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The semi-official KIJIJI thread(for us canadians)

this is what i got tonight for $50....i can sell the plates alone for at least $125:

michaelstone‎, 07-21-2012 09:28 PM
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t booster results

keep trying to post screenshots from my chromebook i'll figure it out but here are the results testosterone total 724 testosterone free 112 good numbers considering i haven't been eating good and training properly after 8 weeks at two caps a day of t booster

ManwittaPlan‎, 03-06-2021 10:35 AM
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Will you get vaccinated?

Just for sh!ts and giggles lets say a vaccine for covid is available early next month. Will you be rolling up your sleeve or turning the other cheek? I won't be first in line to say jab me with a rushed vaccine, besides if all you fukers get it I shouldn't have too. Until then I will...

mtpockets‎, 11-23-2020 12:33 PM
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Humbling Progress pics from Sept to July

When you take pictures without flexing just standing still and in the same light, same angle, same place, it is truly humbling to say the least when you look at your progress. I thought I would see much more improvement by now, but it is what it is, I keep myself accountable and I always put it...

bodyhard‎, Today 12:20 PM
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by Bando  Go to last post
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Poll Poll: Round 2, FFO, post 4

Pick 2 from these 4. Mango or Orange

paulinkansas‎, Today 07:12 AM
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So excited for the Olympics this time around..looks like a complete generational shift. So many new talents and incredible athletes coming from the U.S. as well. But props to Allyson Felix for qualifying for her 5th Olympics. Then finally someone who can possibly get close or get Flo Jo's old 100 m...

steffo99‎, 06-23-2021 04:37 PM
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Fresh fish; WHAT IS THE CATCH??

of the day. i prefer halibut or sea bass

desslok‎, Yesterday 09:01 PM
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2020 Part 6: preworkouts & forums

Cases of BANG Crisp Apple ;) I love this new flavor. Another year more L&L Cookies :D this time with Salted Caramel

Rob1882‎, 03-06-2020 12:32 PM
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Smile hello everyone

i am happy to find a community that can help me with my personal development. thanks for listening

Imstartn2day‎, 07-28-2021 06:53 PM
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by schroedermcken  Go to last post
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PNF stretching?

Does it work to permanently increase muscle length and strength or is a waste of time? Sorry for the vague question but I’m not sure how else to put it without rambling..

BeginnerGainz‎, 07-24-2021 07:55 PM
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► Intermediate Bodybuilding Classic Physique ► Renaissance Periodization Programming

Intermediate Bodybuilding Classic Physique Renaissance Periodization Programming pWcI17LH26g What Is Renaissance Periodization Style Programming? ▇ Maintenance Volume, Minimum Effective Volume, Maximum Adaptive Volume, and Maximum Recoverable Volume.

Camarija‎, 07-04-2021 11:55 AM
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5/3/1 Full Body--The Creation of a Beast

Beginning stats: 6'0". 185lbs. Maxes: Trap Bar Dead (belt): 340x9 16" Box Squat (belt): 285x5 Bench: 245x5 OHP: 160x5 Training Maxes for this cycle:

pobrien2‎, 09-16-2012 11:31 AM
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Poll Poll: Round 2, FFO, post 5

Pick the 2 you like most. Persimmon or Pineapple

paulinkansas‎, Today 12:30 PM
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by Strawng  Go to last post
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Water Rower

Does anyone have one of these ? Look cool buy expensive

Aussieguy101‎, 01-19-2013 10:12 PM
Last Post: Today 07:16 PM
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Arrow Protein salad

Protein salad As we begin to enjoy longer days, warmer weather, and a healthy dose of Vitamin D, Protein salad Protein salad *************.us/6860791 there’s no better time to invest in a new pair of shades. But with so many options to choose from, how do you do… Protein salad

Mondaldeep‎, Today 06:58 PM
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by Mondaldeep  Go to last post
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Bench Specialist log

If things go as planned I will be back on the lifting platform again in December, if I feel like I’m ready. It’ll be the first time competing since my accident on April 30th 2020. I’ve been lifting mainly in my home gym with my wife lately. Please follow along with me

golli1982‎, 06-02-2021 08:01 AM
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by golli1982  Go to last post
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Question Fat loss workout with arm injury

Hi there. A while ago I've broke the humerus on my left arm and cannot use it normally yet (still hurts). I work a sedentary job that has me sitting for 10 hours a day and have decided that it's time to lose some weight and change my life. Could someone please let me know what exercises would...

userWNCR0Z4AVCV‎, Today 05:28 AM
Last Post: Today 06:38 PM
by joewattie  Go to last post
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Intentionally Plateauing?

I hope this is right place for this. Mods, if not, I apologize, and please feel free to move where it goes. So, I'm no stranger to lifting weights. Not an expert, but not a novice. I understand form, and diet and what not. Still learning, of course. Been lifting off and on for about 8...

StaticShock5‎, Today 02:43 PM
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Thumbs up ____PushUp Tutorial____

A push-up is a common calisthenics exercise beginning from the prone position. By raising and lowering the body using the arms, push-ups exercise the pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids, with ancillary benefits to the rest of the deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis and the...

matt4747‎, Today 06:32 PM
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Is progression schemes really needed for hypertrophy training?

As we know that progressive overload is more an observation then an action, and the action is meeting the required stimulus during the session with enough volume and effort ( close to failure). Do we really need a progression scheme? Could we basically just go to the gym, log your training and...

philip750‎, Today 04:33 PM
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by BeginnerGainz  Go to last post
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