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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official PR Thread

I have decided to start a PR thread where everybody can simply post their PR's for any given exercise including things like strongman events and oly lifts of course. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO START YOUR OWN WORKOUT LOG. This will eliminate the need for people starting new threads to post their prs. ...

BEhave‎, 11-03-2008 03:57 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The DIY Thread: Anything and Everything You Can Make Yourself for PL and Strongman

Disclaimer: I found a TON of DIY’s, but have tried to select the most straightforward, safest, and overall best ones for each category. I have no doubt there are more/better ones out there, so please feel free to add! Also, be safe about this stuff and test it out along the way if you try these...

Doollas‎, 05-02-2010 06:19 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Your first meet.

This subject comes up often enough that we should simply accumulate a list of everything that should be done, and how everything should be handled, for the novice competitor. Please add things that I have forgotten, and when everyone is done, I will compile it into a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide if...

Arlecchino‎, 11-03-2007 05:30 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: What does "j-ho" know?

What's up everyone, I'm Jeremy Hoornstra and I'm starting a thread here for questions, answers, comments, videos, whatever everyone wants to ask, post, anything. I will do my best to check on here at least daily to answer everyone the best I can. Here's a little background about me. I have...

JDHOORNY‎, 09-13-2013 07:12 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Everything you need to know about SBD knee sleeves

Search these threads before asking another question: ...

SPFjudge‎, 10-22-2014 08:29 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum FAQs and Links **Read Before Starting a Thread**


Arlecchino‎, 12-19-2002 07:34 PM
05-02-2010, 08:16 PM Go to last post
18 8,437,927

Madcow 5x5 advanced

I'm extremely confused with the programming on the advanced version of madcow. I ran the intermediate for awhile and had good results but pretty much milked out everything from it. My current PR's Bench: 240x5 Squat: 310x5 Deadlift: 425x5 Press: 155x5 Row: 215x5 In the advanced version...

baseball007‎, Yesterday 06:25 PM
Yesterday, 07:38 PM Go to last post
3 102

Lumbar rounding Deadlift but Zero pain & still gaining

So, I’m 155 lbs and just pulled 520 a month ago. A decent pull but ever since I started deadlifting a year ago my Lumbar/low back has always been slightly-moderately rounded. Even when I setup there is a slight rounding and it increases as I initiate the pull. The weird thing is that I get zero...

ace703‎, 03-14-2019 09:41 AM
Yesterday, 12:09 PM Go to last post
3 263

Help finding old post

Hello all, Quite a few years back there was a story to the main page where a older 50+ gentleman with extensive back surgeries and had lost a bunch of weight. I remember the post even showing his back xrays. I would like to revisit this post for a friend. If anyone could help I would really...

halflife86‎, 03-15-2019 08:14 AM
03-15-2019, 08:14 AM Go to last post
0 158

Graves disease and lifting

Anyone else have it? I started lifting about 3 and half years ago weighing only 150s-low 160s lbs at 6 feet 6 inches.The first year was a struggle didnt know what i was doing gained little weight. Fast forward to mid 2007-early 2008 strength increased workout after wokout had gained 75lbs. My...

Kevin83‎, 02-11-2009 10:40 AM
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03-15-2019, 04:29 AM Go to last post
33 12,515

3 or 5 days?

So, I'm looking at the most optimal week, I don't get tired and I don't get exhausted (overtrained), which is the most optimal for just pure strength? not much to say, just looking at which is the best to do, I can go for 6-8 hours a day if i must. 5'6 - 95KGs, 210 pounds, mainly log press. ...

Tanks119‎, 03-15-2019 01:08 AM
03-15-2019, 04:17 AM Go to last post
1 170

Anybody weak on shoulder lifts?

As the title says, anyone suffering on shoulder lifts? My lifts on everything else is pretty good, but when it comes to shoulder I feel like im lifting like a little girl, literally 33lbs on DB shoulder press, 66lbs on OHP and 13lbs lateral raise, compared to my 200lbs...

Nitir‎, 03-14-2019 12:02 PM
03-15-2019, 12:21 AM Go to last post
6 261

Why am i so weak?

Look I am really struggling. I am a 22 year old 6’1 - 6’3 college student, weighting at about 190 pounds. My goal is to become/look like a lean muscular athlete that is athletic. I want to be able to lift some heavyweight like the college athletes around me but I am weak. I’ve been working out for...

pudgeyy‎, 02-25-2019 08:07 AM
03-14-2019, 09:09 PM Go to last post
9 794

Routine for newbie is it good ?

Monday or Tuesday • Paused Squat - 3x5 • SSB Goodmorning - 3x5 • Paused Bench - 3x5 • Spoto Press - 3x6 • Rows - 3x6 • Lat Pulldown - 3x6 • Pushdown - 2x12 • Facepull - 2x12

JDJ7911‎, 03-13-2019 07:55 PM
03-14-2019, 03:49 PM Go to last post
4 213

hey im new

so im thinking about going to a Powerlifting meet in june, its is an open only meet, it is USAPL. im 14(ik it doesn't matter cause its an open only meet) 114 lbs(so 53 kg weight class) and 5,1 my current lifts are 340lb/155kg deadlift(curved back because i twisted my ankle 2 months ago so...

shorty1454‎, 03-09-2019 04:22 PM
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36 571

Arnold Strongman 2019

Some unique events this year. Standby for videos. 194oXRg-3rs MnLFdJSKRio Old video but still an event this year. In fact $50,000 for a deadlift over 500kg

blindsideflank‎, 02-28-2019 03:25 PM
03-13-2019, 09:07 PM Go to last post
7 656

skinny and lift heavy weights, possible?

Am hoping there is someone out there in my boat and can answer my question for me. Isit possible for skinny men to lift heavy weights? (I met one chap a few years back, same heigh and weight as me and he said he can bench 100kg - I dont know if he was chatting crap or not). I am 5'9 and weigh...

nadz123‎, 05-19-2012 10:51 AM
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03-13-2019, 01:03 PM Go to last post
35 16,928

What are good for increasing overhead press

Just wondering what you guys What is good to increase over head press Im currently 14 77kg at 16-17% body fat And can overhead press 52kg any tips to lift more? thanks

Thebritishwolf‎, 01-30-2019 06:08 AM
03-13-2019, 12:23 PM Go to last post
13 1,556

Grip width for Squat

Hey all, Curious what grip width you guys prefer for squats, and please specify whether you prefer high- or low-bar in your response. I've been playing around with fine-tuning form and was wondering what the general consensus is on this. I squat mainly high-bar, but am intrigued by the...

bLinkMoore‎, 03-12-2019 10:02 AM
03-13-2019, 12:20 PM Go to last post
15 305

How should I go about getting a 225 lbs squat?

As someone who's already tried in the past for months, with the 5x5 StrongLifts program, I've always suffered the most when it came to squats (or any leg exercise basically)... I was only on week 7 before I had to deload, and I was stuck doing 100x5x5 for the rest of the program... I barely noticed...

BlueSpades‎, 02-23-2019 07:24 PM
03-12-2019, 07:14 PM Go to last post
24 1,217

Smile 1000 Pound club

I’m 22 I’m trying to join the 1000 pound club is it too late? My 1RM max bench is 205 squat 275 deadlift 290 I’m 6ft 1 in 197 IBS.

JuggD‎, 02-25-2019 11:41 PM
03-12-2019, 02:31 PM Go to last post
13 738

I'ts been said alot but....

Is it too late to start strongman at 23, 5'6, as in only dibbled for a max of 2 months the gym until 23. I'm about to turn 24 but want to get strong enough to become a world strongest man, is it too late in order to go for WSM or arnold classic strongman? I started at 95KGs weight and i went up to...

Tanks119‎, 03-08-2019 04:10 AM
03-12-2019, 08:46 AM Go to last post
16 610

The Official Powerlifting and Strongman Family Appreciation Thread: Part XX

Top Ten 1. NorthStrong 773 2. Larfleeze 617 3. JRMoore82 578 4. dang111 506 5. martin_mathers 505 6. SPFjudge 468 7. 308smk 370 8. michael_xyz 289

isaku900‎, 09-05-2017 06:46 AM
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2,852 193,162

Kizentraining 30 week sheiko offseason program

Hey guys. Has anyone run this program? If yes, how far are you/are you through with it? How much has it added to your total? How many times per week are you in the gym and for how long? Would you say it's a good program or is it better to stick to another (almost free) program like PH3...

cdimpact‎, 03-07-2019 01:54 PM
03-10-2019, 09:59 PM Go to last post
2 395

Kurt Angle's Squatting Prowess - 405 X 28?

I spotted this on a couple of other forums, It's from Kurt Angle's book detailing his routine getting ready for the olympics. It sounds pretty unbelievable, but keep in mind this is a 6'1" 230 lb athlete training at the olympic level. "In the weight room I used to do crazy stuff too, stuff...

Screwtape‎, 02-25-2019 12:52 AM
03-10-2019, 03:02 PM Go to last post
7 792

Madcow advanced

Just completed about 24 weeks of madcow and lifts went up significantly. I think it’s time to move on to madcow advanced. Do I need a deload week before I start that program or can I go right into it? If so at what percent? B: 280 S: 375 D: 465

baseball007‎, 03-09-2019 01:05 PM
03-09-2019, 01:05 PM Go to last post
0 237

Lightbulb 1 bottle (16 oz) of 0.5% low alcohol beer everyday and powerlifting

How does drinking 1 bottle (16 oz) of low alcohol (0.5% alcohol by volume) beer daily affect powerlifting training. I like the taste of non alcoholic beer and kombucha, both have small amount of alcohol.

ChinamanYan‎, 03-02-2019 08:45 PM
03-09-2019, 12:29 PM Go to last post
4 507

Butt coming off the bench, form of overload?

Basically the title says it all. I was benching 245 which is damn near my max, I’ve done the lift before without my butt coming off, it’s extremely rare that my butt does come off. However, in this case it did. My question is although the bench doesn’t count if your ass comes up, is it necessarily...

84headhunter‎, 03-06-2019 10:18 AM
03-08-2019, 02:59 PM Go to last post
18 541

Madcows 5x5

Hey all, I've made very good progress over the last 4 months on madcows but have been struggling to increase the weight lately and feel like I may be doing too much with the weight I've worked up to now. What would be the next step for programming? Bench: 215x5 to 250x5 Squat: 275x5 to 315x5 ...

tybball‎, 03-03-2019 01:49 PM
03-03-2019, 03:10 PM Go to last post
1 452

How should I split greg nuckols programs

I would like to start a powerlifting program now, i've been lately using lyle's gbr and lifts have been stalling a lot. I saw that people have recommended greg nuckols 28 programs for powerlifting. If there are any other programs that would be better for me, recommend them. I would like as fast...

Alexander30‎, 03-02-2019 07:50 AM
03-02-2019, 07:50 AM Go to last post
0 427

How many times a week should you bench?

I’ve been lifting for a few years now but I still wonder if I’m training optimally. Right now I bench twice a week heavy sets of 5x5, but I’ve stalled out and don’t know how to progress. I’ve been trying to learn but don’t know where to start. Is practical programming a good book? By bench is at...

Pops1085‎, 02-03-2019 07:30 AM
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03-02-2019, 03:56 AM Go to last post
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