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  • Sticky: DEXA Scan says I’m 13%

    I thought I was around 8-10%

    Disappointed, to be honest. Been working hard
  • DEXA Scan and Calipers/Handheld devices - Difference was huge on my bf...

    DEXASCAN and bodyfat

    I just wanted to share this with you.
    I’ve been on a cut for 3 months and decided to undergo a DEXA Body Composition Scan.
    My gym’s caliper test and the handheld device...
  • EC Stack - Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

    So, I’ve been on an EC stack for 3 weeks now and in 10 days I’ll go through a surgery on my knee. When should I drop E and C in order to have a normal bloood pressure and heart rate for the exams? ...
  • Sticky: Bf

    Would you guys mind going to my progress photos on my profile and estimate my bodyfat?
    I’m 5 7 and weight 134 right now, 23 yo
    Appreciate it
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    Headache on EC Stack

    As the title says, I’ve been having terrible headaches on an EC Stack. Lately I’ve been feeling weak and dizzy as well, sometimes with a little shortness of breath.
    I’ve been on an EC Stack before,...
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