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  • Pittsburgh

    So I take it there is no one here from Pittsburgh pa
  • any bodybuilder in the pittsburgh area

    hello everyone how are you?

    i live out side of pittsburgh but work in green tree go to the la fitness in pleasent hills or the southside along with bridgeville sometime. if anyone is looking for a...
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    Workout partner Pittsburgh pa

    Looking for a workout partner. All my freinds punked out on me. I go to the la fitness in pleasent hill or south side along with Bridgeville. So if your looking to workout let me know.
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    lifting in pittsburgh pa

    hello everyone on bodybuilding? this site has bin great for me and helping me with my personal gains.
    i've only bin body building since this jan 2012. was tired of being lazie.

    but the site has...
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