How Much Protein do we really need ?

  1. DJ_Forty5
    I've probably read all the same articles that you guys have and heard the same advice from the big guy at the gym. But what do you guys think about protein consumption per day ?

    Ive heard 2 grams per lb of body weight....3 grams.

    The surgeon general recommends 50g a day.

    I usually get between 100g and 175g. But is that much necessary ?

    Also how much can you digest at one sitting ?
  2. Mexisack
    From studies I've seen I don't think theres a "limit" to what we can digest. However, that doesn't mean eating 100g+ of protein at once won't make your stomach hurt lol (or it does mine). People commonly eat 8+ oz of chicken or steak at a time which can reach levels of 50g protein or more. If you're tracking calories, do you subtract a certain amount of protein calories (4 cals per gram of protein) every time you eat more than a certain amount due to a supposed "limit"? I sure don't, nor have I heard of people doing it. Thats my take on that anyways. Opinions differ but meh lol.
  3. DirtyZen
    I weigh 235lbs and I was consuming around 600g of protein for a couple weeks recently and my stomach never got upset. Basically, I think if you're trying to build muscle, it's good to get at least 1.5g/lb. of body weight. When you're trying to burn fat I think 1-1.5g is good. Really, if you try to eat 2+g/lb. when trying to burn fat you won't have much left in your caloric budget for carbs and a few healthy fats.
  4. Mexisack
    @dirtyzen IMO reducing carbs and increasing protein slightly is the way to go for cutting. Although success can be had in many other ways. Thats just what I've found to be the most effective for myself. Everyones body responds differently though. Carb cycling /the modified keto diet that TeamDymatize posted look pretty awesome though.
  5. apolloman
    1 gram per lb bodyweight when cutting, 1.5 gram per lb when bulking would be my recommendation. Then again, everyone's body reacts differently so you may have to play with some trial in error to find out!
  6. hsr34
    According to the scientific researches, there is actually a limit (4.5g/Kg/day) for the amount of protein taken per day. In fact, passing this limit (4.5gr/kg) exceeds the capacity of the liver to convert excess nitrogen into urea. Thus, the person risks some diseases like hyperaminoacidemia, hyperammonemia, hyperinsulinemia nausea, diarrhea and even death.
    Besides, in most European fitness and bodubuilding sites, the recommended amount for fitness training is about 2gr/kg/day and for professional bodybuilding is about 3gr/kg/day
  7. AndrikM
    6 articles by 6 people 'in the know' and I found 6 different answers. My body did ok through my cut with about 1g per pound and still gained strength. Switching into a gain I am running about 2g per pound maybe a little bit over as I crave protein compared to carbs and have bad DOMS but atm all is good.
  8. bigdeak17
    From everyone i have talked to that has been bodybuilding and such for a living, 1.5-2g per lb of body weight is the range to keep it at. Going much higher than that on a diet cycle is worthless, since it is practically impossible to BUILD muscle while cutting carbs.

    If you are bulking, 2-3 may be acceptable along with 300ish g of carbs.
  9. lwynn91
    It depends on how your body responds when growing muscle but I would recommend 1-1.5 grams per lb of your ideal bodyweight.
  10. DJ_Forty5
    Looks like we all have about the same opinions. I personally feel that your body can adjust to less protein and still put on muscle. I've only been working out since last November and I put on muscle just fine only eating 75-100g a day. I only recently went up to 175g. The body is a learning machine and is constantly striving to become more efficient.
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