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  • Supplements for a GIRL to pack muscles ?

    Hi! I'm a girl of 25 years old

    I take only whey + dextrose after workout

    Should I start with creatine also?

    I train 4 times / week and eat 4-5 small meals throught the day

    I want to pack...
  • Motivation does not exist, it's called DISCIPLINE

    Hi guys,

    I hear all the time about motivation

    But my opinion is that we are motivated like maximum 10% of the time... and the rest of the time we must be disciplined

    We are not motivated all...
  • I love working out and to show my body - should I compete ?

    Hi, my name is Sonia :)

    I love working out, eating healthy, travelling, meeting new persons, and being active

    I also enjoy very much posing and showing my body

    I'm 25 years also, 170cm...
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