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  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves: 15kg added to RDL's

    Venmans walk : Late: saw one Kangaroo and a stunned Frilly Neck Lizard.. Put him to side of the road and hope he is ok.
    soaked back on return: Stream full from rain on weekend.
    Found out that...
  • Tuesday: Back: WOW 15kg increase Bent over rows.

    No cardio


    Wide Grip Chins:
    1/ 1x19
    2/ 1x15.. not as good.

    Underhand Laterals: 60x20
  • Monday: Shoulders: Solid improvements

    Parkview ride: Finally and I mean FINALLY GOT TO SEE PAUL O'Brien.. Who wrote my first program to put on serious size in 1997/98.
    Always ride past his house for years
    and been wanting to see him...
  • Sunday: Y3T Legs: Very cold night. Still sweat alot

    Leg X usual prep no issue No one good in here tonight. Mostly empty.

    Leg Press: 5 plates x 20 prep

    1/ 5 plates+10kg: 1x20/20 Wide 1x10/10/5 all fine

    2/ 1x20/20 1x10/10/5 fine

    3/ ...
  • Saturday: Arms( not do enough..way too sore.)

    Extremely sore from last nights epic Chest session.. but still went to gym anyway..Was not any weaker. But not fresh enough to push through plateau's and break 2020 PR's....and weight was way down
  • Friday:Chest: Silly amount of PR's: Unstoppable!

    Chay ravine in pouring rain.. Stream ran hard in stormwater run off part on way back. Not soaked. Much slower with umbrella. 45 mins 3.25km... 8 mins slower with umbrella

    96.2kg very happy!

  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Gah Up the front with UV lights on in bike class.. Unpleasant. Soaked hard. Cannot see who is here.

    Packed gym but no one good here. Plus Pinweight calf is broken 93.9kg fasted 94.6 last week...
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves(not as epic as last week

    Venmans walk: 45 mins 3.3km

    Lying Leg curls: All the usuals + 88kgx12 2/ 1x13

    Full stack: 95kg
    1/ 1x12 and hold fight for last 2 reps.
    2/ 1x12
    3/ 1x11 die on 11

    4/ +2.5kg 1x10 so...
  • Tuesday: Back

    No walk today: Shoulders not destroyed last night. But feel sore and full caps.
    95.64 my high weight day too
    1/ 1x22 and hold
    2/ 1x14 die

    Wide Grip Pulldowns on cable.. Not used this...
  • Monday: Shoulders: Backed off this week

    NO LEG SORENESS At all today. Weird

    Parkview ride all fine 50 mins

    Aim for 4.30. Talk outside to gone past 5pm. Well worth it though. Saw Jade for first time in my gym

    Viking taken
  • Sunday: Solid Legs..

    7pm: Suppose to go 4pm with Jason and Prue. But Prue injured.
    Nat was so awesome today. She took hours out of my afternoon that was 100% worth it.

    Leg X: all easy and no pain.
  • Saturday: Arms

    Totally wrecked and felt like not going to train Arms.

    However. Triple sets made a huge pump. Like muscle tearing hurting pump.. Agony all night and next day as if they were forced to grow!
  • Saturday: Calves n abs. No Rpm class.

    RPM class full. As try to book night before instead of days before.

    94.5kg here. Not fasted

    11.30-12.30pm. soooo late.. Empty. But worth it.

    to be continued

    Leg Press Calves
  • Friday: Week 3 Y3T Felt easy 31st July. Destroyed me.

    Chay ravine walk: too late as always.

    43 mins 3.2km

    Went to gym really late... Shops just before 8pm... As need all the benches for myself.
    Worked out perfectly.


  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Venmans loop 11.30am... Very hot but nice. Huge amount water been through first stream. Still flowing on second one.. Middle one dry.
    49.49 4.3km

    Wanted to go 3-4.30pm.

    End up 4.40-6.30pm.....
  • Tuesday: Back

    95.72kg.. always peak on Tuesday nights. Hoping for 96kg.

    Courtney was here. O<M<G! so happy to see her and have conversation.. Not since February/March. Showed me her new business name and card....
  • Mopnday: Shoulders

    Parkview ride: 53 mins 13.3km no leg soreness.

    Standing Military Press: barx forever

    2/ 1x9
    3/ 22.5kg x 4 extreme.. could stay and do another or back off set.....
  • Sunday: Squats up 5kg :D Finally back to 160kg/ 70kg per side.

    Leg x: Usual prep had to wait.. 5.45pm

    96kgx20 33kg singles x 3 sets of 20.. just wanted too.

    Bar x20
    20kgx20 40kgx12
    55kgx8 no belt.. Always feel so heavy these 2 sets...
  • Saturday: Arms

    5pmish still too late.

    Barbell curls: Barxforever 5kgx20 7.5kgx12+

    3/ 1x9 hard. Should be easy.

    12.5kg x 8 took everything to get past 6 reps.Did last week
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    RPM class late and up the front soaked.. Not hard for me.. Hard for everyone else.

    Heavy rain today. And a chill in air.

    94.2kg wow 2kg increase from last week??

    Hack Calves:
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