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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official PR Thread

I have decided to start a PR thread where everybody can simply post their PR's for any given exercise including things like strongman events and oly lifts of course. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO START YOUR OWN WORKOUT LOG. This will eliminate the need for people starting new threads to post their prs. ...

BEhave‎, 11-03-2008 03:57 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Everything you need to know about SBD knee sleeves

Search these threads before asking another question: ...

SPFjudge‎, 10-22-2014 08:29 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Your first meet.

This subject comes up often enough that we should simply accumulate a list of everything that should be done, and how everything should be handled, for the novice competitor. Please add things that I have forgotten, and when everyone is done, I will compile it into a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide if...

Arlecchino‎, 11-03-2007 05:30 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The DIY Thread: Anything and Everything You Can Make Yourself for PL and Strongman

Disclaimer: I found a TON of DIY’s, but have tried to select the most straightforward, safest, and overall best ones for each category. I have no doubt there are more/better ones out there, so please feel free to add! Also, be safe about this stuff and test it out along the way if you try these...

Doollas‎, 05-02-2010 06:19 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: What does "j-ho" know?

What's up everyone, I'm Jeremy Hoornstra and I'm starting a thread here for questions, answers, comments, videos, whatever everyone wants to ask, post, anything. I will do my best to check on here at least daily to answer everyone the best I can. Here's a little background about me. I have...

JDHOORNY‎, 09-13-2013 07:12 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum FAQs and Links **Read Before Starting a Thread**


Arlecchino‎, 12-19-2002 07:34 PM
05-02-2010, 08:16 PM Go to last post
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middle back / ribcage pain when deadlifting

Has anyone experienced this? When lifting heavy, i feel extra pressure in my ribcage, near the spine /middle back area. It hurt the most right after my set of deadlift then slowly dissipates. I keep on feeling this "soreness" when i wake up in the morning mobility? stretching?...

steph4211‎, Today 04:03 AM
Today, 09:33 AM Go to last post
1 148

Question Need deload advice for next week

All cards on the table I'm on Madcow 5x5. So I willingly took last week off to have a Marvel marathon with my family (of all things!) and deloaded 10% on all of my big lifts. Everything felt great this week dropping 10%, but something unexpected came up and I will have to miss gym for all of...

ILuvPepsi‎, Yesterday 08:24 PM
Yesterday, 08:24 PM Go to last post
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1 rep max

Trying to calculate what my 1 rep max would be as I deadlift 200kg 3x10. The 1rm calculator I used estimated after 1 set of 10 that it’s about 266kg. I weight 86kg and I am sure I could do more than 266kg as Iv pulled 260kg @82kg body weight previously. Does anyone know a good way to calculate 1rm...

HelpMeOutBrah‎, 06-09-2019 06:59 PM
Yesterday, 11:02 AM Go to last post
1 219

Whats the record for Deadlift per weight class?

I weight 165. Puny i know but im working my azz off in the gym doing what i can! However my strength has always been real good. I dead lift 315 pounds twice with no straps. Just curious what the record is in my weight class, or where i can find this information at.

hemi_n_cali‎, 07-25-2006 11:18 PM
Yesterday, 10:11 AM Go to last post
25 23,472

Strongest Standing Shoulder Press?

What's the strongest Barbell Standing Shoulder Press anyone has seen? Not a pushpress, but an actual strict shoulder press. I've seen someone on Youtube do a 450 Pound shoulder press, but it was seated and they was leaning back so far that it was pretty much a incline Bench Press. I'm...

big-tony‎, 08-02-2010 10:55 AM
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06-13-2019, 11:34 PM Go to last post
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Need bench press is weak!

Idk what I have done wrong in the past and still continue to do wrong, but I am weak as all get out when it comes to bench press. My short term goal is to hit 300, long term at least 405 lbs. I train chest and triceps together. Would anyone mind giving me some pointers as to what I can do to get...

Jstiles67‎, 06-03-2019 05:39 PM
06-12-2019, 09:27 AM Go to last post
16 706

Lightbulb Meet in exactly 2 weeks, need form check

Any last minute advise or improvement that I could make before I go to my first sanctioned meet? First video is my current 155kg x3 squat G2BoA2c9ZLg second video is 9 weeks ago at 155kg x1 YItomq-TGXk

VolvoCEO‎, 06-09-2019 12:55 AM
06-10-2019, 07:25 PM Go to last post
6 298

Lower back pain/ mri

Good afternoon everyone, this is my first post ever. So I have had this lower back issue since December of 2017 (was running a real high volume program called ph3). As of right now I have a constant burning sensation in my lower back and an ache and burn if I sit down for pretty much any amount of...

Shafiq123‎, 06-01-2019 09:20 AM
06-10-2019, 12:27 PM Go to last post
12 770

Big 3 Form Critique

Hi all. I've lost >5 years, >50 pounds of bodyweight and >500 pound off of my total. Not my favorite way to start lifting again, but I know I'll get some of my old mojo back in no time. In any case, I haven't done any of these movement patterns in a long time and it would be great to get some...

DDon1996‎, 05-31-2019 10:38 AM
06-10-2019, 10:07 AM Go to last post
1 436

I've break for 20 days did i lost any muscle power?

I've break for 20 days for exams. I'm 16 years old and bodyweight 74 kg (165 lbs). My best raw lifts are: Bench Press(Narrow-grip): 112,5 Kg. Squat:130 Kg(ATG). Deadlift: 177,5 Kg.(Conventional-Hook Grip.) I'll start again lifting tomorrow. I'm doubt to i've lost muscle power.

YULLBAREZ‎, 06-09-2019 01:48 PM
1 238

What is a Average Deadlift standard for a 185lb male?

I'm 185lbs 5ft 7 I've been deadlifting for a couple years now every weak or so. Only properly training it the last 5 weeks after reading how to increase it and buying some chalk. What is average natural deadlift standards for somebody of my size? Did a top set today of 160kg for 8 reps.

Bulldogbarry‎, 06-09-2019 02:53 PM
06-09-2019, 07:21 PM Go to last post
3 282

Weird problem I'm facing on every exercise

So on bench press for example my 1RM is about 365lbs, but when I try and do reps with a lighter weight, lets say around 290lbs, I can only get about 2-3 reps on something I should be able to do for ATLEAST 7, any idea as to why this may be happening?

EastsideBarbell‎, 06-07-2019 08:11 AM
06-08-2019, 07:47 PM Go to last post
4 357

Question How do I set proper strength goals?

I have recently gotten back to lifting (since 29th April). I am trying to lose my pregnant looking belly and get bigger and stronger. My progress so far: I am doing StrongLifts 5x5 on a deficit (eating around 1600 kcals) and right now the stats are(completed): Squats : 77.5 kg (5x5)...

MSKFAHIM‎, 06-05-2019 01:39 AM
06-07-2019, 03:56 PM Go to last post
3 383

Is arthritis pretty much a guarantee with powerlifting?

I know a retired powerlifter i used to work with and his joints are shot in his 30s. Of course he abused gear for years which probably didnt help and hit some pretty high stats, 500+ bench. I also know some guys who are in their 60s and still competing and seem fairly healthy. I've been training...

bsrkoacar‎, 06-06-2019 09:04 PM
06-07-2019, 11:47 AM Go to last post
1 335

Looking for a Powerbuilding Program

I have been bodybuilding while incorporating heavy days for year now but am now looking for a program geared towards getting the big 3 stronger while still focusing on physique. I want a program that is a good entry to basic powerlifting with lots of accessory movements. Something where I can get...

BigVnilla‎, 04-30-2019 05:22 PM
06-06-2019, 09:07 PM Go to last post
6 913

Official 455 Raw Bench Press Race Thread

People have been hitting their 405 benches in the 405 race thread, so I felt it was time for a 455 thread. Let me know what your at now if you want in and I'll add you to the list. Currently : February 2nd, 2014 Racers for 405: BigStewTheJew: 405x1...

BigStewTheJew‎, 02-02-2014 08:52 AM
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06-03-2019, 11:33 PM Go to last post
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Need a Powerlifting Gym in Phoenix, AZ Area

I need to find a new gym because the one I go to got rid of its only squat rack. Anything in the Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, and Mesa area would be preferable. Chandler would be the best option though because it is the closest to me. There is a Golds Gym 7.5 miles away from my house if I can't find...

MetalMiscer‎, 03-12-2012 06:51 PM
2 Pages
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06-03-2019, 03:03 AM Go to last post
30 13,649

How should I do peaking with the Conjugate method?

Hello I follow conjugate method these days,so I do variations,rotated by every week.Since I do this,I get more muscles and I feel myself stronger.I want to do a new PR in squat,bench and deadlift but I didn't use the main variations since weeks.I think,my technique has been depraved.Should I do a...

JackHanma‎, 05-23-2019 04:06 PM
06-02-2019, 07:39 AM Go to last post
2 703

So I dropped a 45 plate on my foot the other day..

Was doing the hammer bench press where you can stack on plates on each side. Was doin it for fun to see how much I could do, the machine could only handle 4 plates, I put on 5. As I put the weight down a plate fell off the right side and landed right on the middle part of my foot. Its swelled...

Edo‎, 05-05-2008 07:07 AM
06-02-2019, 07:25 AM Go to last post
27 25,659

Poll Poll: how long did it take you to bench 300 RAW with a pause?

just a poll to see the average time it takes people to hit 300 RAW.

Wowstrongcut‎, 02-19-2007 04:22 PM
06-01-2019, 03:02 PM Go to last post
26 8,746

The Official Powerlifting and Strongman Family Appreciation Thread: Part XX

Top Ten 1. NorthStrong 773 2. Larfleeze 617 3. JRMoore82 578 4. dang111 506 5. martin_mathers 505 6. SPFjudge 468 7. 308smk 370 8. michael_xyz 289

isaku900‎, 09-05-2017 06:46 AM
97 Pages
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06-01-2019, 04:29 AM Go to last post
2,907 205,164

4x9 For Strength??????????

so does 4x9 Work for strength training or not, i use 75 % 1rm max, i think it probably doesnt do much strength just size but i wana make sure cause i kinda like it.

shorty1454‎, 05-29-2019 04:57 PM
05-31-2019, 11:57 PM Go to last post
4 610

How important is dynamic training for a natural,raw powerlifter?

For example the Westside guys do a lot of dynamic work,speed box squats,speed bench,speed deadlift,box jumps.How useful is it for a natural,raw powerlifter?I really enjoy dynamic training.

JackHanma‎, 05-31-2019 02:13 PM
05-31-2019, 03:46 PM Go to last post
1 431

training around a herniated disc advice

so maybe 10 weeks back during the prep for a meet i had a heavy double programmed in on deadlifts, pulled the first no issues, half way up the second rep my back popped and i ditched it, back stiffened up and was uncomfortable for maybe 3 days, the following week i had the same top set double only...

spicewood1990‎, 04-04-2019 01:53 AM
8 1,651

Pro NFL player deadlifting 8 reps pretty easily. Impressive Strong as an ox

fourplategangz‎, 05-29-2019 05:41 AM
05-29-2019, 05:41 AM Go to last post
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