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Forum: Workout Equipment

All about equipment and iron!

Sticky Thread Sticky: The Cheapo Setup

Ok so let's go through the cheapest options for new equipment that you'd be willing to use for training. While we all dream of buying that custom built rig, or finding a solid piece of used commercial or vintage equipment to outfit your gym, many times we just want to buy something that's usable...

Domicron‎, 01-02-2016 04:22 PM
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Post Sticky Thread Sticky: Barbells - Everything you ever wanted to know

I don't think a thread like this exists for the barbell, so I wanted to start one. The Olympic barbell is one of the most important purchases one can make for their home gym. A barbell is the interface to the weight and although they may all look similar to an untrained eye, there are actually a...

bobcat255‎, 10-24-2016 08:30 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Belts - A Comprehensive Guide

The topics “Do I need a belt” and “What belt should I buy” are such a frequent occurrence that it has warranted a detailed posting on the topic. This is meant to be a dissertation on the topic, and shall be inclusive of all the information that is required to answer this question. If you don’t...

cmarti063‎, 05-16-2014 07:22 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: PICS and DISCUSSION of YOUR HOME GYM V2.0

Have a home gym? New to this forum? Post your gym pics in this thread.

ironwill2008‎, 12-12-2017 09:33 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: The Official Craigslist Thread (Round 4)

Figure I would get this one going again. Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: Let's find those deals!

indianbuckeye‎, 08-19-2017 08:36 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Official Power Rack Thread - August 2010 version

This is a collaborative effort from the equipment forum members. The 2008 edition has a lot of broken links and rather than keep that one going we decided to start a new one. First let’s have a few definitions to clear up some confusion. Squat Stands: These are probably the most useless...

Jimbo.‎, 08-07-2010 12:03 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official Newbie Bowflex Search

So you are new and dumb enough to believe the Bowflex commercials, before you get flamed and negged into the red, use the damn search function to get the answer to "dude, should I be ignorant and think about getting a bowflex" OK, now if you post another thread, you get what is coming to...

ctgblue‎, 01-02-2009 07:31 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: SPAM THREADS and POSTS

Just as in every year past, this time of year sees an uptick of spammers, scammers, crooks, charlatans, ganefs, and knuckleheads bent on using this forum to shill their junk. One more time; don't quote or reply to such threads/posts; doing so only creates more work to clear them out. Simply...

ironwill2008‎, 11-27-2017 03:56 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: THIS is NOT a CLASSIFIED SECTION!!!

THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO POST STUFF YOU HAVE FOR SALE!!! I'm seeing a lot of people and (some not noobs!) posting items they have for sale in this section. That is not what it is for and is against board rules. There is a craigslist sticky for posting great deals you see but if it isn't a...

Wildtim‎, 10-07-2012 07:53 AM
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Things You Can Find Out From a Binary Options Robot Review

How do forex rebates work? For each and every trade It's possible to aim to double your account swiftly by going for a one hundred percent return on one trade. Finding a trade that will multiply your account is easier than being successful with a normal trade. Is achieving this difficult? Topping...

willamprincy‎, Today 09:41 PM
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'Look What I Bought Today!' - Part Deux

LWIBT Part I has been locked,, so I'm starting Part 2.

AttyGuy‎, 02-21-2017 11:30 AM
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My recent builds

I'm getting too many emails asking "what can I do", so I tought I'd put these in the same thread. These are just final (or close to final) pictures. No descriptions. Questions welcome. Racks and benches

Mech6‎, 12-11-2013 09:17 PM
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31 mm or 1.25 mm EZ curl bar

Does anyone know where I can find a 31mm or 1.25 mm loadable EZ curl bar? At the gyms a lot of the fixed curl bars have the 31 mm bar. But I’m looking for a lovable one to use at home. Any info is appreciated

petro244‎, Today 06:13 PM
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Equipment Crew- Part IV

I was here for the start.... now we're four threads in. Nice job fellas. Proceed equipment sluts. #3- 9/21/2012 (Equipment Crew- Part III) #2- 2/25/2010 ...

Keetman‎, 09-05-2015 03:27 PM
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Are Fat Gripz really that legit?

I've read some reviews on Amazon and other sites and it appears that they're just about universally loved? My question is, are they really that great?

ycpspartan‎, Today 03:26 PM
7 164

Exclamation Exercise bike making strange noises and has green ooze?

So, I have had a gold's gym exercise bike for about a year and have used it with great success to lose weight (lost 60 lbs by using it since June), but tonight I came across a problem. When I attempted to use it, it made a weird hissing sound while I was pedaling. When I looked in the part where...

LifeLostRewind‎, Yesterday 09:44 PM
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New Titan Fitness

They put a lot of new products on the site today. Clone of the Rogue Hr-2 and Sml-2. I was browsing ebay and looks like they have a monolift not listed on their site yet. Seems to be be a bolt on. Type this # in ebay search: 132177711276

kevin3636‎, 05-01-2017 09:28 PM
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GYM Equipment Refurb / Repaint Thread

I thought it would be cool to have a dedicated thread for equipment restoration. I got rid of a monstrous smith machine that I really only used for calf raises anymore and lucked into a Bodymasters standing calf for cheap. It was really nasty and had quite a bit of surface rust. I...

Skidmarx‎, 09-16-2012 05:07 AM
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Bells of Steel or Gorila Fitness for gym setup

BOS has a fantastic deal on a home gym setup that includes rig, weights, belt squat and other accessories for under 2 g's. Gorila is quite a bit more expensive. Any opinions on which avenue to take? Has anyone had any issues with BOS aside from some shipping concerns? Thanks

mck214‎, Today 01:47 PM
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Pull ups - still weaker

Hello from Czech republic, SORRY I GAVE THIS TO BAD TOPIC ! first of all, I want to say my english is not good cause it's not my language, so perhaps you will...

Qnder‎, Yesterday 01:24 PM
Today, 01:11 PM Go to last post
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Improvise a roman chair feet lock?

Trying to get something similar to the feet lock of a roman chair (pic) So just the bumper the feet are resting on, and the round foam thing that locks them in. Couldn't find anything, and tbh don't mind building it either but out of ideas here, cheers

svartberg‎, Yesterday 01:50 AM
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Another Craigslist dreamer........

With all the threads "is this a good deal" I figured we should have one to LOL at ads that are NOT a good deal. THis guy is a real dreamer. Notice the $20 hollow dumbbell handles? If he paid 1700 for these then he got raped :

RemainDieHard‎, 05-15-2009 04:57 PM
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Titan Chest Supported T-Bar Row

pic from the titan site Sorry it took so long as I know a few of you are interested in this. Work and personal life have been crazy but I have a little time at work today so I thought I would get this going. How to start?? Been thinking about it for awhile and I the shipping time...

tmonkey‎, 09-06-2018 10:56 AM
Yesterday, 06:42 PM Go to last post
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Elbow sleeve, golf elbow: rehband, STrong, SBD?

I got some pain in the interior of my forearms near the elbow, probably golf elbow, effects me on stuff like rows or curls with hammer grip. I am thinking about getting a set of sleeves, trying to decide between Rehband, STrong, or SBD, I want a good amount of compression. Bothers me when...

ampire‎, 01-05-2019 11:37 AM
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Rogue Barbell Club

I figured it's probably long overdue for a Rogue Barbell Club. I'm sure there's some vintage (circa 2006) collectors out there too. I'll start off: Rack: Rogue R3 w/ Matador and Landmine attachments Bars: Rogue Ohio Power Bar, Rogue Matt Chan Bar, Rogue SB-1 Safety Squat Bar Bench:...

Bench905‎, 04-01-2015 06:38 AM
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Rep Fitness Thread

Haven't seen a proper Rep Fitness thread, so figured we could make one. I received the PowerSpeed bar in Manganese Phosphate earlier today as well as the 275lb set of equalizers. Impressed with both. The new power bar is DEFINITELY more aggressive than the first iteration. I really like the...

GamecockLifter‎, 10-19-2018 02:44 PM
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Cost No Object: Machines and Free Weights, the Best of the Best. PART 2

Cost No Object List, Version 1.8: This thread is not meant to be a free weights vs machines thread, and I think we got that out of the way early in the thread. This thread is simply about discussing all the choices of various free weights and machine choices on the market that people feel...

HealthNutMD‎, 03-28-2017 05:23 AM
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Stainless steel calibrated plates?

I want to buy some high end steel plates. Is there such a thing called stainless steel calibrated plates out there? I haven't found any yet. The closest thing I find is the Kustom Kit plates from kustomkitgymequipment. Anyone owns Kustom Kit plates? How do you like them?

liv4spd‎, Yesterday 06:20 AM
1 230

Vintage Iron Thread

Hi All, I read a post a few weeks ago in which SnowOne and DonForeman suggested a vintage iron thread to discuss/identify old plates. I wasn't part of that discussion, but I see that no one has created the thread, and I have a couple of plates that I could use some help identifying, so I figured...

rlundregan‎, 08-14-2012 04:19 PM
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Rockin’ the new Rogue RML-690

Enjoy the gym porn. It’s not amazing, but it works in the space I’ve got, and it’s all sexy new. ;)

Corbets‎, 01-20-2019 11:15 AM
6 392

Sorinex Crew

There doesn’t seem to be one and this will probably cause some butthurt b/c there are some strong and loud Sorinex haters here, but I’m going for it. Member #1 Me 1) Sorinex XL Uber Rack w/Clear Grind and Laser Cut Numbers (has 2x sandwich j-cups, half, swing in, and strap saftey options,...

JohnCuster‎, 01-08-2019 10:36 PM
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01-20-2019, 09:37 PM Go to last post
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York Barbell Club - Part II

The first thread for the York Barbell Club has run to the maximum number of posts. I bring you Part II, a place for the York Gang to hang out and share their interest in vintage American iron from York, PA. For those of you who can't see the linked text above, here's the old thread:...

AttyGuy‎, 05-11-2015 08:30 PM
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01-20-2019, 08:52 PM Go to last post
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York weight set with golden team weights

So I have this Olympic weight set from like 1980 maybe the seventies solid steel with curl bar straight bar and steel weights. The weights say Golden team on them. then there is a few of those like hand weights. Is this thing worth anything did it all come together I just want it out of my garage...

ocwendy‎, 08-09-2018 07:52 PM
01-20-2019, 08:43 PM Go to last post
13 953

Thank you rack safeties

Rack saved my ass the other day, we're always talking about saftey so here's a recent example. Doing my heavy BP routine a week or two back, for the first time in my life bar literally jumped out of my hand and came crashing down. Thumb was around bar. Did my first BP with the some concrete...

chadsalt‎, 01-10-2019 12:51 PM
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01-20-2019, 06:49 PM Go to last post
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