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Sticky Thread Sticky: Growth Stimulus Training continued..... Train Hard. Train Smart. GROW!

What's up everyone? Since my original thread from back in 2010 has been locked due to reaching the 10,000 reply limit, I'm starting up a 'continued' thread. If you haven't browsed the original thread, please click on the following link: ...

2020Wellness‎, 11-08-2012 01:07 PM
101 Pages
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3,012 1,196,635

Sticky Thread Sticky: "Fierce 5" Novice Routine

FIERCE 5 I decided to design "Fierce 5" because I wasn't completely satisfied with any of the other novice programs that are so popular. In my opinion they all had a flaw or two (slow progression, high volume, low enough volume people lose interest and most of them lack what I’d consider proper...

davisj3537‎, 01-21-2014 08:28 PM
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04-19-2016, 12:44 PM Go to last post
10,927 2,776,687

Sticky Thread Sticky: Beginner Powerbuilding Routine

I was asked about this by someone else, so I thought I'd share. I’m not a professional trainer, and although I do have a background in exercise physiology I have never worked in the field nor been up to date with it for the past 8 years. So you can do this if you wish, but if you get busted up, not...

grouchyjarhead‎, 12-27-2015 06:27 PM
24 Pages
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04-16-2021, 12:31 AM Go to last post
704 819,389

Sticky Thread Sticky: AllPro: A Simple Beginner's Routine part VII

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part...

nightanole‎, 11-07-2020 06:13 AM
13 Pages
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Yesterday, 05:13 AM Go to last post
379 94,397

Sticky Thread Sticky: Training for STRENGTH vs. SIZE

MYTH: Low reps is for strength, high reps is for size. Although this contains a grain of truth, it leads to wrong thinking - the classic problem we get on this forum is the legion of novices who don't want to do novice routines because they contain 5 rep sets ... which are "for strength" not...

SuffolkPunch‎, 03-09-2018 06:00 AM
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03-17-2021, 07:01 PM Go to last post
84 335,698

Sticky Thread Sticky: The Viking's The Bare Bones Series

The big guy is back with another series of novice/early-intermediate routines - The Bare Bones programs - these are actually the first routines I made, just after I got my PT certification years ago. So I pulled them out of the graveyard, dusted them off and made a few tweaks and improvements to...

TheViking1992‎, 10-04-2016 06:55 AM
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01-08-2021, 04:28 AM Go to last post
964 981,459

Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: Full Body vs. Split Routines - Which to Choose?

Full Body Routines vs. Splits The question often arises, especially from beginners, about what type of routine to use. Your buddy told you to use a full body routine, but the muscle mags suggest a 5-day "bodybuilder" split. You don't want to start off on the wrong foot, but there is so much...

VoxExMachina‎, 11-22-2011 11:51 AM
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04-15-2021, 08:12 AM Go to last post
696 1,366,126

Workout critiques

Hello guyz, long time lurker, first time poster. I recently designed a workout routine consisting in 2 alternating fullbody workouts, done every other day (it's designed like that because I work 12h shifts every other day, regardless of what day it is). Also I workout at home, where I got a...

4sat0r‎, 04-20-2021 09:29 PM
04-25-2021, 08:17 AM Go to last post
4 851

Is this a good routine?

I stole this from tinytrip after digging up his old BB account. Workout A:- ohp (1x12)(1x8)(3x5) squats (1x12)(1x8)(3x5) calf raises (4x8) incline crunches (4x8) bench (1x12)(1x8)(3x5) Workout B chin ups (1x12)(1x8)(3x5) cleans (1x8, 1x5, 1x3, 1x1)

5foot5Manlet‎, 04-24-2021 06:22 AM
04-24-2021, 10:38 AM Go to last post
1 428

Fierce 5 upper/lower modifications.

I'm curious to know if I could swap out some exercises in this program and have them overlap without causing problems. I ran the original Full body fierce 5 for 4-5 months and wanted to increase my training so I decided to go up and get into the upper/lower split. Been going on a month now and...

Acromiller‎, 05-05-2021 05:05 PM
Yesterday, 03:51 AM Go to last post
3 293

Fierce Five Upper/Lower questions.

I started out with the 3 day full body routine designed under the Fierce Five program and did that for about 6 months. While I did enjoy that program and was able to perform every lift with my equipment I was wanting to add more training into my weekly regiment. So I decided to step it up and go...

Acromiller‎, 04-21-2021 01:07 PM
04-21-2021, 02:08 PM Go to last post
3 479

Link to a Upper/Lower split please!

Hi I've searched the forum and for whatever reason I can't find any upper lower split routines. My buddy and I have been lifting for close to 6 months now and have been doing a full body routine that I got on this forum 3 times a week and it's getting to the point where we are failing and...

Acromiller‎, 04-09-2021 06:49 PM
04-09-2021, 07:01 PM Go to last post
1 465

Fierce 5 while swimming?

So I have been doing the Fierce 5 consistently for just under a year now, and I am benefiting from it. But it's getting warm, and I want to start swimming again. Since I lift 3 days a week (according to the Fierce 5 program), would it be detrimental to my strength building routine by adding in...

AdamFrostburg‎, 04-12-2021 07:13 PM
04-13-2021, 09:56 AM Go to last post
12 628

Frank Calta's "Rotation for Recuperation"

This looks like an interesting routine. Workout 1 - Legs, shoulders, triceps, calves Workout 2 - Chest, back, biceps, abs

adamgentile‎, 04-11-2021 07:43 AM
04-11-2021, 07:43 AM Go to last post
0 408

Dorian Yates 4 day split

Anyone else try this Yates 4 day split? I have done it before and really like it. I'm usually a PPL type of person but this setup is really awesome. Day 1: Chest / Biceps Day 2: Quads / Hamstrings / Calves Day 3: Off Day 4: Shoulders / Triceps Day 5: Back / Rear...

adamgentile‎, 04-01-2021 05:46 AM
04-10-2021, 09:37 PM Go to last post
27 1,762

Quick question about Fierce 5 Novice

Hi everyone, I have a little doubt about Fierce 5, I'm doing: Mon-A, Tues-Rest, Wed-B, Thur-Rest, Fri-A, Sat-Rest, Sun-Rest, Mon-B…etc. On Friday I repeat Monday's workout with the same weights and repetitions? Who can take this doubt of mine I will be very grateful.

albertoam‎, 04-22-2021 12:36 PM
04-28-2021, 11:55 AM Go to last post
3 1,026

Hamstrings in the back squat question

How hard do squats REALLY work hamstrings? I watched a Mark Rippetoe video of him speaking about hamstring action in squats and I could barely understand it. Lot of people include hamstrings in muscles worked by squats and lot of people say it is a ****ty exercise for them. Personally I've never...

Alexlarex‎, 04-25-2021 12:47 PM
04-25-2021, 05:03 PM Go to last post
8 463

What's your single best back exercise?

I know 'best' exercise depends on a lot of factors. By best I mean the one I should put the most effort in, like Squats, DL, Bench for the back. The one that works the most amount of musculature. Because in the places I read some say it's the chin up, some say bent over row, some chest supported...

Alexlarex‎, 04-21-2021 04:58 PM
04-21-2021, 07:07 PM Go to last post
4 561

Eccentrics and Isometrics question

A few weeks ago I've started implementing slow eccentrics and isometrics variations of big lifts. Although isometrics (5-8 secpause holds at some point of the lift) have been helping me strenght wise and I'm feeling the right muscles contracting in my lifts better than ever before, it is the slow...

Alexlarex‎, 04-19-2021 12:02 PM
04-19-2021, 12:13 PM Go to last post
2 397

What's your squat to deadlift ratio?

I'm squatting 140 kg for 4 reps and have at least 2 or maybe 3 reps left in the tank. When I deadlift I can do the same, but the fourth repetition really takes me a lot of effort and I even have to take like 5 seconds prior to it. I'm 6 feet tall and I weigh 84 kgs. I feel like my deadlift should...

Alexlarex‎, 04-23-2021 05:26 AM
23 922

Squatting 3 times a week?

I know at beggining levels squatting three times a week is totally fine, but I'm currently at 140 kg for 5 reps, (I'd say I'm an intermediate now) at this level is squatting 3 times a week convenient or is it too much? I removed conventional deadlifts from my workout... Upper/Lower split 2xweek. So...

Alexlarex‎, 04-14-2021 06:15 AM
04-14-2021, 03:21 PM Go to last post
11 902

Row: chest supported vs bent over

Hi, I've been including more exercises for my back. I've done bent over rows and been trying chest supported variations too not to work the lower back that much. every time I do chest supported I only feel my traps and rhomboids doing the work, and not the lats. I used to do it with dumbbells and...

Alexlarex‎, 05-04-2021 10:43 AM
05-04-2021, 11:38 AM Go to last post
3 360

Any mountain bikers? How does this program look?

I live in the city so I can only mountain bike on the weekends and while I don't have plans to race, it's just more fun when you're in better shape and not dying on the hills and can power through the rocks. Anyway, this is my suggested program. Too much/too little? Changes? I used to be big...

Alias530‎, 04-28-2021 11:42 AM
04-28-2021, 11:42 AM Go to last post
0 545

Stubborn Body parts?

Assuming im an intermediate bodybuilder training on an intermediate program for example an upper lower calculated split such as Fierce 5 etc.. also assuming im on a perfect diet preferably bulking, sleeping well and recovering well. but lets say i have a stubborn body part for example arms...

AlistarWannabe‎, 04-22-2021 10:09 AM
04-23-2021, 01:42 AM Go to last post
9 604

Question What program should i run

I've been lifting for about 2 years, bro splits have been my routine for the first year, i did 3 days a week ppl and after that i started doing Full body n UL and I've made incredible gains in both size and strength and have gained a lot, I am currently 165lbs 5ft11. Benching 180 Deadlifting 280...

Amine03‎, 04-08-2021 12:19 PM
04-10-2021, 09:29 PM Go to last post
7 756

Workout Routine Help at Planet Fitness

Hi everyone, I am looking for some help/advice- I am looking to build muscle in my arms, shoulders and chest and also lose fat around my hips and belly. I recently joined a Planet Fitness and was wondering if anyone could recommend what the best machines would be for me to utilize. I prefer...

Amount0001‎, 04-22-2021 07:38 AM
04-26-2021, 09:07 AM Go to last post
9 883

Unsure whether to move onto a new program

Hi all I’m currently running Phraks GSLP with some small changes, the program is here: I started this in February 2020, and then like the airhead I am, I changed the program too much and changed to 3 sets of 10 for all exercises in August 2020, and...

andysafc97‎, 04-06-2021 05:47 AM
04-08-2021, 09:23 AM Go to last post
8 845

How do you know when your volume is too high without any pains?

If you're not having any joint or tendon pain or long lasting soreness of any kind, what are other ways to tell if your weekly volume is too high? You can do too much volume to the point where you're clearly getting weaker every workout and every week, but is it possible to do just enough volume...

Animal2692‎, 04-11-2021 04:54 PM
3 Pages
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04-16-2021, 07:49 PM Go to last post
61 3,209

Can anyone explain what's happening now?

Alright so this where I'm inexperienced at when it comes to lifting. After 2 weeks of hitting the weights hard at 6 weekly sets, full body 3x a week split, progress is looking like it's about to come to a halt. I've made rapid progress on every single lift adding weight and reps left and right very...

Animal2692‎, 02-26-2021 10:27 AM
5 Pages
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04-08-2021, 05:10 PM Go to last post
145 10,713

Clarence Kennedy 507lb squat at 17 yrs old?

Watched his recent progression video over 15 years. From 7:15 on He started training at about 15 in a nuclear wasteland. In a different video he briefly admitted to not being natty as he was answering questions. However, I highly doubt he used as early as 17 yrs...

Animal2692‎, 04-08-2021 06:47 AM
04-08-2021, 12:09 PM Go to last post
10 687

Finally 12 straight weeks of lifting done...nothing to show for it lol

This was my 12th week, it's been a low stress week after performance finally started to decline last week, been yawing between sets. I remember being told here to first lift for at least 12 or so weeks before making any conclusions and that was my main focus-to show up every time and never miss a...

Animal2692‎, Today 05:06 AM
Today, 06:02 AM Go to last post
6 78

Question Post lockdown advice?

Hi all, I'm a 31 year old, 5'10" male, 15 stone 5 lbs. I have a few tyres around the belly, the "moobs". I'm starting back at the gym in a couple of weeks and was hoping for some advice from the seasoned lifters. What's the best program (5*5, cube, high rep, low rep etc) and diet (keto,...

anthony267‎, 05-05-2021 01:06 PM
05-05-2021, 01:44 PM Go to last post
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