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  • Hey Mods, I think it's about time (You are so beautiful)

    Thanks for keeping me around for so long and letting me do what I do

    But I think it's time to call it

    I can't do it on my own

    Tired baby, tired...
  • Y'all need to relax and just let it be (srs)

    Being preoccupied about your career, retirement, finding a woman, leaving a legacy, your body fat %, whatever

    Do you realize how many hundreds of millions if not billions of people were concerned...
  • ITT: Things that give us dat smug feel for being single

    Hearing about a married guy who gave me flack for being single is now divorced and paying alimony

    Eating alone in the foodcourt at the mall and hearing a couple the next table over arguing
  • Ever notice it's almost always low(er) class people who complain about "muh rights"?

    Rarely hear from a person who's made it complaining about or causing a big fuss about their rights

    Seems to be something people who haven't made it hide behind/take advantage of to cope with their...
  • The saying "You can't negotiate from a position of weakness" is not true

    Credit is in the gutter
    Don't think it can possibly get any lower
    Get calls from debt collectors almost daily
    Most are ignored straight to voicemail
    Some answered for the lulz

    Use Misc lingo...
  • Always be nice to each other, you never know what the other person is going through

    That's why I never neg back

    Why I never react to people disparaging me

    You never know what the other person is going through

    The secret battles they're fighting on their own, often against...
  • Closing in on 5,000th post. Couldn't have done it without you guys.

    10 more posts to go brahs

    Can't believe it's been over 5 years and only 5,000 posts

    Seems like so much more than that

    But as they say, quality over quantity

    My rep-to-post ratio speaks...
  • Replies

    Haven't been negged in a while

    Usually get at bunch of them per day

    Seems like this place is finally starting to like me
  • bump

  • I've started smug smirking if any married guy asks me if I'm married at 35

    The type of smug smirk that let's them know they're:

    1) Foolish for getting married in the first place
    2) And foolish for asking such a question

    Sometimes add a bit of a laugh to it at the end...
  • Replies

    Saw a hearse transporting a coffin today

    It was in traffic like any other car

    Imagine living your life and in the end your corpse gets driven to its final destination through traffic among people going to work, to the store, to the park,...
  • And just like that I became a homeowner without having to do any work for it

    Parents said they're downsizing after retirement and moving to a smaller place

    They said I could have their house that's already all paid for

    Most guys my age who have homes still have a...
  • Why couldn't you tattoocels not have gotten tats like the rest of us stronger men?

    Stronger in that we didn't need to get them for attention, didn't need to copy others who have them (conformity/herd mentality), and other cope reasons you guys got your tats

    We were confident and...
  • Hey late night crew, GMiscer here for some real talk.


    Can be real since the morning/afternoon miscers are away now

    Trying to stop with this trolling brahs, over 5 years of it now

    I'm completely different in real life but it's so fun to...
  • This same topic has never been done at least a...

    This same topic has never been done at least a few times by GMiscer
  • If you're posting on a Friday night then you're no better than me

    At least I'm honest

    That I don't have any friends and don't socialize

    But I notice those of you who criticize me for it are also posting on a Friday night like this

    Shouldn't you be out...
  • Why are you guys so worried about height when it's so easy to be tall?


    Always wear boots with 3" heels

    So I'm already at average 5'9" height

    Inside boot are 3" cushioned lifts

    Now I'm at 6'0" which is the start of being considered tall
  • Anyone else not understand the personality of getting excited/emotional over sports?

    When they show people screaming and jumping up and down celebrating because an athlete they don't know (and who doesn't care one bit about them) scores a goal, or touchdown, home run, etc

    Or shows...
  • Das it mane He's my #1 fan/replier

    Das it mane

    He's my #1 fan/replier
  • Told you so

    Told you so
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