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Deep Thoughts

mtpockets‎, 11-20-2021 03:19 AM
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Over 35 Misc

I need an exercise bike. Which one?

I want 2 arm levers so I can work my back and chest at the same time. It needs a rounded, padded seat. Most the seats are flat on top and 90 degree drop off at the edge, which is not comfortable. I'm hoping for a $150 price. I wish I could get magnetic resistance. Those are quiet. All I...

Darkius‎, Yesterday 09:49 PM
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Back From The Dead Again; Journey to Strong

Had a good stretch from this time last year to March this year but had a pilonidal cyst that needed surgery so I was out for about 8 weeks. Not as bad as my last lay-off from the flu, pneumonia and other infections early 2018 that put me out for 12+ weeks or costochondritis that put me out from...

musclehead09‎, 05-11-2019 03:36 PM
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What is your one tip to staying fit above 40

I'm 39 and have gotten back to decent shape since a slipped disc and nerve damage 5 years ago. I lift weights and do cardio, but I don't lift really heavy anymore. I do use excellent form, which I didn't in my 20s. What I find the most challenging is losing weight. It's so slow and its...

norsedanebro‎, Yesterday 04:12 PM
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Over Age 35

Testotin Australia: Does It Pills Work?

Testotin Australia is an improvement that aids in working on the demonstration of a person. This improvement is on a very basic level for those men who are genuinely more settled and need to keep up a higher s3x drive. It also helps in working on the diligence of more settled people and partners in...

fastdiethk‎, Today 08:15 AM
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How To Consume Limitless Green Fast Diet Pills Perfectly?

Green Fast Diet weight decrease supplement ought to be eaten near a ketogenic diet during which the buyers are eating meals that are made utilizing fats and proteins. It'll help in lessening weight reasonably. Moreover, one should restrict the mind that they're not gobbling up starches since it...

fastdiethk‎, Today 08:13 AM
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Is Belt Squat machine worthit?

Location: Toronto/Canada Assuming budget & space are no constraints, should I invest in a Belt Squat machine? Need some expert's opinion here if it is better than traditional Squat or SSB? I mean do we get all benefits with this Belt squat as in SSB? If so, pls recommend me the best (also...

sribond‎, 11-22-2021 10:24 AM
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New worrisome COVID-19 variant B.1.1.529 Still very early but this may be way worse than Delta from the numbers coming out thus far. I don't have anything to add that's not in that twitter thread at...

Heisman2‎, 11-25-2021 03:30 PM
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Talking Be

Be sure to be

OhJason‎, Yesterday 05:15 AM
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Over 35 Misc

Poll Poll: Injury risk based on parameters

Find below four possible scenarios: A | B | C | D Reps 3 | 5 | 10 | 20 Sets 32 | 20 | 12 | 8 Weight(kg) 125 | 117 | 100 |80 If we take the bench press, as an example, in scenario A we would be doing 32 sets of 3 reps...

Sun tzu‎, 11-24-2021 05:24 AM
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🏃‍♀️These exercises can make you a perfect figure

These exercises can make you a perfect figure: 1. Jumping Jacks 2. Push-ups 3. Squats 4. Single-Leg Stand 5. Bridge Posture 6. Plank 7. Leg Raise 8. Crunches

Gabrieltzq‎, Today 07:05 AM
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How many days per week should I see a personal trainer?

I've been working out for years but never took a weights class. I'm still doing beginner weight. My gym got me to buy a 3 month contract, three 1-hour sessions per week, 36 total, $65 each. Should I try to renegotiate the spacing between sessions? I just got it today and have not yet done a...

Darkius‎, 09-23-2021 08:11 PM
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by wesleyboy765  Go to last post
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Can you make money as a personal trainer?

Is it true that Personal trainers don't make enough without a side gig?? If so what is the plan? I feel like everyone starts because they love it but then there has to be a side hustle to pay the bills. Is that what most of you have found?

teeeeeeeeeeeeee‎, 04-14-2021 10:35 AM
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Arrow health tips for covid-19

Article. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is upending life for families around the world. As schools and childcare centres close, many parents are finding themselves stuck at home for most of the day juggling childcare, full-time work and other competing responsibilities. Figuring out...

EzatullahHK‎, 11-26-2021 11:37 AM
Last Post: Today 06:49 AM
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Time under tension myth? That article cites many studies that say not only does slowing reps down fail to build more muscle, it also reduces strength gains. It says 20 second sets can make just as much muscle as 50 second ones, as can 70+ seconds sets. Seems to answer my...

Darkius‎, 11-23-2021 04:16 PM
Last Post: Today 06:48 AM
by kennycroxdale  Go to last post
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Question Will the beauty salon shave my back for me, prior to Electrolysis sessions?

Hey community, So I am considering a whole body Electrolysis and I am aware that prior to these sessions I need to have shaved. I can shave all my body except my back but I still want hair removed in that area too. Before you ask, no I don't want to ask any of my friends or fam to do it...

beachbunny2020‎, 08-28-2021 02:36 PM
Last Post: Today 06:47 AM
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Thumbs up Hybrid programme opinions

Hello, just wanted some opinions on an idea I have had for a bit of a hybrid programme. Background - did normal bodybuilding stuff for a couple of years before starting CrossFit a year ago and have done that exclusively with some calisthenics at home since. Basically with my job shifts it makes...

Tomgunn01‎, Today 06:45 AM
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Question T booster or multivitamin

Ass the title says should I go t booster(Now testojack series) or should I invest in good multivitamin? I'm 24 yrs old, and would like to hear ur experiences with t boosters and with multi..

Darkseidd21‎, Today 05:19 AM
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Turning into a meathead- mid life crisis

I am starting this journal because I am turning into the same kind of muscle head/meat head that I was when I was 16-17 years old. I find myself at a point in life where I can focus on the grind and enjoy the consistent gains that come with dedication to a simple progressive overload program. ...

coachcalande‎, 04-01-2015 11:06 AM
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Thumbs up The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Hello and welcome to our log! This is going to be a group thread of detailed info on training, diet, and supplementation. We hope to include a lot of multi-media--heavy on the pics and vids to accentuate and further describe the results of our experimentations. -J_Dieter -JohnButz ...

JohnButz‎, 08-16-2011 09:41 AM
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