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  • Thread: Calves

    by davidnc67

    Jump Rope

    Jumping rope will strengthen and build up your calves, and give you a great, cardio workout too.
  • Whitey is a honky!

    Dat dere ain't be any racism-osity! We be still gettin' revenge-imus on Mister Charlie for dat dere slavery!

    Don't you agree with me, you self-hating, White Democrats?
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    Behar: A typical, NYC Marxist

    Behar is your, typical, radical, NYC Leftist. Nuff said.
  • How dare you!

    Greta is one, strange teenager. More politically, correct B.S by the mainstream/ Far Left media. Sports Illustrated did the same thing. They made the America hater, Rapinoe a.k.a " the female...
  • Expect Nothing!

    Horowitz is a Deep State Democrat; Enough Said. He's also part of the Swamp. The U.S is now among the most, corrupt nations in the entire world.
  • Poll: Pre-Determined Finish?

    This is going to be a fixed fight. Del Rio is a performer, not a real fighter. Big payday for both, no injuries, everybody goes home happy. You'll see, Tito will take him down and tap him out early...
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    Hunter Biden loves cocaine and strippers!

    Hunter loves to snort coke, have strippers use sex toys on him?, and then impregnate strippers. He also likes to collect millions of dollars from the corrupt Burisma company in the Ukraine, as well...
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    He loves children!

    Sleepy, creepy, uncle Joe 30330 likes children to sit in his lap, and stroke his wet, leg hair. This also has something to do with cockroaches? Joe also threatened a gang leader known as "Corn Pop"...
  • Why Duke?

    Did you go to Duke? Did you grow up in and/or live in North Carolina?
  • Political Correctness

    More like mixed race people and multiracial couples and families in just about every commercial on American TV now.
  • Doubtful

    Gay, Howdy Doodie might be the Democratic nominee, but Trump will destroy Pete Bootie!
  • No class "urban" youth

    Svartze cholere!
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    Tyson was on the juice

    Anyways, get yourself a neck harness. You can also put a plate on your face, use a towel, and do front back and both sides. Also Do wrestler's bridge. Also do shrugs, but make sure that your chin is...
  • Hypocrites

    There are a lot of Commies here that criticize the actions of the cops. They care more about the homicidal, homeless, guy than police officers. It looks like the Commie education that you received,...
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    Protection now!

    If she's an actual prostitute, you better wear a condom! You don't want to catch an STD, like crabs, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV and AIDS, do you?
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    Clinton Crime Family

    The Clinton Crime family will take care of Biden's "problem".

    In all seriousness, Biden was probably talking about digging up dirt on Graham, and making it public. He's reputed to be in the...
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    Pc nfl

    I'm really surprised that the PC NFL didn't bow down to the Affirmative Action request by Garrett. Normally, White Liberals, like Commissioner Goodell, immediately give in when a minority makes an...
  • N word?

    How does this White wannabe get away with saying the N word every other word, when there are all these Black guys around him, and in prison no less?!
  • Boom goes the dynamite!

    In the words of Andrew "Dice" Clay: "Fill her full of cheese whiz, and never acknowledge her again! End of story!"
  • MMA Possibilities?

    Are you planning on competing in MMA in the future? Have you developed cauliflower ear yet? Have you had to have your ears drained yet?
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