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Forum: Company Promotion

For company reps to promote the brands that are carried on

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: **The OFFICIAL Company Directory**

To be added to the "Company Directory" you need to the following #1 - Your product MUST be active in the company store: #2 - You MUST have company reps to support your product. #3 - You MUST know the rules:...

factotum‎, 06-04-2013 02:34 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Interested in becoming a company rep? Post your info here!

With the increase in vendors participating on the forums, we thought it would be helpful to find out which members are interested in becoming a board rep for any of our current or future vendors. So, with that in mind, if you have any interest in repping for a company please...

ForumAdmin‎, 07-11-2013 01:56 PM
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05-23-2017, 07:11 PM Go to last post
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Thumbs down Sticky Thread Sticky: The BLACKLIST - Terms, Conditions, and List

Original Thread: Purpose of the BLACKLIST: to provide a reference source to company representatives in order to help weed out known unreliable product reviewers. This benefits the companies offering their products for...

PLANETGETLOW‎, 02-21-2012 05:38 PM
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Thumbs up Sticky Thread Sticky: The GOLDLIST - Terms, Conditions, and List

The purpose of this thread is to acknowledge GREAT users that have reviewed products on in the past. This should aid companies choosing validated users to review their product as a quick reference. Guidelines for a Goldlisted Member: #1 - The user cannot have a Blacklisted...

PLANETGETLOW‎, 02-27-2013 08:22 AM
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05-28-2015, 05:42 PM Go to last post
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Post Sticky Thread Sticky: Supplement Company Rep Rules 2013

Supplement Company Rep Rules The following rules are specific to Company Representatives. As with any member of the forum, Company Representatives are also to adhere to the General Rules of the forums. § 101. Company Representatives a) Definition.- A Company Representative is defined as a...

ForumSentinel‎, 12-05-2013 09:53 AM
12-05-2013, 09:53 AM Go to last post
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Thumbs up FREE SAMPLES Controlled Labs White Flood & 5 others

This is the newest thread, please disregard the other one USA and CANADA ONLY We now have limited number of samples of 5 products (White Flood, Red Ghost, White Pipes, White Rapids, Green Magnitude, and Purple Wraath) if you would like samples please follow these 2 EASY steps, otherwise...

CONTROLLED LABS‎, 04-12-2016 12:23 PM
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Myprotein – Summer Shred Stack Giveaway

Terms & Conditions Must Be 18 Years or Older Must Post Store Review & Forum Review of Products Must Reside In The U.S. or Canada Contest Ends: May 22, 2017

MyproteinBB‎, 05-09-2017 05:15 AM
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Help others, help yourself! True Grit Beach body Promo

HELP OTHERS, HELP YOURSELF ! ! True Grit Beach Body Promo Summer is about here... What are you doing to be ready for it? What are some of YOUR successful tips for getting your beach body? Training tips to get those striations? Those Abs? Nutrition tips/secrets? What about cardio? HIIT or...

fatboystick‎, 05-15-2017 05:20 AM
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Arrow BPI Sports Presents - Who wants a 6 Pack?

BPI Sports is Looking for 6 Members to Review Six of our Products Flavors: Fruit Punch - Rainbow Ice - Apple Pear - Sour Candy Tell me why you should be chosen and how the product of choice will improve your training Rules: Must be 18 yrs of age. Must be in good health. Must be green....

TheFugitive‎, 04-30-2017 09:09 PM
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Cool The Perfectly Engineered PRE W.O. from DYMATIZE is here - 25 WINNERS ---->>

INFO: The wait is finally over.. The perfectly engineered pre-workout from DYMATIZE is here. So I ask you..who wants to try it first...before it hits stores?? We're looking for 25 FORUM MEMBERS WHO ARE WORTHY ENOUGH FOR THE VIP BETA EXPERIENCE -- will that be you? :cool: DETAILS:

TheMatzah‎, 05-21-2017 06:14 PM
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Mammoth Mass Giveaway

Time for a Mammoth Size Giveaway I will randomly select 5 people to win 1 5lb tub of Mammoth Mass. Rules are simple, I ask that you are an active forum user, in good standing and that you honour us with a review in the store and in this thread. Giveaway ends tomorrow at 10pm(est)...

MAMMOTHREP‎, 12-08-2016 03:27 PM
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Thumbs up Velocity Ultra đź’Ą Free Sample Thread đź’Ą

"Velocity® is an ultra-concentrated stimulant-based athletic performance enhancer and fat loss aid. Its potent formula utilizes ingredients that may increase alertness and energy, boost cognition, enhance endurance and strength, promote metabolism, and support a positive mental state. By design,...

-SDR-‎, 04-07-2017 08:17 AM
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Here We Go - Nutrabolics Weekly Giveaway!!!!GIHN!!!!

Let’s get this rolling! Nutrabolics has been hard at work with our new packaging design, new products and revisions to our old products and were going to be giving you forum members an opportunity to try out our products right here! This thread will serve as a place to keep up to date on...

qstick99‎, 09-19-2016 07:36 PM
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Ask iSatori -- Q&A with Team iSatori

Welcome everyone to the Q&A thread with Team iSatori! Fire away with any training, nutrition, or supplement questions and we will do our best to help you maximize your gains!! Even though we are experienced lifters and prep coaches with degrees and certifications, we ARE NOT DOCTORS so please...

ntroupe‎, 03-30-2017 06:59 PM
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Bulk up 4 summer giveaway

MAMMOTH is looking for 5 people that are saying NO to shredding and YES to BULKING for summer! Rules are; Must be 18 yrs of age. Must be in good health. Must post a store & forum review. Must live in the US.! Let's begin...

MAMMOTHREP‎, 05-16-2017 05:33 AM
Yesterday, 03:41 PM Go to last post
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25 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY I thought about creating this thread prior to becoming a company rep, but coincidentally I got the thumbs up from Alpha Pro Nutrition (AlphaProExpert) just in time. And I can't think of any other individual that has been more generous than CountryMike himself! ...

yoojungl‎, 12-01-2015 12:17 PM
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PEScience Peanut Butter Cookie Promo

PEScience has listened to the fans and has dropped the new Select Protein flavor, Peanut Butter Cookie! With that, lets go ahead and give away a couple tubs! Two winners will receive one Select Protein Peanut Butter Cookie 27 servings Rules are simple:

kbayne‎, 05-17-2017 07:21 AM
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What was your most memorable moment in Sports?

Blue Star at it again! In honor of the NBA playoffs, I want to know the most memorable moments in sports. I'm looking for 5 winners that can post up a memorable moment, it can be funny, it can inspiring, it can be a "WTF", doesn't matter. As long its down in history of sports for some...

TMac26‎, 05-23-2017 07:55 AM
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RSP Nutrition WEEKLY Giveaway! Now you can look forward to Monday! (Reps Welcome)

Welcome to the ultimate give away thread! Lets face it, Mondays suck for a good majority of us. I want to change that for people who participate in this giveaway by handing out prizes every Monday for the foreseeable future! The key to this contest and to winning is staying ACTIVE and...

jpfaherty‎, 03-10-2017 08:48 AM
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Arrow BPI Sports Presents - Shake It!

BPI Sports is Looking for 4 Members to Shake it Each Winning Member will Receive: 1 shaker cup. 1 Whey HD - starwberry cake. 1 ISOHD - Smores. 1 Cutler Total Protein - S'mores 1 Best BCAA - apple pear & 1 Peach Cobbler. 1 Best BCAA Shredded - fruit punch. 1 Best Creatine - snow cone & icy...

TheFugitive‎, 05-23-2017 08:04 PM
2 Pages
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Yesterday, 10:19 AM Go to last post
54 856

Talking * Welcome New SizeSlim Team Member with a Sample Kit and Shaker Giveaway *

For those of you who have been watching, SizeSlim has been a leading sports nutrition brand in the natural flavor and dye-free segment. In light of the changes that are to come, we want to welcome our newest intrepid, stevia powered member: thehobbes by giving out 5 x Sample Kits...

lowroller21212‎, 05-21-2017 06:20 PM
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Hydrolyzed whey is simply a broken-down version of whey that’s easier on your digestive system and delivers muscle-friendly protein to your body the fastest way for speedier recovery. It comes from the same gene pool, containing the same amino acid and micro fraction content, but our hydrolyzed...

1morerep1mr‎, 05-15-2017 06:11 PM
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Your Summer Shred Just Became More Affordable!!

You pay for your food, you pay for a gym membership and in the gym you pay your we thought we could help you out a bit with a BOGO 50% on NEOGENIX Velocity Ultra. What can Velocity Ultra do for you this summer? Well, let's take a look at the ingredients: * ALCAR: improved...

urg862‎, 05-22-2017 07:09 PM
Yesterday, 07:39 AM Go to last post
11 240

Thumbs up ****Scivation/Primaforce Weekly Promo Thread- Come in and Win****

Scivation and Primaforce Ongoing Giveaway Thread, Winners every Friday!!! It's that time where we have decided to do a weekly random giveaway. If you post and stay active in this thread you could eventually win! Winners will be announced every Friday and we will have info submitted on...

ScivationLead‎, 02-22-2016 05:46 PM
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3,892 108,141

**FORCE FACTOR giving away 3 VolcaNO!!**

VolcaNO GIVEAWAY Force Factor is giving VolcaNO to 3 lucky winners!! VolcaNO is the newest nitric oxide booster from the experts at Force Factor that is specifically designed to help serious competitors get bigger, faster, stronger. The key to VolcaNO’s superior formulation is a new generation of...

Derekcerva‎, 05-22-2017 09:13 AM
22 406

***Force Factor STACK GIVEAWAY: Test X180 Tempest – Leanfire Xt - GainZzz***

Force Factor STACK GIVEAWAY: Test X180 Tempest + Leanfire XT + GainZzz Giveaway Force Factor is giving away a stack to one lucky member! The Stack Contains Test X180 Tempest, Leanfire XT, and GainZzz. These three products work together to give you a great energy + test combo, fat burning formula,...

showjo1josh‎, 05-01-2017 03:31 AM
3 Pages
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71 1,633

FINAFLEX PX Ultra Reviews Needed

Summer time is here! Let FINAFLEX help get that last bit of fat off for when you hit the beach. We would like to have 2 members review our new fat burner PX Ultra. PX® ULTRA™ is built with ingredients designed to promote energy, focus, metabolism, and weight loss. Powered by a Quad-Phase...

FinaflexFreak‎, 05-11-2017 12:28 PM
2 Pages
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Yesterday, 06:07 AM Go to last post
36 829

DYMATIZE is giving away 20 stacks to help people reach their summer bod!

Most of us are wanting to lean down in order to reach our goal summer bod. Dymatize is giving stacks to 20 lucky people to help support their fat loss! Stacks include: Dymatize CLA (Conjugate Linoleic Acid) delivers 780 mg of CLA per serving to support body fat reduction and a leaner...

Violettt‎, 04-02-2017 03:53 PM
11 Pages
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Yesterday, 02:27 AM Go to last post
315 9,400

Arrow FREE UPLOAD® and Professional Lifting Straps by Alpha Pro Nutrition®

Here is a new and super easy contest for all our forum member friends! Simply find any Alpha Pro Nutrition® photo on the web that shows UPLOAD®, VEX®, ALPHA CUTS®, INTRALOAD® or any other Alpha Pro Nutrition® branding. Post it on this thread and we will choose 3 winners that will receive an...

AlphaProExpert‎, 05-11-2017 09:25 AM
3 Pages
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05-27-2017, 08:56 PM Go to last post
68 3,403

SWEET DEAL! 3 Tubs of Endurance Southern Sweet Tea bcaa's

Formutech Nutrition has a NEW flavor for it's popular Endurance bcaa's: Southern Sweet Tea. Here's the deal: we are giving away 3 tubs to those who post the funniest memes in this thread and meet the listed qualifications. Let's see who can make us laugh the hardest. Description: Our...

fbcpastormk‎, 05-23-2017 06:53 AM
05-27-2017, 08:37 PM Go to last post
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