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  • Saturday Arms: World gym Macgregor

    Very Humid day. Not wet at all in lovely airconditioned.

    Barbell curls: Barx40 5kgx20
    7.5kg x15
    Lots of elbow pain. Did put dragons breath on before.. Not feel it working

    10kgx10 lots of pain...
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Full class just missing 75% regulars/ Not much fun.

    Hack Calves:
    2/ 1x12
    3/ 1x12
    4/ 1x12
    5/ 120kg x 8 max
  • Friday: Chest: Ft Courtney: Much stronger this week

    Chay court walk. still with water in streams. Flowing on lower part. 45 mins

    Liams at 4.30pm.. Had best conversation with Grant from ATP. Got all the inside information. Was fantastic to learn so...
  • Wednesday: Extremely sore Quads. Canno train hamstrings

    No cardio

    Quads tender as hell 10/10 all week

    Lying leg curls

    46kg: 3 sets of 15 per set. Y3T

    1/ 1x15 1x14 1x10 burns like hell
  • Tuesday: BacK: Late: Very hot day. Not want to go earlier.

    2 hours: 6.0Km walk: Venmans: After torrential downpour yesterday and 171mm on Friday night. Streams flowing everywhere. Not seen before. 2 metres wide over riverbanks at Plateau end.

  • Sunday: Week 3 workout. Amazing. Endurance. Not die at the end.

    5 full rotations. No lock up pump at the end. No issues apart from heat.

    Leg Press : 5 plates: 1x20 warm up

    1/ 1x20 1x20 Wide10/10/5 killed me

    2/ 1x20-1x20 hold not lock out. Wide 1x10/10/5...
  • Saturday: Arms: Suppose to go Mt Gravatt: 93.5kg

    Cooler weather go local;

    Right elbow in pain. Hoping will cure with Shoulder.

    Barbell : 1x20 5x20 guess
    10kgx10 stomach and balls in pain. Never ending all day. Wearing belt made...
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves: No strength

    After amazing class and workout last week. SO strong.
    Was a fail

    Short 45 min class. As 2 on today. No sweat

    Heavy heavy rain all night 171mm then fine today. Suppose to be raining all...
  • Friday: 93.1kg Try different exercises.

    Hammer Bench; In pain with 40kg last time I tried.

    20kg x 60
    45kgx10 no pain

    50kgx10 still okay
    55kgx7 Limit
    57.5kg x 4 found failure.( 70kg Is usually easy on my weakest days)
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    No cardio; Went to see 1917 movie: Rain heavy today twice.

    Atlantic Hamstring curls:
    34kgx20 then 15 reps.

    41kg x 16
    48kg x 15
    +4.6kg 1x15 1x14r
  • Tuesday: Back: 93.9kg. Not been this heavy since August.

    Tuesday Venmans loop: 46 mins overcast. 3.2km

    First time seeing Cameron in my gym. He thought I looked amazing at my smallest. Made my day :D Long chat with Mick about injuries too. Put me in good...
  • Sunday: Heavy Legs. Going backwards

    Lost 10kg off Squats now. From 3 weeks ago. 29th December.

    Leg X usuals

    Squats: 1x20 20kgx20 40kgx15
    60kgx7 usually 8. Felt limit.

    Lower back grief: went away
  • Saturday: Arms: No improvements.

    Extreme thick hot air day; Huge rain at gym

    Suppose to be 5pm. End up 6pm+ till 8.30pm

    Barbell curls: Not count warms up properly

    10kg x 10
    2/ 1x12

    11.25kg 3/ 1x9 amazing :D
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    2 weeks missed due to Christmas Day and New Years Day.

    Atlantic Standing Hamstring Curls: 27x20 34x15 not mean to start so light

    41kg x 15
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    RPM class not hard but lovely scenery. Not soaked

    Hack Calves in new Nikes. Think they are better suited Red and Black 2017 Airmax with less air at front.

    60x20 80x20 100x15
    2/ 1x12...
  • Friday: 10th January: Started supplementation to heal. Not getting anywhere.

    Smith Flat Bench. Very weak and in pain

    20kg x 60/10/10/10


    47.5kg x 8
  • Tuesday: Back: Average

    Underhand Laterals: 40x20

    50kg: 1x8 struggled. so heavy
    2/ 1x9 still extreme
    3/ 1x15 like it was 25kg.. really weird. Unstoppable. Hand of God helping

    T bar rows:
  • Monday: Shoulders

    Late and interrupted. Would have got more done if not working in with Tiler friend.

    Amazing improvements though. So much stronger on pressing.

    Standing Military Press:

    5kg x 20
  • new 2020 journal here

    2020 new journal:

    Started off a great year. Then cruised and months of doing well. Before injury ruined the...
  • Saturday: Macgregor Arms

    Bar x 20
    5kgx15 n7.5kgx112
    2/1x12 smooth

    11.25kg x 7
    4/ 1x18 amped :D

    5/ 12.5kg x 5 reps. PR of sorts attempt. Not done since injury. Really nice
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