What to do after the Livefit Trainer????

  1. StephFalkowski
    Hey ya'll!

    So last week I finally finished the 12 weeks. I am so happy with my progress and transformation. I wanted to know now what most you who have finished do after?! I'm thinking of starting all over again - but from the 3rd week of Phase 1, and with adding cardio to it. I've also added the cellucor ab circuit to my workouts to really shed out. I realized through out the process it wasn't the training part that was difficult, but if I had stuck 100 percent to the nutrition portion, I would have seen much more results. That's my weakness :/

    So any ideas? I also was thinking of doing insanity again, maybe for the cardio portion. The only part of my body I'm a "bit unhappy" with is my abs - I want em shredded!!
  2. ajwills
    Congratulations!!!!!!! I know a lot of people on Facebook from the LiveFit Group are doing James Wilson's 12 Week Program. From what I can gather, he knows Jamie Eason and is super familiar with the LiveFit program and clean eating - so its a great transition. It costs $50 for training, nutrition, etc. His FB talks about it in detail:

  3. CntStopMe
    I don't know about you ladies but I wouldn't pay for someone to put together a nutrition and training plan for me. There are so many out there for free!!!! As for what to do after JE LiveFit Program, I'm thinking about doing the whole thing over again. I'm so estatic about my progress and gains. I would love to see what would happen if I did two cycles of it. I really like how she changes the work out every two weeks. I would start all the way from the beginning again though. J.E. says that's what she does, so why not =) After that, I'd probably look in to Insanity or P90X or maybe another more intense weight lifting program. There are quite a few listed here on BB.com and under the "Find A Plan" module.

    Good luck and keep us updated on what you decided to do!!!
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