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Sticky Thread Sticky: ***** Official PS4/PS5 Discussion ***** Where The Greatest Play Edition

Last thread was getting too long. Time for a fresh start. PS5 Announced For Holiday Season 2020 Some Must Play PS4 Games

Deathstroke‎, 10-09-2019 06:31 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: **Official PC rig Pics/Specs/Mods thread PART V ** GOAT PC Master Race Checking In!**

Part 5 Brahs, let the GOAT master race rise again! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:...

PositiveCrew‎, 03-25-2017 08:50 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ** Official IT Thread ** - Come in for some tech!

Sup guys, figured I'd try this out. Come in and talk about your IT job, goals, hobbies, what certs you're working on, and whatever else you'd like. I'm currently an System Engineer working towards going back to school for my BA and focusing in Cyber Security.

jerzyfit‎, 05-25-2015 01:14 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ** Official Nintendo Switch Thread - Nintendo Is Back Edition

Official Nintendo Switch Thread - Nintendo Is Back Edition

rocketfish‎, 02-23-2017 03:21 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official Xbox One Thread: A Compendium of the Genus - Homosaurus Rex

LOL at the poors (like themadgreek187) who cannot afford elite gaming rigs like XB1. inb4 mad people and trolls. UserName: --------------------------------------GT: PLANETGETLOW:-------------------------------- PLANETGETLOW _BpG_: -------------------------------------------- MTC Gorillax...

thegenerel‎, 10-28-2013 09:11 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ****G&T Rules****

The rules from the Misc carry over here, however let's keep it simple ;) This forum was created for gamers and general tech talk. Do not clutter it with Misc topics or any topics unrelated to the theme of this section. #1 - No racism #2 - No nudity #3 - No rep trading #4 - No...

PLANETGETLOW‎, 07-13-2010 12:49 PM
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The Nintendo Switch dominated 2020

The Switch dominated in the west, selling more than every other console combined in the UK last year, and it's completely dominated the east, accounting for 87% of Japan's console market last year. Nintendo's incredible figure of 6 million Switch's sold absolutely destroyed Sony's pathetic 500,000...

JayJ350‎, 01-15-2021 05:52 AM
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Series X Destroys PS5 in Hitman 3 Performance

iCcyYKpAsdM Cliffs: Hitman 3 delivers 4K 60fps on Xbox Series X, compared to 1800p on PS5 and Sonycels now desperately await PS5Pro.

mgftp‎, Yesterday 07:15 AM
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Path of Exile Thread III: Vaal or no Balls. Betrayal Version

Important Message:

kmaldona‎, 11-30-2018 04:03 AM
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First Skyrim Special Edition Playthrough - Start with mods?

Never played a second of any elder scrolls games and Skyrim Special Edition is available on Game Pass so downloaded. Read there's a lot of mods available, some fixing patches and making graphics better. Should I start vanilla and play through the whole game before touching mods or do some...

Ephedra‎, Yesterday 09:24 PM
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Post Mass Effect 2 was supposed to be Gay Kitchen Erotica [#BlameFoxNews]

Per a former writer for the game.... Mass Effect 2 Writer Confirms Jack Was Originally Pansexual During a recent interview with TheGamer, former BioWare writer Brian Kindregan finally confirmed something that everyone who played the game already knew in their bones: Mass Effect 2 crew member...

LtGoose‎, Yesterday 02:12 PM
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**Official Cyberpunk 2077 Thread**

Roughly 8 years in the making. Still no official release date but it seems like it will be 2019/2020. By all means, every shred of hype surrounding this game looks to be real. Trailers look absolutely beautiful for it as do the early game play vids. UjxS9ciNlII vjF9GgrY9c0

R3L3NTL3SS‎, 03-11-2019 09:01 PM
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Microsoft making up for the crappy sales of subpar exclusives by raising price of XBL Inb4 I only just need gamepass

bongowongo‎, Yesterday 08:31 PM
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DualSense will go down as one of the goat controllers

The controller feels great to hold, it has some weight and heft to it, making it feel like a premium product (I cant stand electronics which are "light" ... They always feel cheap and plasticky) and the bigger size feels a lot more comfortable in my hands, although there were some parts during...

bongowongo‎, Yesterday 01:20 AM
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The goat is back! CROWBCAT's video on Cyberpunk 2077

omyoJ7onNrg His first video after an year .... 41 mins long ....disgunbegud

bongowongo‎, 01-17-2021 08:12 PM
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Why doesn’t the PS5 have a quick resume?

I know you can do the “Game Cards” thing but thats not very fast compared to the XSX. Also even the old xbox one x with a hard drive lets you turn it off, switch into a game, and even switch back and forth between youtube, games, hulu, etc in a matter of seconds (yes, literally 2-4 seconds between...

Merc009‎, 01-20-2021 10:04 PM
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what main PC game are you playing now, and what are you looking forward to?

1) What PC game are you playing mostly now? 2) What PC game are you looking forward to?

BenjiDaldes‎, 01-20-2021 08:48 AM
Yesterday, 04:24 PM Go to last post
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Currently playing The Last of Us 2 and it doesn't make sense.

There's little to no build up to joel dying. Joel saves Abby, they all go to her group, the group instantaneously ambushes joel not even 5 minutes later. I don't know who Abby was, nor her group, she didn't even give a reason why she wanted to kill joel. Tommy and Eli being allowed to live was also...

MikeLowrrrey‎, 01-21-2021 09:19 PM
Yesterday, 03:59 PM Go to last post
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Got dayum video gaming is dead right now

Cyberpunk was a dumpster fire League of Legends was total garbage, and is even worse after the latest changes World of Warcraft Shadowlands was garbage I don't like FPS's I don't feel like replaying anything because it's not the same. There's legit nothing to get immersed in. I remember...

Bonesbrahh‎, 01-21-2021 03:53 PM
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When will consoles be able to use discord?

I really thought by now we'd all be using discord cross platform to chat. Why isn't this a thing yet? Cross platform play needs a cross platform chat. Game chat sucks. Xbox at least I can join their chats using the Xbox pc app, but still sucks. Playstation is really jerkin my gerkin to the point...

freeburn‎, Yesterday 11:23 AM
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World of Warcraft Classic - Official Blizzard™ Servers

TcZyiYOzsSw As many of you probably already know, World of Warcraft Classic was confirmed last year. Little information has been acquired since the trailer release except for the Developer's Watercooler announcement...

Willful‎, 08-02-2018 09:09 AM
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any brahs played Factorio?

has sick reviews and apparently it's very addictive. anyone on the misc tried it out?

BenjiDaldes‎, 01-21-2021 06:18 PM
Yesterday, 10:41 AM Go to last post
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I have yet to experience a game like Mass Effect.

It was the most immersive game I have ever played. I have always loved outer space and the wonders it stores. Mass Effect told the story of first contact and the human evolution that followed. So, naturally it drawn me in. The graphics and facial detail of the characters were amazing at the time....

BoseSound‎, 01-20-2021 10:51 AM
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September 1st - NVIDIA GeForce Special Event (RTX 3000 series)

I'm kind of pumped to see NVIDIA finally release their 3000 series GPUs tomorrow and get my preorder in. It's been reported that the 3070's performance is on par with the 2080ti with a price tag of $599 so we should be seeing some pretty juicy performance upgrades with the 3080. Link for the...

guitarwar241‎, 08-31-2020 01:03 PM
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**Official Free Games Thread**

So instead of making a new thread each time someone finds a free game promotional like we've been doing, I figured we should finally just make one large thread for these deals. See a free game? Post it here! I'll start it off with Warhammer 40k: Space Marine...

kr1kit‎, 08-31-2018 11:42 AM
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Dcbone's 2020 7th annual Videogame Holiday Giveaway! (pc)(steam)

Hey Brahs, for the 7th year straight (phew), I'm doing another Videogame Holiday Giveaway!!! Don't bother repping, just doing it in the Spirit of Christmas. To make things easier on myself and so nobody gets butthurt, I'm just going to give you a random game. Also, you gotta have at least 100...

dcbone30‎, 12-06-2020 07:30 PM
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01-21-2021, 07:19 PM Go to last post
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Monster Train (roguelike cardgame)

Monster Train is a roguelike deck building game with over 200 cards, a plethora of artifacts and a swathe of upgrades for any card in your deck. This makes each run and strategy truly unique. Take on challenging enemies as you level up your monster clans and covenant - you’ll never play the same...

Stackerbruh‎, 01-21-2021 02:29 PM
01-21-2021, 02:29 PM Go to last post
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TLoU2 now with over 200 Game of the Year awards...

PCcels and Xboxcels on max cope.

mgftp‎, 01-07-2021 01:56 PM
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01-21-2021, 01:03 PM Go to last post
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Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier MOD

Damn, this looks badass, never herd of it and stumbled into this video in my recommendations. Might have to fire up NV again. /bgAxnznJ6Ec Had a blast playing Morrowblivion when that came out, hope this will be more of that.

gbullock32‎, 01-15-2021 12:32 AM
01-21-2021, 10:51 AM Go to last post
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Everspace 2

Did anyone try the original and/or is picking up Everspace 2? It's out on Early Access right now and is getting really good reviews, ACG is also singing it's high praises. I'm a sucker for sci-fi especially space combat, and this game looks promising as hell. Light RPG elements, first and...

kr1kit‎, 01-20-2021 02:10 PM
01-21-2021, 08:35 AM Go to last post
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Any PC brahs have a nice gaming/office chair they could recommend?

Got to pull double duty as I am still working from home for the foreseeable future. And we have a nice tasteful home so no neon yellow or red chairs. A built in buttkicker in the seat would be nice but reading the built in ones suck. Don't need built in sound.

Retoaded‎, 01-18-2021 05:04 PM
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