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What workout is best for your goal?

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Growth Stimulus Training continued..... Train Hard. Train Smart. GROW!

What's up everyone? Since my original thread from back in 2010 has been locked due to reaching the 10,000 reply limit, I'm starting up a 'continued' thread. If you haven't browsed the original thread, please click on the following link: ...

2020Wellness‎, 11-08-2012 02:07 PM
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3,033 1,322,401

Sticky Thread Sticky: AllPro: A Simple Beginner's Routine part VII

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part...

nightanole‎, 11-07-2020 07:13 AM
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01-19-2022, 11:15 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Beginner Powerbuilding Routine

I was asked about this by someone else, so I thought I'd share. I’m not a professional trainer, and although I do have a background in exercise physiology I have never worked in the field nor been up to date with it for the past 8 years. So you can do this if you wish, but if you get busted up, not...

grouchyjarhead‎, 12-27-2015 07:27 PM
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12-31-2021, 10:38 PM Go to last post
720 917,130

Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: Full Body vs. Split Routines - Which to Choose?

Full Body Routines vs. Splits The question often arises, especially from beginners, about what type of routine to use. Your buddy told you to use a full body routine, but the muscle mags suggest a 5-day "bodybuilder" split. You don't want to start off on the wrong foot, but there is so much...

VoxExMachina‎, 11-22-2011 12:51 PM
24 Pages
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697 1,472,308

Sticky Thread Sticky: The Viking's The Bare Bones Series

The big guy is back with another series of novice/early-intermediate routines - The Bare Bones programs - these are actually the first routines I made, just after I got my PT certification years ago. So I pulled them out of the graveyard, dusted them off and made a few tweaks and improvements to...

TheViking1992‎, 10-04-2016 07:55 AM
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09-09-2021, 01:16 AM Go to last post
968 1,123,376

Sticky Thread Sticky: Training for STRENGTH vs. SIZE

MYTH: Low reps is for strength, high reps is for size. Although this contains a grain of truth, it leads to wrong thinking - the classic problem we get on this forum is the legion of novices who don't want to do novice routines because they contain 5 rep sets ... which are "for strength" not...

SuffolkPunch‎, 03-09-2018 07:00 AM
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03-17-2021, 08:01 PM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Am I overtraining?

In response to this question, asked several times per day in this forum, consider this: Due to a large number of variables from one trainee to the next, no one can look your written routine and declare it "overtraining" or "too much." Instead of posting your routine in all it's detail while...

ironwill2008‎, 11-21-2018 08:29 AM
11-21-2018, 08:29 AM Go to last post
0 52,609

Sticky Thread Sticky: "Fierce 5" Novice Routine

FIERCE 5 I decided to design "Fierce 5" because I wasn't completely satisfied with any of the other novice programs that are so popular. In my opinion they all had a flaw or two (slow progression, high volume, low enough volume people lose interest and most of them lack what I’d consider proper...

davisj3537‎, 01-21-2014 09:28 PM
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04-19-2016, 01:44 PM Go to last post
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Barbell Only PPL Workout Routine?

Hey guys, long time lurker here. I’m currently a broke ass college student and here on the place i’m staying we have a bench, a squat rack, a barbell and a few plates and i’m trying my best to make do with what we have. Once I have funds I can potentially buy some dumbbells and bands but right now...

kied‎, Today 02:08 AM
1 91

Unhappy Beginner - Am I working hard enough?

So, some quick bits of info about me. I am male, 41 and not a beginner to lifting per se; I have lifted in the past about 10 years ago I never got any major "results", I did look healthy and if you looked at me you would say I looked after myself but you would not say I "lifted". Looking back with...

mucker973‎, Yesterday 06:22 PM
4 173

Unconventional Training Methods

What some of the most unconventional training methods you have seen actually produce results. There is a guy that goes to my gym that does 1-2 sets of EVERY muscle group per day. It clearly works for him and he says hes trained like that for years. Technically, if it goes stimulus to fatigue to...

pinfante‎, 01-22-2022 07:26 AM
Yesterday, 04:57 PM Go to last post
16 866

Feedback on my first gym routine please

I am looking to gain muscle and lose a little bit of fat. I know doing both concurrently isn't ideal and takes more time, but I'm not looking for quick results, just something that sticking with (and increasing weight) will always keep me moving in the right direction. Before, I have simply jogged...

muscrester‎, 01-23-2022 12:04 PM
Yesterday, 04:08 PM Go to last post
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Main Lift Periodisation

Hi all Im an intermediate general muscle/strength trainee, 24 yrs old, 5'7", 75kg, pretty lean Current numbers in kg Bench 100x4 Ohp 55x7 Pullup 25x6 Db Row 46x8 Squat 130x4

Ben947‎, Yesterday 07:03 AM
Yesterday, 03:04 PM Go to last post
1 226

Full body volume

Any experienced lifter been successful with 3 days a week full body? Just started training this style a couple of weeks ago. Is this too much? Full body MONDAY (heavy chest) Bench 3x5 Front squat 3x8 Bb row 3x12 Kneel ohp 3x10 Dips 2x8 Curls 3x12

Eli2309‎, 01-17-2022 09:52 PM
Yesterday, 01:32 PM Go to last post
7 1,150

Home Gym Equipment Thoughts

I am looking to purchase some home gym equipment to start working out at the house. My wife just had our second boy and it’s been difficult to find time to get to the gym. My wife is now also interested in starting to workout at the house as well. I have been searching online to find a good setup,...

Jegriffin‎, 01-23-2022 11:29 PM
Yesterday, 01:15 AM Go to last post
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my home workout plan

rate my workout plan and give me some suggestions, I would appreciate the feedback. push-ups 5 sets dumbbell bicep curls 5 sets squats 5 sets dumbbell wrist curl 5 sets dumbbell reverse wrist curl 5 sets calf raise with dumbells 5 sets dumbbell tricep extension 5 sets iron butterflies 20...

Varkolyx‎, 01-23-2022 05:28 PM
01-23-2022, 07:23 PM Go to last post
1 294

SCFE squat alternative?

I've been lifting for nearly a year now and I've made lots of progress but I have completely neglected my legs due to the inability to squat. I was diagnosed with SCFE as a kid and my right hip was pinned in place at 13 years old. I'm 27 now and my range of motion in that hip is severely affected....

jpstieber‎, 03-18-2013 12:54 PM
01-23-2022, 02:47 PM Go to last post
2 928

Best 3 day a week workout routine for size?

Hello. I would appreciate if you can give me a 3 day a week full body workout routine to gain size. I'm 6'3, 25, and weigh 170 lbs

diploid123‎, 01-22-2022 05:30 PM
01-23-2022, 10:39 AM Go to last post
5 575

What should I do now? Shoulder pain, scared to keep lifting

Hey all I have been lifting for a few months following the Greyskull LP. I came in a complete newbie going from video gaming all day with bad posture to weight lifting instead. I had been doing very well for myself and was seeing a good amount of gains. A few weeks ago I noticed my shoulder getting...

Sparta1234‎, 01-10-2022 05:41 PM
01-21-2022, 08:52 PM Go to last post
7 1,516

Tracking progress-pyramid, reverse pyramid, straight sets too

Just sharing my new tracking sheets. I made these primarily because I am using pyramid training so much more and hit sets from 30 reps down to singles too. I like it so far…always a way to chase numbers no matter what rep range I am working in. So far, this has been highly motivating for me...

coachcalande‎, 01-08-2022 02:06 PM
01-21-2022, 11:01 AM Go to last post
2 1,192

Can 5/3/1 be run Bench/Squat and Deadlift/OHP?

Or would that be breaking the program too much? I've read as much as I can on it but whilst it says about pairing Bench/OHP for example, it says nothing about this way to alternate. A bit of a deeper question I wonder if you guys could help me with. It's taking me a lot of time trying to get...

unoaime‎, 01-18-2022 05:15 AM
01-21-2022, 07:46 AM Go to last post
8 1,037

Pressing power dropped by 30-50% in 3 weeks! What is going on!?

Hi everyone! I am a long time lurker on this forum but finally I have decided to post about something I just cannot wrap my head around. I forgive if this may not be the right area to post this but I am not that familiar with the forum. Let me first introduce myself, I am BK 31 5'9.5 220lbs...

brentbouwer‎, 01-20-2022 09:11 AM
7 831

Think I wanna do a bro split?

So I’ve been toying with the idea of a bro split for a while now I think I hit on the best way to do it. Any input is welcome. Back and rear delts -Upper lat row with need to stabilize for erector gains (T-bar row or seated cable row) -Lumbar lat row (probably a chest supported row) -Lower...

BeginnerGainz‎, 01-11-2022 01:55 PM
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01-20-2022, 04:25 PM Go to last post
43 3,557

Thoughts on 75 Hard?

I'm 5'7" 194, 44 years old. I've been lifting 5x a week for a year now, and recently started doing 75 Hard. My workouts are now M-F morning 45 minute brisk walk, and then at night a 45 minute weight session, sometimes longer. Sat-Sun I just walk/run 45 min 2x per day. By doing 9 cardio...

GeorgeSteele66‎, 01-20-2022 11:36 AM
01-20-2022, 02:11 PM Go to last post
3 706

Question Less cardio sessions vs more ?

Hello, i have a question. My main goal is muscle building, so im eating at caloric surplus. I want to add cardio into my routine for general health. Lets say i want to do 120 minutes of steady state cardio per week. Is there any benefits/downside in doing it less frequently, but for longer ? I mean...

Bozekk‎, 01-10-2022 11:53 AM
5 1,415

Deloading and MEV

How significantly does a week-long deload impact and reset MEV, typically? I’ve pretty much been doing a set amount of volume for a long time, so I would be surprised if a single week would allow me to, say, bring my main compounds down from 4 to 3 sets per session and my other accessories and...

Xpiro‎, 01-14-2022 07:24 PM
01-19-2022, 07:05 PM Go to last post
6 1,141

Smile 14 years later, we still remember...

... That two+ bodybuilders argued about how many days there are in a week long enough to fill out five pages worth in two days. Found on r/funny titled: 14 years ago (2008) two bodybuilders had a 5 page unironic argument about how many days there are in a week on a bodybuilding forum. I'd...

userPXFMASM3MFC‎, 01-19-2022 03:32 PM
01-19-2022, 03:32 PM Go to last post
0 768

Advice for twice weekly workout

Hi guys been on the workouts for about 3 years now. Initially used to do push, pull, legs 6 days a week. Recently had to adapt to doing just 2 sessions a week and have been doing 2 full body workouts. Including Squats, bench press, pulldowns and then some accessory work. I am finding these...

Curtis611‎, 01-17-2022 11:57 AM
01-19-2022, 01:43 PM Go to last post
8 1,152

New Home Workout Needed

Hi all, New here as I didn't really know where to turn to be honest and although some of the things I will say are probably against everything a lot of people here stand for, I think there will definitely be some advice and guidance that can hellp me if the right people see this post. In...

8P9S‎, 01-18-2022 04:35 AM
01-18-2022, 10:40 PM Go to last post
11 962

calishtenics push workout

all i have is dumbbells and my body, i was going to the gym before and have some experience, also build some muscle. so what do you think of this push workout(chest, triceps, shoulders) warm up: 3 sets of regular pushups (last set is abosulety max) after warmup: incline pushups 3 sets...

szymo05‎, 01-17-2022 10:31 AM
01-17-2022, 12:16 PM Go to last post
3 834

Rate my work plan

I have access to a plop and dips bar and a barbell with a rack to do overhead press and squats Workout A Squats Dips Pull-ups Overhead press Bicep curls Press ups

Soulman2477‎, 01-12-2022 11:20 AM
01-16-2022, 07:35 PM Go to last post
3 1,250

Any advice on workout plan - dont want chicken legs

Hi All !! Trying to figure out - where to go with my fitness and work out goals. Covid caused me to gain a lot of weight and made me unfit, so trying to get myself into shape - Just started back in the gym - after a number of months just training from home with a bench and dumbbells My goal...

han200a‎, 01-16-2022 05:02 AM
01-16-2022, 07:23 PM Go to last post
5 1,107

An Ode to Conjugate Training

This is my ode to Conjugate, which has been so good to me. This thread is for discussion on all conjugate concepts. What is Conjugate Training? It’s a type of training that aims to help you progress on multiple aspects of training simultaneously. Conjugate can be as complex or as simple as you...

CW47‎, 11-15-2021 10:03 AM
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