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Wife upset at living conditions. Wat do?

I'm freaking exhausted by the time I get home. Work in sales all day, quick stop at the range after work, play with the kid and put him to bed. When tf am I supposed to clean more than I do?

LinuxJon‎, Yesterday 08:04 PM
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New York Times gives answer to why Virginia has become a blue state

And the answer is (drum roll please)... Mass immigration! What a complete surprise. Who could have ever figured that one out. From Breitbart: A “tidal wave” of mass immigration has “tilt(ed) the field toward the Democrats” in the state of Virginia, the New York Times admits. Last week,...

DukeOfWoodBerry‎, Today 03:17 AM
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Game changers; a scientific analysis Enjoy lads, some of you might find this interesting.

TappingTheZen‎, Today 04:40 AM
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Larry Wheels tore his rotator cuff

dFLDCDZauY0 I know it's been 2 days, but the whole situation is weird. He put up that video on his instagram and quickly deleted it and now his girlfriend disabled her own account Is it good night sweet prince for our boi Larry's carreer?

UknowWho11‎, 11-07-2019 11:53 AM
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Give up pron before it's too late boyos

Boomers are an old meme brahs, let's stop hating on the elderly and called out the coomers. We all know how damaging porn is to our brains. It's time for you phuckers to get on no-fap. Or this will be your fate. UO4N2qQdwuI hv-ODnbbP7U

CaliSuperSport‎, Today 02:00 AM
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Rogue RML490 vs 690

Hi I've got a 14x14 ft basement room I plan to setup for a gym Room is basically empty except for stall mats that I have placed. Looking for recommendations on setup. I'm going back and forth for the 490 vs 690. I do not understand how you can store plates with the 490 and still use the rack...

hook17‎, 11-11-2019 11:37 AM
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Exclamation BREAKING: The culture is changing in the WWE. Game on boyos. Game changer. Cant wait for some epic matches. You know he will return to the ring in WWE.

BallGameFan‎, Yesterday 10:39 PM
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Violent hate crimes in US reach highest levels in 16 years

Data from more than 16,000 US law enforcement agencies shows surge in attacks against Latinos and transgender people

Tamorlane‎, Today 05:26 AM
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Unhappy The journey is over; the motivation in here is drier than drips mum.

This is a tight-knit log that barely anyone posts in, other than those we don't care about. You know who we are.... Since the first log a number of other people who otherwise wouldn't normally log have joined us in logging workouts, sharing training knowledge and philosophy honorable mention...

TheBateman‎, 08-17-2017 02:22 PM
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Angry Another train wreck waiting to happen - US, Vietnam ink multi-billion-dollar deals First russia, then china and now vietnam. Abetting communist countries should be considered a criminal offense. Isn't it obvious?

superbleeder‎, Today 03:33 AM
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Post Some Black people are actually chocolate-covered marshmallows According to reports, a billionaire’s white wife is being sued for reportedly using the n-word, justifying the use of the word by utilizing her alleged friendship with Alicia...

AlphaAlfalfa‎, Today 05:53 AM
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Hack Squats - EliteFTS vs. Watson vs. Atlantis

I'm in the market for a hack squat and I think I've narrowed it down to these three brands. I really like the adjustable angle (30-70 degrees) and adjustable foot plate on the Watson one, however, the carriage is insanely heavy and the safety hooks are at an awkwardly high or low height for me...

Afo3‎, 11-04-2019 08:21 AM
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Red face Chimpanzees are murdering people in Uganda

Lefticle‎, Yesterday 03:48 PM
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If you are not generous with money, you will have no friends when you are older

Fact of life. People only care about their own needs. No one will bother taking the time to commute/ drive to meet you without a free lunch, dinner or drinks. Alternatively, if it's a party, they will turn up so when it's their turn, they will have people present. Let that sink in...

aleeboy‎, Today 02:18 AM
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Atom's Powerlifting Log

I have decided I need to log my progress and hope that it will increase my lifts. I have not done a meet in about seven years so I thought I would start this log to help me. I powerlifted in the late 80's to about 1990 on and off and had not done another meet until 2010. I now have the time to...

Atom1980‎, 05-29-2017 03:06 PM
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So I decided to give Facebook's dating app a try...

Holee fuk. So many single moms. May actually remove my profile because it's worse than Tinder.

thadderbox‎, Yesterday 07:28 PM
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Misc Firearms Crew LXXV: It's Not the End of the World, But You Can See it From Here

Rule 1: Don't come in here to troll or bash firearms owners. You will be swiftly negged. Rule 2: Don't be afraid to ask questions, but do a little research on your own first. Semi-intelligent questions are welcome. Rule 3: Do simply not ask what gun you should buy for concealed carry. That's very...

DualRectifier‎, 05-31-2019 10:18 AM
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Would you vote for this?

Would you vote for a candidate that said and made these changes for America? If not which policy did you not like? 1. Temporary freeze all immigration into the USA for living or work visa’s until current unemployment drops. Only allow tourism and student visa’s if they pay a higher tuition. ...

EvanR127‎, Yesterday 10:44 PM
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Question Do you talk a lot/stare at ur girl while watchin a movie?

I'll go to watch a movie at my girl's house and find it hard to focus on the movie. She will keep making comments which is fine but I gotta be careful how I respond because then that might send her talkin or googling to find the name of an actor to debate or something. At the same time I don't...

GottaBeReal‎, Yesterday 10:10 PM
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