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Calling on the person who "works-out" I hope..

My wife Aunt has some kind of skin cancer on her leg (picture of her leg below)which has put her in really bad shape, she is close to 80. She was hospitalized and then bedridden for almost two weeks. While she was in the hospital for the leg she was tested positive for covid. She has been home now...

bodyhard‎, Yesterday 09:12 AM
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Healthy home made-mass gainer shake ideas. 2022 edition.

Right so while I have seen various recipes for "healthy" home made mass gainer shakes online I'm still a bit interested in "new" ideas for this kind of thing in 2022. Feel welcome to post your idea here (or elsewhere for that matter).

MrHeavenSmile‎, 01-14-2022 08:20 AM
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Coach Pain Academy opening second location in Arizona

Hey all! Happy to be here! Coach Pain Academy, currently located at 7931 E Pecos Rd Suite 200, Building #6, Mesa, AZ 85212, is going to be opening a second location in Gilbert, AZ soon! We offer kickboxing, HIIT Classes, military style bootcamps, obstacle race training, and more! We would...

PainAcademy‎, Today 10:49 AM
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Will you get vaccinated?

Just for sh!ts and giggles lets say a vaccine for covid is available early next month. Will you be rolling up your sleeve or turning the other cheek? I won't be first in line to say jab me with a rushed vaccine, besides if all you fukers get it I shouldn't have too. Until then I will...

mtpockets‎, 11-23-2020 01:33 PM
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High Rep Squats Journal

I need a journal to keep up with this....... Sunday 1/9/22 Squat- 72# x 68 reps (one set, one breath between each rep). Fuking easy too. I will continue adding weight and reps, see how far I can go.

LWW‎, 01-11-2022 01:09 PM
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Red face No Thyroid

About 6 months ago I had to have a total thyroid removal. I put on approx 15kg after the operation and have lost most of that now. I was aiming to compete and was progressing really well and on track but then got really sick and my thyroid went into toxic storm. I was just wondering if anyone...

tigeri77‎, 12-20-2008 04:27 AM
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Poll Poll: How To Get To Heaven When You Die


ScottLefler‎, 08-09-2021 09:34 PM
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Full body volume

Any experienced lifter been successful with 3 days a week full body? Just started training this style a couple of weeks ago. Is this too much? Full body MONDAY (heavy chest) Bench 3x5 Front squat 3x8 Bb row 3x12 Kneel ohp 3x10 Dips 2x8 Curls 3x12

Eli2309‎, 01-17-2022 09:52 PM
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Quick workout with real results

I know everyone these days don't have time for a quick workout. I promise you this is an easy and quick workout with real results. h ttps:// (remove the space between the h and t.)

Judyrae‎, Today 10:31 AM
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Angry What a weekend so far

Friday my wife noticed our sink drain leaking. Replaced the trap and laterals Friday night. Not a big deal. Then ran the sink for awhile and noticed a backup in the drain. We’ve never had an issue in the 16 years we’ve lived here so figured I was due for a sewer rodding to get the grease and roots...

Plateauplower‎, 01-15-2022 05:08 PM
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11 month old child shot in the face while in a park car with mom

And the mayor of NY and the Bronx borough president said, they need to stop illegal guns from coming into NY and build better programs for the youth, but never once mentioned that the folks doing the shooting will serve hard time. :(

bodyhard‎, Today 06:29 AM
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kabreshabtneha‎, Today 10:14 AM
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Turning into a meathead- mid life crisis

I am starting this journal because I am turning into the same kind of muscle head/meat head that I was when I was 16-17 years old. I find myself at a point in life where I can focus on the grind and enjoy the consistent gains that come with dedication to a simple progressive overload program. ...

coachcalande‎, 04-01-2015 11:06 AM
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I Freakin LOVE

My air-fryer. :D Just got it for Christmas after realizing that ordering dinner online to be delivered by acrobats on 2-wheeled projectiles 5 nights a week was sub-optimal. So far I'm loving what's getting blow-cooked in this thing, but I'm now ready to open my soul to the full universe of...

ChazWood‎, 01-15-2022 06:52 PM
Last Post: Today 10:09 AM
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Food Shortages in local grocery stores

Are you guys seeing this in your area? So i do my normal 2 visits per week to 2 stores and the shelves looked like a communist country in the 80's. Missing produce, no cold teas, no shredded cheese, no milk, wiped out meat case(zero chicken) some beef and lamb, no seafood except for scallops,...

x-trainer ben‎, 01-13-2022 07:58 AM
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What happened to the regular Misc?

What in Gods name happened to the regular misc I can’t seem to find access to it do we need a permission slip or something? I haven’t been to this site for years I wanted to come back and say what’s up to some of the guys that were here back in 2013

PShift5‎, Yesterday 01:18 PM
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Unhappy The journey is over; the motivation in here is drier than drips mum.

This is a tight-knit log that barely anyone posts in, other than those we don't care about. You know who we are.... Since the first log a number of other people who otherwise wouldn't normally log have joined us in logging workouts, sharing training knowledge and philosophy honorable mention...

TheBateman‎, 08-17-2017 02:22 PM
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Rack depth: is 30" depth worthwhile?

Due to my Sorinex Bulldog purchase, I'm looking to upgrade to a rack with 1" holes. I've been using a Rogue half-rack for years and recently used a Sorinex rack that was about 40-42" depth inside. That felt spacious and I loved using it with straps where I could set the side nearest my face a bit...

Afo3‎, 12-29-2021 08:32 AM
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Think I wanna do a bro split?

So I’ve been toying with the idea of a bro split for a while now I think I hit on the best way to do it. Any input is welcome. Back and rear delts -Upper lat row with need to stabilize for erector gains (T-bar row or seated cable row) -Lumbar lat row (probably a chest supported row) -Lower...

BeginnerGainz‎, 01-11-2022 01:55 PM
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