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Dat feel when you see dat ass....

IronCharles‎, 06-01-2012 11:12 PM
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Avocado Recipes

We snatched a bag of avocados at Costco this weekend and were trying to think of recipes to use them in. We generally put them in our salads or make guac but that's not too creative. What is your favorite way to prepare avocados? This recipe looks quite tasty with a little bit of extra spice...

SasaAndWendy‎, 01-12-2010 02:24 PM
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Do you need a calorie surplus to add muscle?

Title. Now and then I'll have some fat but I'm very lean usually. I'm new to this so go easy on me for the dumb questions, boys. I'm 6'0", always between 150lbs and 160lbs. I was down at 140lbs a few years ago when I didn't lift at all. At my heaviest I'm just under 170lbs if it's December but...

xwac2021‎, Today 11:24 AM
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Stupid son of a bitch


mtpockets‎, Yesterday 09:51 AM
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Unhappy The journey is over; the motivation in here is drier than drips mum.

This is a tight-knit log that barely anyone posts in, other than those we don't care about. You know who we are.... Since the first log a number of other people who otherwise wouldn't normally log have joined us in logging workouts, sharing training knowledge and philosophy honorable mention...

TheBateman‎, 08-17-2017 02:22 PM
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Will you get vaccinated?

Just for sh!ts and giggles lets say a vaccine for covid is available early next month. Will you be rolling up your sleeve or turning the other cheek? I won't be first in line to say jab me with a rushed vaccine, besides if all you fukers get it I shouldn't have too. Until then I will...

mtpockets‎, 11-23-2020 01:33 PM
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by JUSA  Go to last post
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Weight loss has stopped

My weight loss has taken a strange turn the past few weeks and not sure what to do to get back on track. I started dieting beginning of october and have gone from 201 to 170 in that span (16 weeks). On January 1st I was 170 though and haven't lost anything since then (25 days). The scaled has been...

youknowit84‎, Yesterday 10:28 AM
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Losing Fat

Sticky Thread Sticky: AllPro: A Simple Beginner's Routine part VII

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part...

nightanole‎, 11-07-2020 07:13 AM
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by Lucozade1998  Go to last post
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Beginner - Trying Not To Spin His Wheels

Height: 5'7 Current Weight: 154 Current Photos: (Taken today) Basically in August of last year I was pretty fat (186-188, photos: Moved to a new place and started trying to lose weight. Managed to get to my current weight and want to know what's the...

seasoninthesun‎, Yesterday 01:28 PM
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2020 Part 6: preworkouts & forums

Cases of BANG Crisp Apple ;) I love this new flavor. Another year more L&L Cookies :D this time with Salted Caramel

Rob1882‎, 03-06-2020 01:32 PM
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Sunday playoff games

Bucs- Eagles 1pm 49ers-Cowboys 4:30 pm Steelers-Chiefs 8:15pm I got Bucs, 49ers, Chiefs

x-trainer ben‎, 01-16-2022 10:53 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Sports guide for strength, speed, and conditioning

I’m making this thread because of the high number of questions I see (and receive) regarding athletic training. Hopefully, it will answer any of the questions you may have. The primary sports covered in this thread are football and rugby, but you can use this information to train for any sport...

RollTideNation‎, 12-07-2012 06:34 PM
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by KiaraKiwa  Go to last post
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Question Minoxidil and preworkout supps

So maybe this is sounds little dumb, but can u use minoxidil while taking pwo supps,can they somehow interfere with each other and cause some bad side effects, anyone who has done it can u share ur experiences, I want to take 5%minox for that beard growth cause I got ****ty beard genetics..

Darkseidd21‎, Today 06:27 AM
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Show us your pet

It's international pet day, what better way to celebrate than to start a thread about the old farts pets. Throw up a pic and tell others a little about them. Every kind of pet is welcome. Here is KJYN (sounds like Cajun the spice) Just a mutt but a great one. I have him trained to do many...

mtpockets‎, 04-08-2021 06:56 AM
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Just gonna leave this here

mtpockets‎, 12-08-2021 10:14 AM
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by mtpockets  Go to last post
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Smile Getting too fat should i cut

Hello, I started the gym in April last year. I went from 55Kg to my current weight of 68Kg. 5'8" tall. My strength changes have been: 55KG - 5 reps of just the bar with back squat -Couldn't bench the bar -80 KG deadlift 1RPM -1 rep of OHP

ols500‎, 01-23-2022 12:44 PM
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by atanu537  Go to last post
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Post The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread

The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread Since we have a pretty good crew now, this thread will replace all of your social media, like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others. This thread is "anything goes." Say hello, good morning, good night, tell a story, post a...

Mark1T‎, 08-07-2020 06:34 PM
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by mtpockets  Go to last post
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5 muscle building exercises?

The best way to build muscle is to perform compound exercises which recruit multiple muscle groups. According to Zack George, personal trainer, gym owner, and the UK's fittest man, there are five main movements to focus on. These are deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, bench press, and shoulder press ...

9765rajendra‎, Today 10:21 AM
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Science says it, Boobs FTW

Yeah, Science! Proven over a 5 year span across 200 subjects had lower blood pressure, lived 5 years longer, slower resting heart rates, cuts heart risks in half, and showed the same heart progress as a 30 min aerobic workout. So, to make your lives better I present: (Let's try to keep it work...

JohnnyBurst‎, 06-16-2015 10:29 AM
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by IronCharles  Go to last post
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Hope to bring some working out discussions to the table (Videos/Picture thread)

Hey guys I know working out can become boring and there is but so much we can talk about working out, however things have changed in this place not bad or good just different. I was hoping maybe MAYBE we can bring some life into this place back with videos and pictures of your current training...

bodyhard‎, 12-04-2020 07:45 PM
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