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    Thanks so much!

    Thanks so much!
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    5 month cut before and after

    5 month cut.. 188 here at like 11% BF from 225 and 16 - 17% BF

    SSRI's really slowed me down.

    Went to maintenance due to plateauing and to reset my mind. Come Nov I will restart my 20/40/40 and...
  • One arm chest flys to fix uneven pecs? (Pic)

    I’ve big struggling to even out my pecs and have been doing one arm presses which seems to have helped a bit. But it’s still noticeable. I’m thinking i should be focusing on flies now because the...
  • Not really talking about energy balances.. so...

    Not really talking about energy balances..

    so when you cut, you lower your storage levels for glycogen because youre limiting the carbs right? Lower glycogen storage levels means less water to...
  • Consecutive refeed day to pump back up after cut

    Been cutting for a few months and very close to goal. Halloween party this Friday so I want to pump up a bit and by refeeding. Thinking about going from 1800 calories to 2500 (lower protein intake...
  • Need help figuring out how to workout after surgery

    So I recently had a very small chunk of my back removed where some melanoma was found and I have a few stitches covered by a bandaid basically.. nothing serious.

    I got the surgery a few days ago...
  • Left shoulder raises when working out my chest

    Anyone know why this is?

    And i think this is causing my chest to grow uneven.

    Seems like it does it towards the end of my work out when my chest is growing tired.
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    Should I bulk or cut?

    I'm at that point where I can't decide if I should bulk or cut. I kinda ****ed up and ruined what I had after I got into a relationship and ate like ****. Now I'm just unhappy as hel

    I'm thinking...
  • Can eating too much ground beef be counterproductive on a cut?

    I eat A LOT of ground beef because chicken can be kinda nasty. So i eat ground beef a lot (85/15 :-/ ). I have it twice a day but calorie wise it all fits within my caloric intake. Macros my fat...
  • WTF why does my body look so weird in photos?

    In the mirror it looks great

    Before the photo is taken it looks great!

    In the actual photo my body looks weird AF!

    And why does one pec look bigger than the other!! Gahh

  • Need something to help with stubborn belly fat.

    It's been a long time since I've posted on here, have my fitness and nutrition in order but I am having the hardest time getting rid of that small belly bump.

    I'm 6'1, 188lbs 11.5% BF and I'm...
  • Ight thanks buddy... Anyone else agree?

    Ight thanks buddy... Anyone else agree?
  • You mean cut?

    You mean cut?
  • Yeazz... Edited... My bad

    Yeazz... Edited... My bad
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  • Usually know what I should be working on but now im stuck!

    I'm 6'1 200 lbs as of this morning at 13% bf based on my digital Omron Handheld however I know thats usually off and I feel more like im 16%.

    I was just about to start a cut and loaded up on some...
  • Anyone know what's going on with Eviserate??

    I can find Evi Smoulder anywhere. Every single site it's all sold out. Has it been discont?

    Bummer if it has.... Anyone know of another good topical that's still on the market??
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    Yea that makes sense too... Anyone else?

    Yea that makes sense too...

    Anyone else?
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    Is there a science behind this?

    So Ive noticed that when I do a cut for 6-10 weeks the bulk for 8-10 weeks I put on lean muscle muscle much easier then when I cut and bulk for longer periods of time while allowing me to stay lean....
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    Ok Jtbny I realize what progressional overload...

    Ok Jtbny

    I realize what progressional overload does. Since this is a motivation forum I'm looking more for people with similar experiences not homies rolling their eyes.

    But thanks for...
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