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  • Saturday Arms: Strong.. Need more volume

    Barbell x 6 reps all can do

    Lifestyle Preacher: 40kgx15 50kgx10 55kgx10 57.5kgx8 All guess work


    65kg x 5 test
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    RPM class average

    Nice talking to Brad about training and Worlds. No Jane chats today.


    Leg Press calves: Still no strength... 9 plates: 3 sets of 12 limit... A real freak workout. 2...
  • Friday: Week6 Chest&Shoulders: 10 weeks since injury.

    2 x barbell press 18 reps.. light pain

    Smith Military Press: 10x20 20x20
    30kg x12 deep reps
    2/ 1x12
    3/ 32.5kg x 10
    4/ 35kg x 8 total failure.. up 5kg

    Smith Bench: 20kgx20 30kgx20 ...
  • Wednesday: Remember remember the 5th of November

    Lying Leg curls: 95kg:
    1/ 1x20 fine
    2/ 1x19
    3/ 1x20 :D best 3 in a row yet

    4/ +2.5kg
    5/ 1x15

  • Tuesday: Back 4/11

    Full time work: Shoulder can cope now 9 weeks since injury: No cardio at all this week.

    Hi rows: 40kgx40 60kgx15-20
    70kg x 12-15
    75kg x 11
    80kg x 11 still same failure.

    Trap bar Shrugs:...
  • Saturday: Arms: Bicep much stronger.FINALLY STRONG 2/11/19

    Way too late . Too much talking.. Tim here with Kirsten at 24 weeks. Awesome to see her.

    Lifestyle Preacher curls: 40kg x 20
    50kgx12 usual failure point
    52.5kg x 12
    55kg x 10
  • Sunday: Pain free arm for Squats:

    4pm workout: No pain today: Huge jump in painfree: Bar x: 20 20kgx20 40kgx15

    4.28pm: 50kg x9
    super deep

    60kg: 1x8 no belt felt amazing. Super strong. deep till 8th rep.

  • Saturday: RPM and weak calves+ Strong abs.

    Easy RPM class: Packed to roof. Awful music too.

    No strength in Calves: Ankles ached.

    91.1kg fasted

    9 plates killed me 1x10 1x10-12 stopped.. Just not moving nicely.

    Pinweight: 200kgx20...
  • Friday:Week 5: Chest and Shoulder: SO much stronger!

    Chay ravine walk. Rain heavy before. But not during walk: 2 black face wallabies right near the entrance was cool: 45 mins 3.24km

    Bar only 3x20 Military Press. Pain at start. 8.10pm

  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves: No changes. Calves weak today.

    Tuesday Venman's s walk : 44mins 3.1km

    Wednesday: Ride from Caltex to Lyndale loop 31mins 9.0km

    Lying Leg curls: Nice warm ups.

    1/ 1x20 :D perfect. Fast n Smooth
    2/ 1x16
    3/ 1x14
  • Tuesday: Back: Stronger

    Parkview ride:50 minutes 13.1km

    Venman loop 44 mins 3.15km


    Hi rows

    40kg x 40 60kgx15-20
  • Sunday: First Squats workout in 4 weeks


    Extreme pain all sets to 60kg: Swearing and have to ease bar down the post slowly and let recover. Almost bad enough to make me want to to stop. Just not want to leave these alone any...
  • Saturday: Arms.. Not comfortable pain overnight. But can deal

    Barbell x 2 reps in pain Not move

    Dumbbells: 6kg/7kg/8kg all 10 reps. 9kg x 10 okay. 10kgx10 12kg x 4 too hard

    3kg side laterals ok.. 4kg too much

    Pre set bars: Barbell curls: 20kg fine. ...
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    RPM class not as good as last week. Still okay turn out. Most regulars missing and I had to sit one row forward.

    90.5kg today: Last week 89.5kg

    Leg Press Calf raise

  • Friday: : Week 4: Alot of pain in trying Chest

    Thursday ride: 58 minutes: 14.15km

    Friday: Chay ravine walk after Physio: 43.20mins 3.2km. Fast

    Cardiologist: Over 1 hour of pain waiting just to get a 3 minute talk about plaque on...
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves: Huge RDL PR +Calves 400kg Hacks

    30 Mins: Lyndale loop. 8.4km

    5.25pm: Roll out Hamstrings and Calves 15 minutes + ball on Neck and back

    Had to wait forever for Lying Leg curls

    Smooth easy warm ups

  • Tuesday Back( no pain during workout or after.)

    Venmans loop: Stream finally full :D But not flowing. It would have been though over weekend. 42mins 3.25km ..

    Hi rows: 40kgx45 slow and perfect. 60kgx15 70kgx12 strong and smooth
  • Sunday: Safety Bar Squats: Quality workout.. Huge Leg X PR 20 reps.

    Leg X: right knee felt better. 6.30pm

    Safety Bar Squats

    Bar x 20

    20kgx12 hard

  • Saturday arms late:


    Barbell move one rep only

    Lifestyle Preacher 45kgx15 47.5kgx15 50kgx10

    Eugene Pressdowns

  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Best RPM Class surrounded by Hot girls. Hard class and full.

    Hack Calves: 240kg x 15


    7 plates x 12 280kg

    2/ 1x12
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