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  • Sunday: Springwood Stairs

    Waist Measurements dropped really well last week.

    Having missed 2 Sunday stair sessions determined to get there today. Overcast and not hot.

    Not done Stairs after cardio since last Tuesday=- no...
  • Saturday: Arms

    Barbell curls: 0x30
    2.5kg x20
    5kg x 14

    7.5kg x 15

    [b]10kg x 15 wow flew up.

    11.25kg x 11 fail
  • Saturday: Rowing and Calves

    3 sets of 2000m: 10.30/11.00/12.00 times= 33mins of rowing

    Leg Press Calves:

    9 plates x 16
    10kg x 12
  • Friday: Chest.

    Wednesday: Finish late again. Home 5pm When needed 3.30/4pm. Gym at 5. Home by 6pm

    Kirsty for 1 hour massage. Not made it to gym on one of these days yet. Ruining my own life. 4 workouts missed.
  • Tuesday: Back 190kg Deadlifts

    40kg x 12
    60kg x8 no wraps/140kg

    70kg x5 smooth with straps

    80kg/ 180kg x 3 wanted it to feel easier.

    85kg/190kg x 1 just not move when picked it up.

    Medium grip:87kg x17
  • Monday: Shoulders 15/02

    64 min bike ride at 10am.. After left work to come home

    Viking Press: 40kg x 20 45kgx18
    1x12 failure reached everytime. 5kg more than last time. Per side I think

  • Sunday Legs

    Never made it out for Springwood Stairs. Despite it being a very cool day.

    Waist made significant drops this week on only one Stair session on Tuesday.

    Try for 4pm get there AFTER 5pm till...
  • Saturday: Arms

    Got NEXUS Red frog amino's today. Not had since March 2019 Missed them

    Hot day..

    Usual gym too late except really dead tonight/ Not one good person here\

    Barbell curls

  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Finally a really descent hard RPM class. LOved it.

    Good people too

    Hack Calves

    6 plates killed me
  • Friday: Chest.

    Quality conversation with Michaela before going in

    Finally get see Steven and say Congratulations on getting Married :D
    Bench x 150
    Flat Bench: 22kgx30 30kgx20

  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Quads still ridiculous 10./10 soreness / Should not be here.

    not finish work till 5pm.

    7.30pm get here. Proceed to not talk to Michaela./Inevitable we have quality long conversation.

  • Tuesday: Back 190kg

    Monday: :Legs sore but can deal/ Tuesday Quads so sore 10/10 can barely walk. Cannot bend down without holding on to something
    Agony on factory floor tryhing to work


    Chins: 1x25 :D...
  • Sunday: Y3T: Oh gawd. Tried to talk self out of it.

    Got dressed never made it out the door for Springwood Stairs. Enjoyed my time with Emily. Well overdue. Sacrifice willing to make this week.

    No change in Waist Measurement this week :(

  • Friday: Chest: Y3T


    Low Incline Bench 20kg/side 1x80. 30kgx15


    1/ 1x12 1x12 1x12

    2/ 37.5kg 1x10 1x10 1x8
  • Tuesday: Back : Deadift practice form 140kgx5 sets

    Hi rows: 40x30 60x20

    1x8 all Platforms were taken

    Deadlifts: 140kg no prep just 3 plates
  • Monday Shoulders

    Standing Military Press

    Bar x 40

    20kg x 12

    22.5kg: 1x10
  • Sunday Legs: 4.15-6.30pm

    11.15 pm Springwood stairs 10 up 10 down 55 mins

    5 sets of Adductor machine on

    3 sets of Glute Bridges 20kg/side

    Squats: Set bar lower at Tarah height to stop the stumbling
  • Saturday Arms at Powerhouse gym( Worlds name gone.)

    Went to Rockhard Supplements for Redcon 1 t'shirt. Huge warehouse.

    then Elite Supps at Ormeau near Cardiologist. For Emarald Labs Sleep aid. Maple Donut.. They also have Fade out in Blackberry...
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Thursday: Try Alien Fat burner for first time. Tasted good and stopped hunger. ' Parkview ride 55 mins

    Thursday afternoon 5pm try to do Friday's Chest workout.. But work pissed me off with...
  • Wednesday: Hamstrings: 2 weeks off: Calves so much stronger

    Lyndale loop : 35 min 7.0km

    2 weeks of Massage with Kirsty at Scout. Never find time to re arrange training.

    Aimed for 4pm.

    Lying Leg curls: 36/46/53/60 all 12 rep sets

    calves; 67x12...
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