Question about workout logs

  1. caradoc73
    I have been using the printable workout logs from this site and recently started entering the information on the workout tracker. My question pertains to entering the weight lifted. I use mostly dumbbells because I have no lifting partner. The question is how do I enter the dumbbell weight? The log says Set # weight reps. So if I do a shoulder press I have been recording Set #1 20lbs 12 reps. That is 20 lbs per arm though and I am not sure it is obvious in the workout tracker. Of course something like a tricep Kickback which is done one arm at a time makes sense that it is per arm. Does anyone else keep a workout log and if so how do you approach the recording of dumbbell weights? Thanks for the help.
  2. Wbf10
    truth be told I wouldnt sweat it really. I've done it both ways in the past, the biggest point here is that you are logging it and that "you" can see the progress. A great log that i recently got as a sample in an order from was there new workout tracker, and have to say im pretty impressed
  3. marissaroxks
    I would write the total weight for both arms because regardless (like in your tricep kickbacks) you will be working out both arms. So if they are 20lbs per arm, I would write in 40lbs.
  4. caradoc73
    @Wbf10 thanks for the answer. I was not too worried just something that came to me recently. I like the workout tracker here on the site not sure if it is the same one you got or not. It graphs everything and tells me my load and 1RM etc.
  5. caradoc73
    @marissaroxks thanks for the answer.
  6. wertz9
    i believe if you look more for the actual exercise they have dumbell and barbell as different exercises listed for many lifts. Pick the dumbell exercise and enter the one arm weight you are using. It is more for your record more than anything. If you know it is per arm, then that is all that matters.
  7. splerf
    I personally write down what the dumbbell weight it per arm. The reason for this is because I can bench more than that I can dumbbell press. This way I can also keep track of my strength and see where I may need to increase my weight. Either way, the biggest thing is just be consitant.
  8. caradoc73
    Thanks Wertz9 and Splerf. That is what I figured and that is the way I have been doing I just wanted to see what other people do.
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