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Forum: Workout Journals

Post your workout journals online so others can see what you are doing and follow your progress!

Sticky Thread Sticky: The Race to a Six-Plate Deadlift

This will take well over a year - perhaps years - but this log will show what dedication and hard work can do. This will be just like any other log, but will only be about deadlifts. Welcome to our journey. The rules: -If you deadlift, you post. -If you think about deadlifting, you post....

musicianman‎, 05-28-2010 11:50 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Race to a Four-Plate Bench Press (and onward)

Continuing the trend of the six-plate deadlift ( and five-plate squat ( threads, welcome to the race to a four-plate bench press! This will take well over a year - perhaps years -...

musicianman‎, 07-16-2010 07:29 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Race to a Five-Plate Squat (and onward)

Some of you may have seen the Six-Plate Deadlift thread ( In light of its success and the motivation it provides, the next step only seemed logical. This will take well over a year - perhaps years - but this log will show what dedication...

musicianman‎, 07-12-2010 09:18 PM
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How pezking got his wheels back

Getting pudgier and weaker by the day...all my pants fit, with room in the legs! Shirts are not tight in the arms, I feel like I have pointy boobs, and the only lats I have are made of flub. I have a motivation problem and seems to keep me focused, so I'm trying to come back here and...

pezking7p‎, 04-20-2013 01:36 PM
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Cliff notes: 27yo, 6' 176 dry this morning. Just came off a cut for 4 months, lost 32lbs, maintained most of my strength. Back injury in 2009 which still bugs me, limits squats, deads and leg training in general. Now have home gym and a trap bar so I should be able to get around it. Will use...

rollalong‎, 01-06-2016 04:29 PM
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Scott_donald - The Third Incarnation of training.

Well this is my third incarnation of my journal… Version 1 – Version 2 - Its very interesting the versions of my own personal training as I have learned over the years and how to...

scott_donald‎, 05-13-2013 05:13 AM
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JerG: Lifting, Cardio, And Food - My Journal.

Hi all. I'm a freshmen here at Penn State. I'll be balancing my studies, clubs, friends, lifting, and everything else here in Happy Valley. A bit of background about me: -I got serious about lifting towards the end of last year (2007), but in December I messed up my shoulder playing...

JerG‎, 09-29-2008 08:46 PM
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Moving stuff with Fierce 5 U/L

Finished my long caloric deficit. Went from 230-240 roughly around early 2015 to now which is about 175-180LBs roughly 10-13% BF. Currently reverse dieting and adding in 100ish calories per week (20-30 grams carbs 5-10 grams fat) Plan on going into a small surplus for the summer to see where it...

Metalmank‎, 05-31-2017 03:10 PM
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Little girl wants to squat 315 LULZ

I'd like to hit triple plates in the 114lb weight class. Let's do it! Why I work out Cuz I was really good at it, hit a 260lb squat before: Now I just whine about how my hip hurts and get fat eating ice cream looking at my old lifting videos. ...

LadyLore420‎, 10-15-2015 12:38 PM
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davo26 - kelei workout

hi been doing this for about a month now, so about time i kept a log and also get specific advice to improve the workout from time to time. im 48, been lifting for between 2 and 3 yrs, but just regular routines with no set goals, so as expected, got nowhere so far except a bigger belly as ive...

davo26‎, 10-14-2012 10:50 AM
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Powerlifting/Hypertrophy journal

Gonna resume my training log here since my original website server has been experiencing issues. 9/9/2013 Monday Legs: SLDL: bar, 135lbx8, 185lbx8, 225lbx8, 255lbx8, 275lbx8 1.5 squats: 95lbx8, 115lbx8, 135lbx8

jtteg_X‎, 09-11-2013 12:42 AM
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DogCrapp Training for Bored 50+ Powerlifter

Hi, I've been reading up on HIT-style training lately: from Ellington Darden back to Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates, and lots in between. And curiosity got the better of me. I've been doing strength training programming for about 4 years now, on and off. I started with Rippetoe's Starting...

Quorn‎, 06-03-2017 07:42 AM
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*UG* -Weather reports, cell phones and the occasional movement of pink dumbbells.

We don't know you, we don't care what you have to say and we'll probably answer with sarcasm or silence. Hell, we barely tolerate each other. Ain't life grand? :} Pics of the beautiful, athletic and shapely are most welcome. See examples below.

AlbinoGerbil‎, 11-29-2016 08:10 PM
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Thumbs up Better Every Day: A Log on Lifting, Supps, and Life

Better Every Day Lifting, Supps, and Life Why? Hello folks. I'm starting this log because I figured it's about time that I keep a personal, ongoing log of my workout and supplement activity. I have completed six sponsored logs for various supplement companies, and really enjoyed those...

gesler0811‎, 06-14-2017 01:47 PM
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Arrow 20,000 Push-ups In 2017

January 1st, 2017 This will be an ongoing personal log for completing 20,000 push-ups in 2017. If you would like to see my daily log for Nutrition/Exercise/Supplements, you can find it HERE. Back in 2015 when I started on this journey to transform my body, I tried to do some push-ups one...

NoCarbsNoSugar‎, 01-01-2017 01:08 PM
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☼☼☼ ✘11: Too legit to quit: Not enough Grit...oh, and happy Bday Kezzy ☼☼☼

Ok...lets do this phuckers :D This is a general chat thread and crew for people that are devoted to nutrition. ---Rules--- No mod bashing No rep talk No trolling

fatboystick‎, 12-13-2016 06:32 AM
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1000th Fierce 5 Journal :D

So I switched from gladiator to fierce 5 a couple of weeks ago, I know this is generally ill advisable but I had a couple of weeks off through illness and business and wanted a fresh start. plus I prefer 5 rep sets a million times more than 8. Anyway, onto the good stuff. really enjoying it...

WolfRose7‎, 10-01-2016 09:07 AM
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Talking What the......TEAM DYMATIZE REPS?? Back for the 1st journal & more!!!

As you know Dymatize has been off the boards for a bit....but our new team is here and we plan to stick around for awhile. :D SWUUU, TADYBEAR7, DANIELMOO & myself 'MATZ'. This journal will cover our training, supps, interests, promo teasers and some other cool stuff. ;)

TheMatzah‎, 12-17-2015 11:43 AM
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Time To Get Lean By Danks.L.P

Time To Get Lean! (DONT FORGET TO COMMENT YOUR VIEWS ON THIS!!) Danks.L.P Since I was 15 years old I have always loved going to the gym, from ages 15 to 19 I was on and off for long and short periods of time and I always made great gains, then lacked going because of turning 18 I was going...

danksy1993‎, 11-10-2013 04:43 AM
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No more DYEL. Fierce5 U/L log

I feel after lurking for a while and 250 posts it's as good a time as any to start a log. About me Age: 27 Height: 194cm (6'4") Weight: 87kg (192lbs) Dutch guy living in Thailand Lifting history

wowter‎, 09-25-2016 11:03 PM
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Y&S's Weightlifting Journal

Hey Everybody, I'm back after a week break. i'll be aiming for strength for the next two months, as i have a powerlifting comp in about 7 weeks (nothing special or anything just something local) and will continue lifting afterwards. I will be concerntrating on powerlifting technique as well (eg...

young and strong‎, 07-17-2006 01:32 AM
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PapaB's GST log

Just signed up for GST last week and have decided to keep a log. This will be my first log on, so bear with me. A little background on myself: I have been lifting since @1988 and did a lot of power lifting in high school football, getting up to a semi-chubby 225. I have run 5/3/1 in the...

PapaBurgandy‎, 02-26-2014 08:00 AM
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my fierce 5 journal

I've decided to start a proper workout program rather than continue what I've been doing because it was very unbalanced. day 1: workout B deadlift 3x5 40kg overhead press 3x5 30kg leg curls 3x10 18kg (seated), haven't tried lying yet lat pulldowns 3x8 45kg (2 widegrip, 1 close grip) ab...

mapleandpecan‎, 03-26-2017 02:08 AM
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Arkadij947's lifting log, struggling with depression and inner demons

I started lifting 2 years ago after nearly starving myself to death due an eating disorder. Since then I gained back 47lbs but made very little progress in the gym. The first few months I wasted my time doing a bunch of random exercises coupled with hours of high intensity cardio. Then I decided...

Arkadij947‎, 06-11-2017 02:40 AM
8 241

A guy on the road (literally) to getting in shape

I'm Josh. I enjoy picking heavy thing up and setting them back down. Problem is, I travel a lot for work. Even though I've made a good routine with it and have made decent progress while on the road, I could definitely use the motivation. I'm making this because someone pushed me to do it, but I...

TravelinJhwkFan‎, 01-27-2016 07:15 PM
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Fierce 5 U/L: The journey to becoming a super saiyan (Part 2)

Hey guys sooby here! Bringing to you a new journal on a new program with new goals and what not. In case you haven't noticed by the thread title I am a DBZ fan (watching the new Dragon Ball Super right now). Not quite a super saiyan yet but I will get there with time. Anyways just as a brief intro...

sooby‎, 08-05-2015 05:16 PM
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PTSage post injury log

Created a log around 18 months ago with F5 and saw some great results. At the early part of the summer I injured my hip which hit my motivation to lift hard and as a result lost a decent bit of weight/gym strength. I'm not sure how my squat will feel as the weight progresses, despite that we will...

PathToSage‎, 06-17-2017 07:07 PM
Yesterday, 11:04 PM Go to last post
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Anthony21's Non-stop endeavor for Strength PT.2

What's up everyone. So I had my log that I just found out closed due to reaching the max post count (10,000+). If you want to check out my journey from the start with soap opera drama sprinkled in. You can check it out with the link below. My original strength log So here is my new log...

Anthony21‎, 06-05-2014 10:04 PM
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