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Forum: Company Promotion

For company reps to promote the brands that are carried on

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: **The OFFICIAL Company Directory**

To be added to the "Company Directory" you need to the following #1 - Your product MUST be active in the company store: #2 - You MUST have company reps to support your product. #3 - You MUST know the rules:...

factotum‎, 06-04-2013 02:34 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Interested in becoming a company rep? Post your info here!

With the increase in vendors participating on the forums, we thought it would be helpful to find out which members are interested in becoming a board rep for any of our current or future vendors. So, with that in mind, if you have any interest in repping for a company please...

ForumAdmin‎, 07-11-2013 01:56 PM
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Thumbs down Sticky Thread Sticky: The BLACKLIST - Terms, Conditions, and List

Original Thread: Purpose of the BLACKLIST: to provide a reference source to company representatives in order to help weed out known unreliable product reviewers. This benefits the companies offering their products for...

PLANETGETLOW‎, 02-21-2012 05:38 PM
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Thumbs up Sticky Thread Sticky: The GOLDLIST - Terms, Conditions, and List

The purpose of this thread is to acknowledge GREAT users that have reviewed products on in the past. This should aid companies choosing validated users to review their product as a quick reference. Guidelines for a Goldlisted Member: #1 - The user cannot have a Blacklisted...

PLANETGETLOW‎, 02-27-2013 08:22 AM
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Post Sticky Thread Sticky: Supplement Company Rep Rules 2013

Supplement Company Rep Rules The following rules are specific to Company Representatives. As with any member of the forum, Company Representatives are also to adhere to the General Rules of the forums. � 101. Company Representatives a) Definition.- A Company Representative is defined as a...

ForumSentinel‎, 12-05-2013 09:53 AM
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Here We Go - Nutrabolics Weekly Giveaway!!!!GIHN!!!!

Lets get this rolling! Nutrabolics has been hard at work with our new packaging design, new products and revisions to our old products and were going to be giving you forum members an opportunity to try out our products right here! This thread will serve as a place to keep up to date on...

qstick99‎, 09-19-2016 07:36 PM
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Cellucor IsoPro, Who Wants Some?

Cellucor has just released their new grass-fed Native Whey, IsoPro. Flavors include: Fruity Cereal Orange Citrus Strawberry Splash We have 3 tubs to giveaway to 3 lucky forum members (1 Tub for each winner). All you need to do is tell us why you want to try the new IsoPro. We will...

burntreality‎, 03-15-2018 12:47 PM
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***GASPARI's NCAA Bracket Busting PROMO***

Here’s how it works... 64 people (reps are welcome) each will be randomly assigned a Region and a seed # (example East #1/insert team name) your seed/team will have to cover the spread (or beat the spread) in order to continue. For example, say Notre Dame is -7 vs Princeton, if Notre Dame...

dougefresh93‎, 03-01-2018 01:33 PM
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BEAST BCAA and 2Shredded giveaway!

Did Thanksgiving, the holidays and winter hibernation make you put on some unwanted poundage? Need a kickstart to your summer cut? Well, why wait! I want to give away some samples of BEAST BCAA and our thermogenic, 2 Shredded It's easy.... I want you to try them both for a week and tell...

80benrichards‎, 02-02-2018 02:22 PM
25 1,400

PEScience Gives Thanks

We at PEScience would like to thank you all for the support on reaching the top 20. We would like to give back to customers. Anyone who places an order in the next week will get a free shaker and sample bundle!!! All you have to do is screen shot your purchase confirmation and post it in the...

kbayne‎, 01-25-2018 01:39 PM
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Ask iSatori -- Q&A with Team iSatori

Welcome everyone to the Q&A thread with Team iSatori! Fire away with any training, nutrition, or supplement questions and we will do our best to help you maximize your gains!! Even though we are experienced lifters and prep coaches with degrees and certifications, we ARE NOT DOCTORS so please...

ntroupe‎, 03-30-2017 06:59 PM
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Hey everyone! iSatori Free Friday is back!! Todays FF questions is: What is the latest issue (#) of our Real Solutions News Letter? (Hint: you will find it on our website.) and what are the five (50 topics of discussion in that news letter? Today's winner will receive a tub of Restoraid...

ntroupe‎, 02-21-2014 08:03 AM
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Thumbs up ****Scivation Weekly Promo Thread- Come in and Win****

Scivation Ongoing Giveaway Thread, Winners every Friday!!! It's that time where we have decided to do a weekly random giveaway. If you post and stay active in this thread you could eventually win! Winners will be announced every Friday and we will have info submitted on Monday. ...

ScivationLead‎, 02-22-2016 05:46 PM
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New PRE WO flavor:Pineapple Orange Crush VIP Kit up for grabs. March Madness you say?

We will be giving away our new PRE WO flavor: Pineapple Orange Crush in a VIP KIT to a total of 12 winners. 9 will be through entry and 3 will come from the most amount of points!! Come Get Dymatized!! Here's what to do: Submit your sweet 16 teams (should be a freebee since we're giving you...

Swuuu‎, 03-15-2018 09:24 PM
Yesterday, 04:55 PM Go to last post
14 351

New PRE WO and Elite Whey Flavor up for grabs!!!

Last December we had the privilege and honor of being invited to HQ to hangout and meet everyone! It was a blast and something that cannot be bought or replaced. I will never forget how awesome the trip was and how well Dymatize continues to treat us. They truly treat us like family!! The trip also...

Swuuu‎, 02-27-2018 07:14 AM
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*** Gaspari's Super "Pump" Bowl Giveaway ***

Very simple concept, Super Bowl Squares, one per person. Simply tell me you're in (by doing so you agree to the small print) I will randomly assign you a square, numbers will be drawn as soon as the 100 squares are full. This Gaspari promo will be run over a few different platforms,...

dougefresh93‎, 01-08-2018 08:31 AM
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Here comes the BOOM with REDCON1 BOOM STICK

BOOM STICK will promote testosterone for those with already diminished testosterone levels, but it will also work great for younger men or guys in their 20’s who haven’t started to plummet yet. By taking BOOM STICK while the juice is still naturally flowing, you are simply putting gasoline on the...

Cheftepesh‎, 03-09-2018 05:35 PM
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Exclamation Promo: Animal snak bar box giveaway.

When you enter a contest or win a prize, normally you might a sample sized bar to try or maybe one full sized one if you're lucky. Well who wants to win a WHOLE BOX? That's right, for the next four weeks, we at Animal are going to be choosing one winner per day to win a free box of Animal Snak...

sliker0327‎, 02-09-2018 12:40 PM
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Arrow BPI Sports Presents "FEEL THE FIZZ!" Powered By Best BCAA - Soft Drink Series

Welcome to Feel The Fizz! Powered By Best BCAA - The Soft Drink Series BPI Sports is looking for 5 members, and possibly more to review our newest version of Best BCAA - The Soft Drink Series Rules: Post an image of something soda related to enter and qualify Musts:

TheFugitive‎, 11-07-2017 04:29 PM
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MuscleTech Gets Gritty AF !!!

MuscleTech gets Gritty AF !!! PvJShR1TMl8 (push play & listen to put you in the mood while you read this badass promo) Thats right!!! The biggest name in supplements just got Gritty AF !!! I'm officially part of TEAM Muscletech

fatboystick‎, 02-01-2018 06:25 PM
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Compete Harder w/ Gat Sport Suppz!!


SwollenBeast27‎, 08-03-2017 11:17 PM
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Wink Dymatize Wins Isolate of the Yr once again!! Many thanks!! GIHN!!

ISO100 has won Isolate of the year once again! Thank you all so much for all the support. It really means a lot to us and now that ISO100 has won for the fifth year in a row hopefully everyone will realize just how awesome this product is! We would like to thank everyone by giving away 6 1.6 lb...

Swuuu‎, 08-28-2017 07:58 AM
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147% More Strength - 1 Brand New Flavor by Blue Star Nutraceuticals (Reps Welcome)

When P.P.K.™ hit the scene, its taste was the first thing that really grabbed a hold of the bodybuilding community. Before the extreme energy actually took hold, and lifters noticed they were able to add reps and sets and plates like never before - it was the amazing taste that won over tens of...

Gym God‎, 02-05-2018 08:30 AM
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Post The Strongest Natural Testosterone Booster Available? (Blood Work Included)

Let's face it; supplements are fun. They give us an edge, they peak our performance, they elevate our mood, and they help us build muscle, but when it comes down to it, there is a lot of garbage out there that doesn't do any of these things. That's why LG Sciences, a scientifically-backed sports...

IrishCannon‎, 02-24-2010 07:46 AM
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PharmaFreak's Ripped Freak Fat Burner Giveaway!

PharmaFreak's Ripped Freak Giveaway! We're looking for 3 testers to rate and review our RIPPED FREAK Hybrid Fat Burner! All winners must also post a rating/review in the Store after you have used the product. Post a comment in this thread to let me know why we should select you...

TeamBarbarian‎, 03-12-2018 12:58 PM
03-14-2018, 09:47 PM Go to last post
5 239

Kaged Muscle Ferodrox - Testosterone Support Matrix - Contest/Giveaway!

Kaged Muscle is excited to announce FERODROX our groundbreaking Testosterone Support Matrix! Teaser video here:

InfraRen‎, 02-11-2018 07:11 AM
3 Pages
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03-14-2018, 06:41 PM Go to last post
61 4,827

💪🏼 KAGED MUSCLE FERODROX. A new era in testosterone support. FREE BOTTLE GIVEAWAY 👊🏼

Kaged Muscle is excited to announce our new groundbreaking testosterone support supplement: FERODROX This product will be available on Feb 26 and to celebrate, we are giving SIX lucky people a chance to try it!

MentalistMan‎, 02-12-2018 08:01 AM
5 Pages
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03-14-2018, 06:40 PM Go to last post
136 6,644

Muscletech Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen Giveaway!!!!!!

It's finally time to have a promo for our new Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen non stimulant fat loss product. This seems like a perfect addition to a weight loss stack for someone trying to get shredded . We are going to give 15 bottles away in this promo. To be entered in the drawing you have...

Marshall28‎, 02-08-2018 08:28 AM
3 Pages
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03-14-2018, 01:36 PM Go to last post
74 3,613

Exclamation Promo: Today only! Animal free bonus supplements! is at it again with another great Animal sale. Don't miss out on this one guys, only a few hours left. Who doesn't like free stuff? ...

sliker0327‎, 03-14-2018 10:00 AM
03-14-2018, 10:34 AM Go to last post
1 185

Pharmafreak’s Andro Freak Giveaway!!

PharmaFreak's ANDRO FREAK GIVEAWAY! We're looking for 3 testers to rate and review our ANDRO FREAK Hormonal Support Supplement! Andro Freak is a testosterone support formula based around the nutrient Shilajit. All winners must post a rating/review in the Store after you have used...

TeamBarbarian‎, 01-29-2018 02:19 PM
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03-14-2018, 08:55 AM Go to last post
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