 3 sets of 6 girl pressups ------------------------------ Today I seem a bit weaker 1 set of 12 proper pressups

ken979‎, Today 11:56 AM
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Restaurant Chains You Used to Love but Now Hate

I walked by a Subway today and thought about how it used to easily be one of my favorite places to eat, but now my brain doesn't even register it as food. The quality of their food just fell off a cliff in the last few years, & for awhile the only thing I'd ever consider getting was their HNNNNG...

Strawng‎, 07-23-2021 07:51 PM
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Will you get vaccinated?

Just for sh!ts and giggles lets say a vaccine for covid is available early next month. Will you be rolling up your sleeve or turning the other cheek? I won't be first in line to say jab me with a rushed vaccine, besides if all you fukers get it I shouldn't have too. Until then I will...

mtpockets‎, 11-23-2020 12:33 PM
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plank tutorial

This is an article about plank tutorial

ilove520915‎, Today 02:00 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Creatine: (Everything You Need To Know)

Well almost everything. These are the most common Qs I get, and I have done an extensive FAQ on creatine for readers to cut through the often confusing BS on this supplement. Would me a good stickie if mods so inclined: What does creatine do? In a nutshell, creatine works to help...

WillBrink‎, 03-18-2017 12:40 PM
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Heisman's log

I decided to make a log to hold myself more accountable in all aspects of my life, but particularly with diet/exercise for the purpose of this forum. Right now I'm a first year resident and thus I at times work multiple weeks in a row (including weekends) without a day off. On typical work days...

Heisman2‎, 11-03-2016 04:51 PM
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Weight gain question

I am doing leangains with compound lifts for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week (time includes warming up). I am a novice so would like to gain about 1.5% per month. 3 days per week I eat 2859 cals (60% carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat), and the rest of the week I eat 2325 (46% carbs, 24% protein, 30% fat)....

leanga1nz‎, Yesterday 06:13 AM
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Who has done a water fast?

Why? For how long? Results? I’ve used IF to help treat an ulcer (seems to have helped) and once did a 3 day fast just to try. I’m not advocating it but it could have its place….definitely NOT for building strength and muscle.

ManwittaPlan‎, Yesterday 07:31 PM
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Dgcoats' Texasish Method

Mostly using this so I have a back-up in case my workout journal gets lost/dies. My main goal is to get stronger and lean up a bit. 250 is the heaviest I've ever been and I'd like to get down to about 225. Training has been crazy inconsistent for years and I'm coming back from a mini training...

dgcoats‎, 03-03-2016 04:08 PM
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Exclamation Planking makes you look different

The plank strengthens your spine, your rhomboids and trapezius, and your abdominal muscles, which naturally result in a strong posture as they grow in strength. Developing your posture can improve on a number of ailments, and prevent the onset of other ones. Good posture means you're keeping your...

Manu199‎, Today 12:02 PM
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