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Wild pig trying to eat Pajeet


AdamSMW‎, Today 05:01 AM
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OFFICIAL T.G.I.F. Thread...PART 4 - It moved a lil

its that time for another one...... T.G.I.M.F.F.!

Procta‎, 03-30-2018 06:03 AM
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McConnell: 'No chance' Trump will be removed from office

LJ-qnp9QLV8 How will McConnell handle the trial? I would love to see them call in witnesses and draw this out as long as possible. The longer it goes the more ridiculous democrats would look...

Fishman15‎, Yesterday 09:43 PM
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Talking Lol at this Asian's "V-line" face surgery

FYI, "V-line face" (aka pointy narrow chin) is an extremely popular plastic surgery in Asia. But they are not trying to copy white people (white people don't really have pointy chin anyway), so where does this trend come from??

JuzcuzIwant‎, Today 06:33 AM
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Metal broskis check out this song

The last minute or so holy fuk qpnT9gZf4qk

eod8989‎, Yesterday 07:36 PM
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Is it possible to make serious leg gains with a stationary bike?

Ngl, 20 mins on one of those things makes my quads and calves burn like a mfer.

ashin1‎, 12-11-2019 06:22 PM
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Lmao Rep Collins Is Losing His Fuking Mind That He Can't Ditch Tonight.. LOL

Nadler Just wrecked his weekend plans. FUKING LOL!

NYPat‎, Yesterday 09:24 PM
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Are most regular posters mentally ill/OCD?

The guys left here that start threads frequently seem obsessed with 1 particular topic. Car salesman and his no gf/now chubby gf problems MatthewChav and grey joggers Jk202 and how he doesn't do regular back squats Madvillainy and trannies Matt3113 and his useless lifts that nobody cares...

Raylan‎, Today 06:17 AM
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"What Happened Part II" by Andrew Yang

2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggested in an interview Thursday that his race may be behind the lack of media coverage he and his campaign have received thus far. I heard he's going to be bundling his book along with Hillary's in the discount section.

401Delta‎, Yesterday 09:53 PM
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Guy survives three blasts from a shotgun for a gang initiation

I think the story worth sharing and have no irl friends to talk about it with Ke-WetPq1cs

DaddysGotANew45‎, Yesterday 06:47 PM
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Gaetz Calls Out Hunter Biden for Substance Abuse, Gets Wrecked on His Own DUI

"The Pot Calling the Kettle Black.. I don't know which members have been BUSTED with DUI.. I don't know.." Cot Damn.

NYPat‎, Yesterday 10:14 PM
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Making all sets "drop sets"

Does anybody else do this? I do this in all my sets because it feels like I can't hit/work the muscle fully if I don't. For example if I'm chest pressing, I start at 100lb, do as much as I can (until failure ~12 reps). Then drop it to 80 do again about as much as I can (~8 reps). And then...

Kasim7‎, Today 12:07 AM
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Question how often do you guys wear suits? (srs)

I feel like a suit is like a superhero outfit, people take your chit way more seriously when you're lookin sharp and sl00ts always think the global economy is restin on your shoulders. Any miscers that wear suits on day to day basis for example suits for going grocery shopping or taking your car...

Nomza‎, 12-08-2019 04:10 AM
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Xbox Series X - Next gen Xbox announced (Microsoft Is Bake)

-This is what was previously known as Project Scarlett -Fastest, most powerful Xbox ever made and will lead the next generation for the Xbox brand as their flagship console -Will set the bar for consoles -Devs around the world already are building games for it (duh) -All fifteen Xbox Game...

bongowongo‎, Yesterday 09:22 PM
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Exclamation UFC 245: Usman v. Covington

War Colby!!!

lazerhead‎, 12-10-2019 05:28 PM
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MMA Fighting

Video: School kid hospitalized after being assaulted on a bus for wearing a Trump hat A kid should not suffer physical violence for wearing the hat of a man he can’t even vote for. Absolutely despicable... his parents’ political beliefs, are their right...

JaegerBrah‎, Yesterday 07:58 PM
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i love switzerland & zürich SRS

everything is nice man from how dark, rainy, cold and gray it gets during the winter to the blocks in the inner cities to how much of a nice and mediterranian feeling you get here during the summer to the location (if i drive 3h in either direction, i'll either be in liechtenstein, austria,...

Rajc‎, Today 02:00 AM
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Can Lamar Jackson throw for 250 yards in a game srs

Everytime I look at his stat sheet he throws below 200 yards. Tonight must be a career high against a terrible jets team lmao.

AWSbruh‎, Yesterday 09:36 PM
Last Post: Today 06:31 AM
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Evl lift 💪🏼🎅🏼 no gift!


SwollenBeast27‎, Yesterday 04:45 PM
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Different types of BCAA proportions vs Amino Tabs - Help

Hi everyone! In these past weeks I've been making a lot of progress (body wise / weight-lifting wise) and I feel awesome. Everytime I leave the gym I feel like I pushed it to the max and this gives me joy. One thing that (sometimes) holds me back is muscle soreness / fatigue. There are some...

Jonaas18‎, 11-28-2019 05:19 PM
Last Post: Today 06:31 AM
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