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Safcpauls lean bulk journal

As some of you know I've been cutting. I feel I've now got lean enough to do a lean bulk for the long term. I will not be chasing bodyweight increase but will increase food when needed. I have neglected legs and this will be reflected in my starting numbers but I will be training them hard from now...

safcpaul‎, 05-28-2022 08:55 AM
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Post The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread

The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread Since we have a pretty good crew now, this thread will replace all of your social media, like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others. This thread is "anything goes." Say hello, good morning, good night, tell a story, post a...

Mark1T‎, 08-07-2020 05:34 PM
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I'm 15 and need a workout routine that requires only my equipment

i'm 15, 218 lbs, 5'7 and have been eating at a deficit, i'm wanting to gain muscle however idk how to find a proper routine that requires the equipment i have, could any of you guys help? I have dumbells and a barbell, that's it ( I'm thinking about following this routine, what do yall think?) ...

JaviXyZ‎, Today 08:11 AM
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Review article discussing implications of small dense LDL

I know some find this topic interesting: I'm not well-read on this topic as I'm in Pediatrics where this is less relevant. This review certainly makes a case for considering LDL particle size when determining cardiovascular risk. It'll be interesting to...

Heisman2‎, Today 04:33 AM
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Simple upper/lower for mass & strength

I'm thinking about changing my split routine to the below upper/body. My current stats are: BP: 225x8 Squat: 275x6 DL: 345x6 What do you think? Would you change anything? Given RDL and DL in the routine, I'm thinking about removing the "optional" back exercises to save time. Monday:...

lukaszz91‎, 06-28-2022 07:31 AM
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Should I start Wendler's 5/3/1?

Right now I am on starting strength but Alan Thrall said that 5/3/1 didn't have enough consistency, Thoughts? I have been weightlifting for 3 months.

mullentde‎, Today 08:14 AM
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ALL LIVES MATTER, especially..

The UNBORN. HOOAH, SCOTUS! I Am The Sovereign Goat Man

NorwichGrad‎, 06-24-2022 07:22 AM
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Thumbs up Weight Loss Thread

Y'all know how it goes - getting back into it :) Doing a more strict log of diet this time around for analysis purposes. (just general curiosity, maybe partially accountability?) 213.2lbs Focusing 90% primarily on diet this time around, I think fear of losing weightlifting gains has...

MeadxHole‎, 06-27-2022 06:45 AM
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body recomp question/advice

6ft 220lbs and very out of shape before starting this journey for the next 3 months at least, 7 years inactive - want to lose about 15-25 pounds but want to have some muscle visible once that is done so body recomposition plans is where I was pointed to, right now I'm working out a decent amount on...

bax123‎, Yesterday 07:24 PM
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Kevin Levrone OPENS UP About POLITICS In Bodybuilding

YbZmEEphWEM Does anyone agree with Levrone here? I mean Kevin himself said Yates was unbeatable on other podcasts and stuff.

RobberBaron13‎, Today 07:46 AM
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Old man routine revise

Hey guys, Been doing well on my upper/lower split for the last 6 months. I have a few injuries, so I’ve focused more on frequency than intensity. I’ve been doing upper/lower alternating 6 days/week. Each workout takes just under an hour (I do a lot of prehab/warm-up stuff). As the...

fuckinright‎, Today 07:27 AM
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"Cowboy" Retires

25J9ZL_XyKQ Started watching him when he was first discovered by the Tapout crew.

mtpockets‎, Today 06:11 AM
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January 6th committee public hearings on TV and Youtube starting tonight

Nice of them to televise it after the daytime talk shows and soap operas so our friend Tater can watch some of the unseen footage they claim to have.. Bring on the "it wasn't violent crowd"

mtpockets‎, 06-09-2022 02:52 PM
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10,000 or bust...


SP1966‎, 08-01-2012 09:20 PM
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Thoughts on this ppl routine

I am 16 male who eats 3k calories a day 177cm 66 kg This is my training plan i train at home please tell me how to reinforce it PUSH-MONDAY CLOSE GRIP BENCH PRESS 3X5 INCLINE BARBELL 5X8 OHP 3X5 SPIDER LATERAL RAISES 3XDROPSET HEAVY SKULL CRUSHERS 4X6

Jack3dv2‎, Today 06:34 AM
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Cool Starburst C4 Energy Drink

The starburst flavors are some of my favorite flavors when it comes to energy drinks. The flavors for the starburst lineup are dead on with the actual starbursts! I love the C4 for the flavors but I really like that it has 200mg of caffeine to give the energy boost but not too overwhelming. I love...

bsblltom‎, 06-18-2022 07:36 PM
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Thumbs up The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Hello and welcome to our log! This is going to be a group thread of detailed info on training, diet, and supplementation. We hope to include a lot of multi-media--heavy on the pics and vids to accentuate and further describe the results of our experimentations. -J_Dieter -JohnButz ...

JohnButz‎, 08-16-2011 08:41 AM
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DefiantSnake's training log

A bit of background about me first: I dreamer-bulked up to 220+ pounds of obesity trying to pack on maximum muscle mass as fast as possible. It's been a decade since then, and as of 20211109 I weigh 179 pounds at a height of 5'11. But I downsized all the way to ~150 pounds by 202101. I basically...

DefiantSnake‎, 11-09-2021 08:54 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: 035 Misc Photography Crew

And for my 10'000 post..... This thread is to share anything photography related. Share your work, discuss equipment and ask questions. The main misc section is now on their 4th installment of the Misc Photo Crew. There is some amazing work to see and loads of great information. For those...

acrawlingchaos‎, 08-21-2014 04:21 PM
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War Among Worlds

I'm pulling out of the trenches with a new log showcasing what keeps me healthy enough that i can force the volume higher than the Eiffel Tower. My training is widespread ****arounditis pulling in different principles and methodologies to keep me going. Anyone who's done anything brutal can feel...

DOMSPOWER‎, 10-11-2019 12:57 PM
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