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Question What does the misc think of a MALE hyphenating his last name to take on his WIFE'S?

very feminine to me personally. i know of a guy who did just this and he isn't spanish or part of some different culture.

TheStiffmeister‎, 11-23-2008 08:10 PM
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Study finds 31% of Africans myostatin deficient which leads to overgrowth of muscles.

Nice little diamond mine of an article I found last year explaining basically the reason why every single track and field record is held by brown people. One of the reasons why 75 percent of the NFL is brown..Etc etc and then more etc. ...

Matt413413‎, Today 03:17 AM
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Which alt coin do you guys think will be the next big thing? I got 100$ to throw in

BAT? Xrp? Chain link? Etc Something that’s worth’s cents but has the potential to blow up You can legit get rich just bby throwing in 100$ in one of these alts if one blows up Which ones should I chose tho?

gesten‎, Today 03:11 AM
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Going to return my 4k UHD HDR TV tomorrow for a good old 1080p TV.

Just LMFAO at people buying 4k TVs. -Screen is just a bright blur -Put the brightness down to 0, still need sunglasses -Picture looks unnatural, chit looks like it's moving in slow motion -Eyes hurt, feeling dizzy, want to throw up Why would you want this chit? Why would you want to game...

taskmob‎, Today 02:54 AM
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Why hasn't Chelsea Handler been cancelled yet?

She attacks and emasculates people who are already victims of centuries of racism and emasculation in the US. There have literally people who have been cancelled because of what their wife said not themselves yet this racist hag gets away with it. t9tVS5br58s tc8JABX7cWg Here's another one of...

Sal29‎, Today 02:05 AM
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Gateway pundit to break proof of Hunter/Joe corruption audio in whitehouse obama

8am monday morning Gateway pundit and co are going to drop possibly this tape of Hunter, Joe and maybe Obama being corrupt asshats for the CCP. Hard to follow the broken english but seems they have them on tape in the oval office working schemes for the CCP or something similar. From 1:21 ...

Skylinerd1‎, Yesterday 11:38 PM
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Talking The Buff and the Beautiful

Since everyone wants an end to the senseless post-whoring and a return to the old ways, I thought it was time to bring drama back to the Misc. section. So here is the first episode of "The Buff and the Beautiful." Introduces all the main characters and the storylines. Not sure how regularly I'll...

John Promise‎, 08-18-2003 06:22 PM
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JFL @ jestermaxxers srs (pics)

Happy 1 year anniversary bae Screenshot of the sloot filming herself crying to get the anniversary gimmick over

CopeFear‎, Today 01:52 AM
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Exclamation Women on flight from Qatar to AUS internally examined on tarmac...

after premature baby found in Doha airport bathroom! The Australian Government has registered "serious concerns" with Qatar after women on board a flight from Doha to Sydney were subjected to an invasive internal examination. A premature baby was found in a terminal bathroom at the Hamad...

3basic5me‎, Today 01:27 AM
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Post Putin goes against the grain with Trump - Nothing criminal with Hunter in Ukraine LOL @ TRUMP.

2011change‎, Yesterday 09:23 PM
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Activation of triceps in DB flat bench press vs. DB incline press

I know the triceps are hit better in DB flat bench press compared to DB incline press. But how much is the difference exactly? Is it a difference of 20 pounds for each DB? So in other words, would a pair of 50s on flat hit the triceps the same way a 45 degree incline does with a pair of 70s?

Liberal3lite‎, Yesterday 09:13 PM
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by WolfRose7  Go to last post
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you can put any QB in the pats “system” they said..

and still win and play well lmfao cam is ****ing garbage playing behind the THIRD ranked OL according to PFF cam trash Hoyer trash Stidham trash

HtotheOV‎, Yesterday 02:17 PM
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How do you navigate the world if you can lose your job any second

That's always puzzled me and also the reason why I don't buy things I can't afford with the money I don't have to please people I don't know. Alright you have your cushy office job or a tradie job but at any given moment you can be fired with a 2 weeks notice. All your fancy cars you've leased,...

Schnitzl‎, Today 02:39 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ***** Official PS4/PS5 Discussion ***** Where The Greatest Play Edition

Last thread was getting too long. Time for a fresh start. PS5 Announced For Holiday Season 2020 Some Must Play PS4 Games

Deathstroke‎, 10-09-2019 05:31 AM
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Fantasy Football discussion 2020

Hi all, crazy year since we last left off Here to discuss the latest rookies, new FA signings, stars holding out any other TB bandwagoners ITT?

yuja‎, 06-10-2020 10:08 AM
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by Murph0408  Go to last post
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2020 and hot bods are IN

Manlet and manmore memes aside, girls want a guy with a nice physique. It doesn't matter if youre pale, yellow or purple, the lean body mass on you is what gets girls wet. Case in point Can't wait to build on this base and get even more chiseled

zhengterry‎, Today 02:36 AM
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New World Order

They’re making an attempt boys. Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles and the Great Reset phaggots have been setting this up for a while and they have pulled the trigger made possible by another group of ruling class phaggots who have initiated Agenda 21/30 These same phaggots who are apart of the...

exyl‎, Today 02:54 AM
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Maskcels - what is the endgame for mask mandates?

I'm not going to bother debating the scientific merit of mask use in this thread. I've posted my positions about that numerous times on this forum. Let's just assume that cloth/disposable, none N95/respirator style "masks" really are substantially effective in minimizing the spread of COVID-19...

northernlights7‎, Today 03:29 AM
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When did champion become a cool clothing brand to wear?

I remember when Champion was one of those cheap brands you saw at Kmart and now it's cool to wear the brand.

DavidEaslea‎, Today 02:32 AM
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