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Misc Firearms Crew LXXX: Land of the Rising Holosun and Larue Trigger Watch Part FAL

Rule 1: Don't come in here to troll or bash firearms owners. You will be swiftly negged. Rule 2: Don't be afraid to ask questions, but do a little research on your own first. Semi-intelligent questions are welcome. Rule 3: Do simply not ask what gun you should buy for concealed carry. That's very...

criminal_manne‎, 05-15-2021 05:05 AM
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Weight gain too aggressive?

Hi guys, Ive been doing starting strength program over the last 3 weeks. I started on 3,300cal and lately been on 4,000cal. Below is my bodyweight over time (dd/mm): 17/04/21 80.45kg 18/04/21 82.2kg 21/4/21 80.95kg 22/4   81.35 25/4   81.95 26/4 82.05

Fitsy‎, Today 10:22 PM
Last Post: Today 10:56 PM
by paulinkansas  Go to last post
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What's wrong with my bench press? So disappointed!

Guys, Could you please comment my bench press form? I'm so disappointed, just can't progress my bench press, failing even at 65kg. Been eating 4,000 cals to no avail. Thanks.

Fitsy‎, Yesterday 10:34 PM
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by Firefightn24  Go to last post
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unhide misc forums

can the entire misc section be unhidden? why was it all hidden overnight anyway i can't access it anymore

htyw‎, 05-20-2021 06:18 PM
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by LargePeter  Go to last post
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t booster results

keep trying to post screenshots from my chromebook i'll figure it out but here are the results testosterone total 724 testosterone free 112 good numbers considering i haven't been eating good and training properly after 8 weeks at two caps a day of t booster

ManwittaPlan‎, 03-06-2021 10:35 AM
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Question Is Cucumber acceptable on its own

Hey, I just started a meal plan my PT has me on and I have to eat 150 grams of a vegetable of my choice with 3 of the 6 meals but the issue I'm facing is I absolutely hate vegetables always have but I thought eating 150 grams of cucumber may not be that hard to do but will it be an...

conjamdea1‎, 06-10-2021 03:33 AM
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by paulinkansas  Go to last post
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Skinny Fat - Cutting out love handles

I (28M - 70KG in Weight, 176cm in Height) am a skinny person but with a little too much fat around the waist from excessive beer, rice, cheese and other fatty foods. I have started to follow a 6-day routine where I work at least 2 muscle groups per day x 2 times a week from a month ago. I would...

double6‎, Today 10:18 PM
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by double6  Go to last post
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Losing Fat

Hope to bring some working out discussions to the table (Videos/Picture thread)

Hey guys I know working out can become boring and there is but so much we can talk about working out, however things have changed in this place not bad or good just different. I was hoping maybe MAYBE we can bring some life into this place back with videos and pictures of your current training...

bodyhard‎, 12-04-2020 06:45 PM
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Smile Marshal art

Marshal art If you make your body fit and strong first open your nerves and muscles. Marshal art is a path to ipen your muscle and nerves marshal art open your body very fast because it flow

Dasankit007‎, Today 08:54 PM
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JKC's Rice Oligodextrin - Review

Current Stats Age: 23 Height: 5'8 Weight: 215 lbs Body Type: Endomorph Current Goal: Cutting Past Reviews/Logs

jkeithc82‎, 10-18-2005 06:58 AM
Last Post: Today 08:35 PM
by spoch  Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: What is My Body Fat Percentage? - Post Your Estimate Request Pictures Here - Vol III

This is the one and only place in this forum to post body fat estimate requests. Previous threads:Vol I,Vol II Calipers, Dexa, hydro-static weighting, all have error rates, and this thread is no different. If you think you are 13% BF and others think you are 15%, consider thanking them...

EjnarKolinkar‎, 03-03-2017 09:02 AM
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Losing Fat

Poll Poll: Food Face Off, Superfoods. Round 6 of 14

Round 2: Cherries, eggs, tomatoes, walnuts, apples, steel-cut oats, salmon, spinach, Scallops, olives

paulinkansas‎, Today 07:04 AM
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by air2fakie  Go to last post
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Smile How many calories are you burning when clubbing?

Me and 5 of my homies are having a party, and after, were heading to some clubs, dancing, getting yucky, but im in a cut and im wondering how many calories i would burn. Ive tried to google, but there hasnt been any recent answer or whatsoever. So if any of you guys got some links/answers, would be...

jacko35‎, 06-21-2012 06:04 AM
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by GayCumLord  Go to last post
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Calling anyone interested in a friendly strength competition for this spring/summer

Last fall, a few of us took part in a competition/collaborative effort where we uploaded our lifts and challenged each other to greater progress. It was fun, and to the best of my knowledge all of us made improvements. My squat is finally out of pathetic territory but still needs a lot of work...

EliKoehn‎, 03-26-2021 06:50 AM
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by ECGordyn  Go to last post
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Cool Exercises to do at home and burn fat!

1. Hopping jacks *************.us/6654101 Hopping Jacks assist us with getting thinner, yet additionally increment our pulse, so they are amazing to remember for our warm-up. Remain with your legs marginally separated and your arms along the edges of your body. Hop up by opening your...

userSJZHQ5OFVVA‎, Today 07:59 PM
Last Post: Today 07:59 PM
by userSJZHQ5OFVVA  Go to last post
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What did YOU do today? Post your workout.

Here was my morning lift: Pre lift: Black coffee 6 eggs with cheddar and ham Oatmeal. *couple quick rounds of Apex Hit the garage gym

coachcalande‎, 06-05-2021 05:09 AM
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by BeginnerGainz  Go to last post
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Talking Exercises to do at home and burn fat!

TOP 10 EXERCISES TO BURN FAT *************.us/6654101 1. Hopping jacks Hopping Jacks assist us with getting thinner, yet additionally increment our pulse, so they are amazing to remember for our warm-up. Remain with your legs marginally separated and your arms along the edges of your...

userSJZHQ5OFVVA‎, Today 07:47 PM
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by userSJZHQ5OFVVA  Go to last post
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Question What Are You Listening II

Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy Their best album in my opinion. W. Axl Rose is a genius! :)

Do_Somethin‎, 06-14-2009 04:16 PM
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by Samraiwise  Go to last post
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Pre workout mix with beet juice

Hey guys, I recently read about how good beetroot juice is for exercising/pump and was wondering what happens if you add a scoop of pre workout (i guess something like Total War) in a glass of beetroot juice and drink it before a workout. I know it might be stupid and will not try it, sounds a bit...

HCTILG‎, Yesterday 09:42 PM
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by Paul Kreul  Go to last post
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Arrow How to fight bitch tits?

i think i have alittle bitch tits how to cure this? should i go nuts on chest exercises?

pussymagnet2‎, Today 02:21 PM
Last Post: Today 07:23 PM
by satinder747  Go to last post
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