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How to ween off of an excessive caloric deficit

Hello All, I am a 22 year old female standing 5'4" and weighing 148.5 lbs. at roughly 29% bodyfat. I have been measuring properly to only eat about 1000 calories a day while doing upper-moderate intensity full body weight training workouts 3 times a week with some walking and running mixed in. I...

mapv33‎, Yesterday 07:17 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: AllPro: A Simple Beginner's Routine part VII

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part...

nightanole‎, 11-07-2020 06:13 AM
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Anthony21's Training Log

It's been a while since I actually logged my training here but I got the itch to start doing it again. I figured I'd share my training and journey for those interested in following along. Long story short, ever since the Corona virus I started piecing together my garage gym again. I'm still...

Anthony21‎, 05-30-2020 03:53 PM
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Another mass shooting

Police say at least five people are dead and 19 have been taken to hospitals after a shooting at a July Fourth parade in a Chicago suburb.

mtpockets‎, 07-04-2022 10:54 AM
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Over 35 Misc

I need advice on this workout plan.


Khan5Asparuh‎, Today 07:19 AM
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Almost got in a fight at Walmart (bodyhard edition)

I was waiting in line to check out when some young punk cut right in front of me, and I wasn't about to be disrespected like that. I was just about to step up to him when his dad yelled out "come on, Kenny, we're leaving". As his dad was picking him up to place him in the cart I tried to land...

401Delta‎, Yesterday 10:42 PM
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Post The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread

The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread Since we have a pretty good crew now, this thread will replace all of your social media, like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others. This thread is "anything goes." Say hello, good morning, good night, tell a story, post a...

Mark1T‎, 08-07-2020 05:34 PM
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Baby Groot by John Meadows?

hi guys just wanted your input on this routine as a novice routine I know my way round the exercises amd try focussing big time on form Ive been off for a bit but slowly picking it back up and encountered this one and was thinking about what you guys thought about it if anyone knows it

BelgianBAMF‎, Yesterday 08:16 AM
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Russian trial of American basketball star Brittney Griner opens

Any predictions? Hope that I am wrong but I think she will get a max sentence.. Stupid games = Stupid prize thing.

mtpockets‎, 07-01-2022 02:47 AM
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Poll Poll: Over 35 Vacation/Travel thread.

Going on vacation? Traveling for work or school? Post it here, tell us your plans, places you will visit, things you look forward to eating or drinking, etc. Afterwards be sure to return and post up your pictures and give us your opinion on wherever it is you went. This could be and is meant to be...

Corbi‎, 07-23-2017 01:43 PM
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ALL LIVES MATTER, especially..

The UNBORN. HOOAH, SCOTUS! I Am The Sovereign Goat Man

NorwichGrad‎, 06-24-2022 07:22 AM
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The Flywheel Effect.

"Picture a huge, heavy flywheel. It’s a massive, metal disk mounted horizontally on an axle. It's about 100 feet in diameter, 10 feet thick, and it weighs about 25 tons. Your job is to get that flywheel to move as fast as possible, because momentum—mass times velocity—is what will generate superior...

CW47‎, 08-02-2016 06:39 PM
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Mental and Physical Recovery Log

I'm back. Back again. Fatty's back. So I had a mental breakdown over the last couple of months, and i'm just coming out the other side. The weight gain has somewhat stablised in the past week, and I haven't binge eaten in two days - back to fairly standard calorie based diet. Starting...

CBRIT89‎, 07-26-2021 10:46 AM
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Turning into a meathead- mid life crisis

I am starting this journal because I am turning into the same kind of muscle head/meat head that I was when I was 16-17 years old. I find myself at a point in life where I can focus on the grind and enjoy the consistent gains that come with dedication to a simple progressive overload program. ...

coachcalande‎, 04-01-2015 10:06 AM
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Training/Nutrition/Guy Stuff AMA + GST Training Journal - 25 Years of Experience

What do you get when you mix 25 years of gym experience, 20 years of studying and research, 15 years of client-training experience, and a personal desire to spread knowledge to as many people as possible? You get me. Hello, my name is Ryan. I’m 41 years old, a lifetime natural lifter,...

2020Wellness‎, 06-22-2022 05:26 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Growth Stimulus Training continued..... Train Hard. Train Smart. GROW!

What's up everyone? Since my original thread from back in 2010 has been locked due to reaching the 10,000 reply limit, I'm starting up a 'continued' thread. If you haven't browsed the original thread, please click on the following link: ...

2020Wellness‎, 11-08-2012 01:07 PM
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Thumbs up Where are they now? A supp misc 20 year class reunion

How long is the loading period for glutamine? Thx in advance

Starkk‎, 12-16-2021 11:19 AM
Last Post: Today 07:06 AM
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5/3/1 Full Body--The Creation of a Beast

Beginning stats: 6'0". 185lbs. Maxes: Trap Bar Dead (belt): 340x9 16" Box Squat (belt): 285x5 Bench: 245x5 OHP: 160x5 Training Maxes for this cycle:

pobrien2‎, 09-16-2012 11:31 AM
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Same weight same body fat but looking bigger than last year

Why I have the same weight ,bodyfat but look better and more muscular than the previous year ! I m confused

AndrewGhg‎, Today 01:00 AM
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Losing Fat

hello everyone. Have a question

I'm 32 years old. Training 3-4 times a week. Eat a lot, but my weight does not increase. Maybe someone can help me with. Maybe I need to change my workout program or change nutrition ??? I’ll be appreciate if someone can help me

daviej0088‎, 06-21-2022 07:52 AM
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