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Arms growth tips and tricks please !

Hello guys ! I've been lifting for a while and it seems that arms are not my strong trait .I am 1.78 cm (5 10) at around 14 % bf and my arms are 40.5 cm cold . Any tips and tricks to increase them few more cm please !

AndrewGhg‎, Today 07:03 AM
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"1930s, I miss the good old days."

Haven't gone deep into any older era before but it seems worth it.... Pls share if find/know of any good or great ones. Just found this one that sounds amazing to me....and my father was born the same year it came out. Think I like the last one best, amazing voice. ysow1wXWyvE L5xafQXg1yI ...

steffo99‎, Today 06:52 AM
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Jiggly rear

Hey! 37 year old female here. No kids. 5’7” at 128-130 pounds. I look like a good weight fat-wise (could use more tone), my face is filled out nicely and I’m small framed so I don’t look too thin. My rear could use more muscle for sure. It’s a bit jiggly. My question I guess is is it possible to...

Skinnytosexy‎, Today 06:17 AM
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Belt Squats machine: Squatmax MD or Rogue Rhino?

I'm thinking about buying one of these due to an accumulation of upper body injuries that is making low bar squatting difficult and painful at this point. Anybody tried both of these units? I tried out the Squatmax MD and thought it was amazing. Had never belt squatted before. It felt very...

buddy0329‎, Yesterday 07:09 PM
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'Look What I Bought Today!' - Part Deux

LWIBT Part I has been locked,, so I'm starting Part 2.

AttyGuy‎, 02-21-2017 10:30 AM
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Rest inbetween sets

Im just wondering if 60 seconds in between sets is enough?

lifechange99‎, Today 04:10 AM
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A new Scam by Companies

So this month and last month 2 companies decided to double bill using the automated system and are slow giving the money back. The first was Amex with 2, 1 thousand dollar deductions and after several calls and checks no refund. It is like they decided to "borrow some money" and will say oh use...

x-trainer ben‎, Yesterday 02:44 PM
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Over 35 Misc

Back From The Dead Again; Journey to Strong

Had a good stretch from this time last year to March this year but had a pilonidal cyst that needed surgery so I was out for about 8 weeks. Not as bad as my last lay-off from the flu, pneumonia and other infections early 2018 that put me out for 12+ weeks or costochondritis that put me out from...

musclehead09‎, 05-11-2019 02:36 PM
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"1960s, I miss the good old days."

When I was a little boy they were everywhere. My grandpa always said, "This goes great with beer!" Actually they tasted like crab meat.

Samraiwise‎, 06-02-2020 09:30 AM
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Over 35 Misc

The OV35 Sports Thread

The Sports Forum is pretty dead, so post any and all sports discussion here. Any sport, any time, nothing off limits.

x-trainer ben‎, 08-25-2021 09:15 AM
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The new way for Republicans to take back whats theirs (HINT: DON'T VOTE!!!)

Link to Trump's Official Statement from Li Harrington (PR Rep):...

97Camry4Lyfe‎, 10-13-2021 08:47 PM
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Over 35 Misc

Autoregulated double progression?

I have for a while been doing rp style volume ramp training, while i really did like this type of programming, i found that i like to keep sets more static and not change to many variables, this makes it easier to see if current volume drives performance forward. I was listing to a podcast with...

philip750‎, Yesterday 02:53 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The importance of Hydration - Heads up

What's up brothers I've always been the person who barely drinks enough during the day. Causes were exhaustion, bad breath as well as weakness and headaches. One week ago I started drinking ~4 liters of water a day and I feel so much better! I used to be sleepy and have the above symptoms all...

AlexTheNewbie‎, 06-26-2013 06:43 AM
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Exclamation Wide stance squats for longevity

I don’t remember where exactly, but I have read from numerous sources recently that wide stance squats are better from a longevity perspective, particularly in regards to knee health. The idea seems to stem from the belief that “Olympic” style squatting (high bar, close stance, lots of forward...

Ironface‎, Today 05:38 AM
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Turning into a meathead- mid life crisis

I am starting this journal because I am turning into the same kind of muscle head/meat head that I was when I was 16-17 years old. I find myself at a point in life where I can focus on the grind and enjoy the consistent gains that come with dedication to a simple progressive overload program. ...

coachcalande‎, 04-01-2015 10:06 AM
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Post Bodyweight bench

So I just benched my bodyweight at 17 being in the gym for 4 months is this good or should my numbers be up (i started the gym when i turned 17 so I'm not close to 18)

saheimlifts‎, Today 04:53 AM
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Auto regulated training explained

Anyone who’s ever followed baseball understands “power surges” and “biorhythms “ as it relates to performance and hot streaks. What if I told you that bodybuilders and powerlifters also have hot streaks in their performance and would be wise to break the shackles of planned progression and...

coachcalande‎, 09-12-2021 04:11 AM
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Love the Pain -- Make the Barbell Cry!

Hello all, Getting close to a 1000 lb total, so it feels a little justified to start a workout journal to track the next big milestones. Working on a 4 plate squat, 3 plate bench, and 5 plate DL, all for reps by the end of the year. That would be about a 1330 lb total, hopefully qualifying...

ECGordyn‎, 04-15-2018 06:39 PM
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How Far is Too Far?

Just an idle question, well, maybe not that idle as I think I see it from time to time. What are some signs that one has crossed from "healthy" to body (muscle) dysmorphia? I "think" one sign might be when you cross over to illegal substances, e.g., steroids? Or when you spend copious amounts...

joewattie‎, Yesterday 10:07 AM
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My journey to perfection!?!

Hi guys / girls. My names Adam. 38 years old, 6ft 2in, 203 pounds & according to online bf calculators 19.5%. I have been working out for around 20 years on & off & have been in decent shape on occasions, but never less than approx 13ish bf%. Last year I was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome...

Stimac1976‎, 01-01-2015 05:54 AM
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