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Strongest people in the world.

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  1. Post your powerlifting workouts and/or training journals here!

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  2. A place to post your accomplishments on video

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official PR Thread

I have decided to start a PR thread where everybody can simply post their PR's for any given exercise including things like strongman events and oly lifts of course. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO START YOUR OWN WORKOUT LOG. This will eliminate the need for people starting new threads to post their prs. ...

BEhave‎, 11-03-2008 04:57 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Everything you need to know about SBD knee sleeves

Search these threads before asking another question: ...

SPFjudge‎, 10-22-2014 09:29 AM
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11-17-2019, 10:42 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: What does "j-ho" know?

What's up everyone, I'm Jeremy Hoornstra and I'm starting a thread here for questions, answers, comments, videos, whatever everyone wants to ask, post, anything. I will do my best to check on here at least daily to answer everyone the best I can. Here's a little background about me. I have...

JDHOORNY‎, 09-13-2013 08:12 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Your first meet.

This subject comes up often enough that we should simply accumulate a list of everything that should be done, and how everything should be handled, for the novice competitor. Please add things that I have forgotten, and when everyone is done, I will compile it into a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide if...

Arlecchino‎, 11-03-2007 06:30 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The DIY Thread: Anything and Everything You Can Make Yourself for PL and Strongman

Disclaimer: I found a TON of DIY’s, but have tried to select the most straightforward, safest, and overall best ones for each category. I have no doubt there are more/better ones out there, so please feel free to add! Also, be safe about this stuff and test it out along the way if you try these...

Doollas‎, 05-02-2010 07:19 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum FAQs and Links **Read Before Starting a Thread**


Arlecchino‎, 12-19-2002 08:34 PM
05-02-2010, 09:16 PM Go to last post
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Tips for first gym mock meet

Hi guys, What would be some tips you could share with me in terms of participating in my first meet ever? It will be held end of next month, it's just the local gym so nothing fancy or anything, but I am excited. I am currently finishing 2nd cycle of Candito's 6 week program and am...

IvanNorge‎, Yesterday 01:12 PM
Yesterday, 01:12 PM Go to last post
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Anyone else do rack pulls from the pins instead of the safeties?

I've been doing it like this mainly because 1) small target to put it down 2) can't let the bar drift, must keep vertical path Basically for form. Am I off base or what you strong people think?

jademonkey‎, 01-10-2020 01:04 PM
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Tickets to Arnold Class Pro Strongman Final event

Hey guys, I can't make it to the Arnold Classic this year but I have tickets to the Strongman final event to sell- let me know if you are interested and I will send you the link to StubHub posting. Good section, Risers Row H! This will be an awesome event, so I hope someone gets to enjoy my...

SuperSniktt‎, Yesterday 09:57 AM
Yesterday, 09:57 AM Go to last post
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Old Threads?!!??!?!?!

Hi everyone! I used to be a member of the forum many years ago when I competed in powerlifting and the threads were an amazing source for information and motivation, I just signed back up with the intention of training and possibly competing again and I see that all of the old thread are gone!!!...

alexanderayres1‎, 01-17-2020 03:13 PM
01-21-2020, 02:22 PM Go to last post
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Critique Deadlift Form (Video)

Hoping to get some advice on my deadlift form. This was for a working set. Not maximum effort, but not an easy weight for me either. Thanks in advance. JQugU1VFTtA

LawBro‎, 01-06-2020 09:27 AM
01-21-2020, 02:05 PM Go to last post
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The Official Powerlifting and Strongman Family Appreciation Thread: Part XX

Top Ten 1. NorthStrong 773 2. Larfleeze 617 3. JRMoore82 578 4. dang111 506 5. martin_mathers 505 6. SPFjudge 468 7. 308smk 370 8. michael_xyz 289

isaku900‎, 09-05-2017 07:46 AM
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Ed Coan visits the chiropractor


keyboardworkout‎, 01-16-2020 03:50 PM
01-17-2020, 02:38 PM Go to last post
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Unhappy feeling crap after stronglifts 5x5, tired, anxious, depressed. CNS Fatigue?

Hi folks, I'm the opposite of 'strongest people in the world' but I figured this is where the most knowledge might be related to my question. Short version: I'm a skinny male in his mid 40s. 5ft9, 136lbs-145lbs. After two months of stronglifts 5x5 (starting from empty bar), I feel absolutely...

memoid‎, 01-16-2020 01:02 AM
01-17-2020, 05:43 AM Go to last post
1 349

Programming Strongman

I tried to look up programs but basically everything I found was basically a regular power lifting program but with a day for events. The main reason I got into strongman recently is that I kinda fell out of love with the gym in general, and the event stuff is so damn fun. So I basically have...

Luchashaqps4‎, 01-07-2020 12:20 PM
01-14-2020, 03:14 PM Go to last post
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How to bench 315lbs by January?

Right now I can bench 265lbs for 1 rep Does anyone have any tips for me to get to 315lbs by January

BlackJack619‎, 09-07-2012 05:23 PM
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01-14-2020, 03:07 PM Go to last post
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Smile My first one rep max test for squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press

Hi everyone! I've been lifting for a few years now, but I've only recently performed a one rep max test! Squat - 80kg Deadlift - 130kg Bench - 75kg OHP - 50kg Bodyweight - 83.6kg

Birdmannan‎, 01-11-2020 08:25 PM
01-14-2020, 02:52 PM Go to last post
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Post How BIG can Powerlifters get without STEROIDS

How big can a powerlifter get ? I used the resarch on light weight - middle weight - heavy weight to craft a video on this topic. Check out the video Video Title - How BIG can Powerlifters get without STEROIDS Creator - Awakendgainz Youtube Here is some of the script I used for the...

Awakendgain1234‎, 01-13-2020 06:33 AM
01-13-2020, 09:50 AM Go to last post
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Question Where can I expect to be in 3 years? 16 y/o

So ive only been training for a year, im 5'6 @145lbs bw. I went from 120lbs to my current weight in that time, currently eating about 3500cal and only realized the importance of nutrition in like June. My lifts are 230lbs on bench, 365lbs conventional deadlift, and 315lb squat. I've also been vegan...

uhzaineiguess‎, 11-09-2019 03:41 PM
01-12-2020, 11:27 AM Go to last post
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Questions for Powerlifters!

Hello everyone! I originally posted this in the wrong forum...whoops... anyways! I am 22 y/o and i have been lifting with the only goal of getting a higher total for a couple years now (since senior year high school). I've competed a couple times and done well (i ask questions to everyone...

Andrewx555‎, 01-03-2020 01:01 AM
5 719

PL/Oly lifts with herniated disc

Hi, guys. So a year ago I got a herniated disc in lower back. I have been back to lifting for a few months but upper body only. Really want to resume squatting, dling and even oly movements but even light weight bothers my back. Core strengthening haven't done anything tangible. I thought...

HeMB‎, 12-06-2019 01:40 AM
01-10-2020, 09:23 AM Go to last post
11 1,511

What are best collars on the market?

Im sick of the plates shifting around every set and having to shuffle my feet each rep. What is the best set of collars that can clamp down hard to lock those bad boys in tight?? Cheers

COBBER‎, 01-09-2020 03:55 AM
01-09-2020, 11:34 AM Go to last post
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"Traditional" sets and reps vs. working up to a hard set?

I am trying to increase my OHP, Squat and Deadlift and I was wondering which was best. I am trying to integrate this into a linear program and I was wondering if this would work on all of my 3 week training blocks. As you might expect, I start out with high volume low intensity and I end up in the...

cosminilie‎, 12-29-2019 04:50 PM
01-05-2020, 04:56 PM Go to last post
3 684

Question about training for first meet (I read the sticky I promise)

My first meet is going to be in April, but I just have a specific question not noted on stickies. I've been waking up and training at 4am, its not necessarily fasted as I have a very light snack ~30 minutes prior to lifting, as thats how long it takes for me to walk to the gym. Just curious...

AppropriateGuy‎, 01-05-2020 01:05 PM
01-05-2020, 01:53 PM Go to last post
1 443

How is my low bar squat form? [VIDEO]

Sorry for quality, it was sent to me via text and that changed the quality. 405 for a double at the end of my leg day, very fatigued at this point. 1xHkmmq9gWk

bsrkoacar‎, 12-08-2019 11:59 PM
01-04-2020, 04:40 AM Go to last post
3 1,117

best squat program

so anyone know of a good squat program, my squats suffered due to an injury at the end of august(pulled spinal erector) and i havent been able to get them back up very fast, they're about 235-245 ish right now and i would like to get close to 315 again before next may(im a freshman in highschool...

shorty1454‎, 11-02-2019 10:43 AM
12-29-2019, 12:18 PM Go to last post
4 2,199

Stick with program or not?

Example week 6 perform 2 sets of 5, was feeling good so did 5 sets of 5. Wasn't a deload week. When feeling strong like this should I just stick to the program or push it like example above? Don't want to hinder progress

master4lifter‎, 12-17-2019 04:16 AM
12-29-2019, 12:16 PM Go to last post
4 820

Weird Strict Press to Bench Press Ratio

I've been working out with my brother over the past year and I noticed that he has a very odd military press to bench press ratio. He can bench only 155 lbs but somehow can military press, both feet together and with zero leg drive, 125 pounds. That is nearly 80 percent of his bench press and his...

IAmNewZyzz‎, 12-24-2019 01:15 AM
12-29-2019, 12:14 PM Go to last post
1 706

Main lifts quicker/ Assistance lifts with slow tempo?

Is it a bad idea to do your assistance movements with an internationally slow temp if you do your main lifts with a normal tempo? Normal meaning quick but not explosive. My thought is that you are working the muscles more and stimulating the CNS less. Do any experienced lifters have thoughts?

Bailout987‎, 12-28-2019 08:28 PM
12-29-2019, 12:13 PM Go to last post
3 547

Help! Nutrition question!

To start off I’m 200lb and I try to eat like a power lifter. Mostly sea food and veggies always trying to digest something at all times. The thing is on my off days sometimes I’ll lose my appetite for the whole day at most or eat just a small meal or two. Can anyone tell me how this is effecting my...

jarroddodod‎, 12-18-2019 12:33 AM
12-28-2019, 06:20 PM Go to last post
3 914

How much do the spring type collars weigh

Dont have enough money for fractional plates so i was just thinking about throwing a bunch of these on. Anyone know how much each one weighs

.Enigma.‎, 06-18-2009 08:58 PM
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12-27-2019, 10:44 PM Go to last post
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