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  • Here is my goal physique pretty much, and I'll be even leaner and cut with abs.

    So because I had to photoshop my love handles and, added shape to my arms and package, I couldn't exactly change my body fat level so imagine me with this shape, yet way more ripped.
  • Oh I laughed, Lol! Wow

    Oh I laughed, Lol! Wow
  • Any way to get my hands on Caber? my doctor is an Idiot.

    I'm supposed to get prescribed xanax yet it's a huge hassle and the idiot won't give me my previously prescribed Adderall medication from another doctor due to a stimulant policy which is bs, so I'm...
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  • This is me when I lose fat. I am 251lb

    One before and one after. I may be able to lose even more around my waist and make it more narrow I believe than what the photo shop does.
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