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Forum: Post Your Pictures and Introduce Yourself

Say hi to others and show the world your progress!

Sticky Thread Sticky: ***official introductions thread***

New to the site or just want to say hi? No matter where you're located, introduce yourself and meet other members here!

anonymous‎, 12-23-2015 09:33 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: **Transformations from SKINNY to MASS** Part 2

Original reached the size limit and can be found here: Post your pics!

anonymous‎, 01-05-2016 02:50 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: **Transformations from FAT to FIT** Part 2

The old thread was too large, over 10,000 posts. Closed and this is the new thread. Last page of the old thread is here

ctgblue‎, 12-27-2011 04:29 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: NEW POSTERS and IMAGE POSTING

While it's a forum requirement to have 50 posts before you can embed photos directly into your posts, you CAN post pics in your BodySpace and then post the attachment(s) to them in your posts here. A few words to the wise: Be sure to follow posted forum rules concerning what is...

ironwill2008‎, 01-05-2018 08:25 AM
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Spamming or advertising of any type is not permitted anywhere on this site. Any such posts will be locked or deleted, and the poster may be subject to being banned. If you have information or experienced knowledge to share, do it on this site rather than attempting to send posters to some other...

ironwill2008‎, 01-03-2017 01:22 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: HOW TO EMBED IMAGES --->First time posters, CLICK HERE!

First step: Uploading the Image. A. You can upload your image to the website by attaching it to the new thread thread. Once you have successfully uploaded the image, get the image URL(usually ends with .jpg .png) and insert it between this code.

1212man1212‎, 08-30-2012 11:03 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
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New member, 50 years old and down 51 lbs

In better shape at 50 yrs-old than all of my 30’s and 40's! Hello everyone! I have been overweight for about 20 years, started exercising 16 months ago at 49 years old and am down 51 lbs so far. I actually created an account on this site 11 years ago but never posted and that email is no...

tblodg15‎, Today 06:34 PM
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Rate my legs

What do you think? They are 24.5" at the widest and about 21" at the thinnest point.

dualspace‎, Today 03:00 PM
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I have bad genetics change my mind

I've been lifting for 3 and a half years now. I started when I was 16 and I'm 19 now. I was 140lb when I started and now I'm 185lb at 5' 11'. The past 2 years have been strength focused and very strict. I ran novice programs like 5x5 and others like it. The only outlier is that I did smolov for...

DemonChihuahua‎, 05-03-2018 06:35 PM
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Poll Poll: Bulk or cut? Newbie lifter wanting advice!

Hello all, This is my first post here, so you'll have to bear with me! I want to get more involved with my fitness and I'm ver y good with the theoretical side of things, knowing how to count calories, work out my macros, etc. I struggle with figuring out which path I should talk first - to Bulk...

WhoDeany‎, Yesterday 03:52 AM
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Acceptable gains for 3 months? Still skinnyfat? *pics*

Hey guys and goyles ive been following starting strength religiously for the past ~4 months and ive made some strength gains. My deadlift is just shy of 315 now and my bench is slowly creeping up too. Squats have been trouble due to mobility issues but im able to get 5x5 of my bodyweight 80kgs so...

theBigV95‎, 05-16-2018 05:51 PM
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1 Year Back Progress.

I started off 6'3 125lbs as you can see in the picture below last year. Below is a picture of my back relaxed, I know it's not a lat spread, but just to give you an idea of how big I was. And here is a picture I took today at 189lbs. I seem to be losing some weight, but I don't think I'm...

LilJohn148‎, 10-18-2009 04:16 PM
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average gym bro here

I've been lifting for about 18 months now and think I've made some pretty good progress so far. I'll admit my diet was quite inconsistent for a decent portion of that 18 months though so I probably haven't maximized my potential in that time. I have been a lot more consistent for the last few...

RealRockJohnson‎, Today 12:22 AM
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Anyone care to estimate my bodyfat %?

Hi, I've been cutting down for the first time ever and would like some feedback on bodyfat% so I know I can estimate properly. Stats: 5'9" 177 lbs Gallery Photos: I'm not sure how to post my photos here, so I've uploaded them to my Gallery Photos in my profile. I've...

desklamp2‎, Yesterday 10:01 PM
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New to the forum!

Hello everyone!, I have been going to the gym on and off (more off than on) for the past couple years. Over the past 3 months I have made working out a much more consistent part of my life and see this as just the beginning of my journey in fitness. A little background, I was an Infantryman in...

iamjoe91‎, 10-31-2017 11:18 AM
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Was thinking of cutting

Is it too early im 196 pounds now an 6ft 3 pics to follow

leethomas1428‎, 05-19-2018 03:47 AM
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just getting back into the lift

This is Isolated Static Resitance from a chigung strength form I was in a hurry to take the picture originally but you do it with weights instead of busting your balls generating chi. I don't practice chi gung anymore it's too time consuming and I have become more of a naturalist in recent years...

magnumP‎, Yesterday 01:53 PM
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What is my bodyfat percentage ?

Before anyone says <14% .. I definitely feel like a fat bloated sweaty piece of crap a lot of days.... Pics over the last 2 months, might be leaner in some than in others.. but I feel like I've maintained / gained a small bit of weight at most... edit ... the top pic is from like 3 months...

supercala47‎, Yesterday 03:03 PM
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Recommended programs

Looking for a really good hypertrophy program For the past 9 weeks I’ve been running a DUP - David laid if anyone’s interested seen some crazy strength gains but now is the time to put on some serious mass I’m taking in about 3500-4000 cals a day at the moment I’m at 74kilo and 5ft8-9

samohteoj‎, Yesterday 11:50 AM
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Follow My Transformation (fat to fit)

So, today is the beginning of a turn around in my life. After years of hating the sight of having to look myself in the mirror, not fitting into my clothes and just feeling crummy all the time, I've decided it is time for me to change all of this. I've been researching the Net to figure out how to...

Zayzo‎, 05-05-2018 04:46 PM
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Smile HI everyone

Hi everyone my name kurniawan and i new member in this forum ... So thanks everyone...

kurniawanh‎, Yesterday 08:27 AM
Yesterday, 11:18 AM Go to last post
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Guess My Body Fat %

Hello, I have been frequenting this board a lot but this is my first post. I would like to get opinions on my Body Fat %. I am 6'1 180 pounds. I did a bod pod body fat % test and the results showed 28%. This was very disheartening as that would put me in the Obese category. However when I do a...

vols88‎, 05-19-2018 12:11 PM
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My Bodybuilding Story

Finally decided to make an account and share my experiences lifting as well as looking for guidance to getting bigger. My body currently: Age: 19 Height: 6 ft Weight: 177 lbs Bench Max: 225 lbs Squat Max: 290 lbs When I started my first year of college is when I really got into...

liljordo‎, 05-18-2018 10:30 AM
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Thank you for helping me reach my goals

Hey guys, well this is my first post. I've been a lurker on this forum for a pretty long time,but I've been scared of posting because I guess I have anxiety. Well I'd like to thank the community for helping me reach my goals. I was around 300 pounds last year around March (my height is around...

Tripdantz31‎, 05-14-2018 11:56 AM
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Opinions please

I am 45 years old and 5ft 7in. Starting weight=206. Today=161. Pics below are in a 5 month period. Far left 6-22. Middle 10-20. Far right 11-26. Woke up one day tired of being fat and lazy! Started off by doing a Advocare 10 day cleanse. Changed my diet immediately after to a very clean...

qball00‎, 11-28-2016 04:35 PM
05-18-2018, 07:18 PM Go to last post
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Tall, Skinny, Lanky teen striving to look and feel better.

Hi guys im alienman69 i named myself this because my friends call me an alien due to my very long slender stature. I started hitting the gym in March 2018, but I have been doing pushups and bodyweight exercises at home since January 2018. I started out at an extremely lanky 6'2 135 lb body with...

alienman69‎, 05-18-2018 12:10 PM
05-18-2018, 12:27 PM Go to last post
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asymmetrical lats / shoulders / entire back (PLS HELP)

Hey guys this has been bothering me alot for the past 2-3 days. I found that my entire back is asymmetrical, one shoulder higher than the other, one lat higher / bigger than the other, one ear bigger than the other, one hip / leg higher than the other. Any suggestions or is there something I'm...

misczz1738‎, 05-17-2018 01:49 PM
05-18-2018, 12:27 AM Go to last post
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My struggles and overcoming

Hello all, There is a lot to this story so I will do the best I can to keep it understandable. Like a lot of teens I grew up skinny, around 12 years old I started having severe stomach pain. This continued for a long time and started to control my life, after some invasive procedures...

jpsworld‎, 05-12-2018 10:55 PM
05-17-2018, 08:29 PM Go to last post
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My Pectus Excavatum (and vacuum bell)

Hi all. I've had PE my whole life, had surgery when I was 9 to correct it, but it came back a few years later. It's pretty severe I think, and the main reason I have been holding off on body building is because It seems to worsen the appearance of it. I recently ordered a vacuum bell, it's a...

Smorgy‎, 06-27-2011 04:22 PM
05-17-2018, 12:45 PM Go to last post
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How small am I and what body fat am I at aprox?

24 year old male here, started lifting about 2 years ago when i was skinny af, am 6ft tall and was 145-150 when I started. Am currently 180 pounds, and guessing around 12 - 14 % body fat. Measurements are: Biceps 14, Chest 40, Shoulders 47(I think this was measured wrong), waist 33, hips 41, thighs...

Garsan‎, 05-07-2018 11:24 PM
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New....Skinny....Ready to make a change!!!

Hi guys, my name is Jake and I am 21 years old. I have been a small and skinny kid my entire life. Growing up, I had a terrible diet and thought I was the most picky eater in the world. I'm talking only noodles with butter, nothing green lol. I had no substantial foods in my diet, I barely ate...

jbarson1‎, 05-16-2018 12:20 PM
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