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Post your daily workout log here and get advice and feedback!

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Alright i figured i would start a thread in here just like there is one in the Workout Journal section. It works like this: You nominate someone else's journal. the reason that is bolded is real simple, you can not nominate your self. For those trying to nominate their buddy here is the...

400Lb Gorilla‎, 07-27-2012 08:22 AM
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Kameron's Lifting & Fluffy-ness

Making this log of my progress to remain motivated and on track. Background: 17-years-old, started lifting July 2013 and now that I've hit the one year mark I've decided to start tracking my progress to see how far I can get. No real set goal, although I do prefer strength > aesthetics....

Kameronn‎, 07-22-2014 02:24 AM
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CWGame's workout log

Hi, I'm started a workout log mostly for personal use and to keep myself accountable. Background: I started working out in January of 2012, with the intent to be like my brother and my dad (they both won body building shows). My dad wouldn't let me workout until I was in eighth grade ,but we...

CWGame‎, 05-20-2013 09:49 AM
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Chosenbrah's Workout Log - Rebirth

I recently decided to switch to Rippetoe's after 1 year of doing a 3 day split seeing some physical improvements but stalling strengthwise especially on bench. I am one week into Rippetoe's...I am beginning to fear my own strength

ChosenBrah‎, 12-24-2010 04:18 PM
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Talking Truebmxer01 BLSS Log

So before I start the log I wanted to start by sharing a little about myself. I'm 17 years old and I live in The bay Area. I had always been rather out of shape and overweight. Than sophomore year came around and I decided to make a change. I started just running and doing the stairmaster at the...

Truebmxer01‎, 03-09-2014 04:42 PM
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Road to 1/2/3/4 Plates

Wanted to start a workout log to track my progress overtime. Goal: Hit 1/2/3/4 Plates then start cutting next summer. Bulk until April 2019. Current stats: 110/160/205/330 16/5'7/137 lbs 14-15% bf Program: Nsuns 5/3/1 with a bunch of "bodybuilding" accesories Goal Date: April 2019

BHFK‎, 08-27-2018 04:03 PM
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Stunted's Workout Log

This thread is for my workout log, this first post will be updated next time i go to the gym. Important info as of April 14th 2011 Age- 15 Weight- 133 LB Height- 5'7 Current Max on the bench- 160 LB Started working out April 2010, took a short break from the gym for about 3 months...

Stunted‎, 04-14-2011 06:44 PM
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Workout Split Suggestions?

I have been working out for a good amount of time now (about a year), but one thing that I have struggled with is a proper weekly split. I have been using a bro split for a good amount of time with little results. With this and a good amount of research, I have made a new split. Any suggestions?...

logany‎, 02-28-2019 09:19 PM
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14 Year Old Chest Workout

I’ve included three of my more common routines below; there’s more than these three, but these are similar to what I train most chest days. I’m looking for any feedback from people who are more experienced than me as to how I could better these routines. My stats are roughly as follows: 5’7, 145...

Reggie420‎, 02-25-2019 06:58 PM
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Cam's Workout Log - is this efficient?

Hey everyone, Lately I’ve become sick of the unhealthy lifestyle I’m choosing to live and for the last couple months I’ve started going to the gym more to get back into a healthy shape. Whilst I have been taking small steps in building up my stamina I have honestly never felt better and feel...

zuccisafterme‎, 02-22-2019 04:47 PM
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Need advice for dieting

I am cutting for summer. I need another set of eyes or advice on something I’m not seeing. My macro percentages are 45% carbs and 35% protein and 20% fat. I am lifting high weight high reps to prevent the loss of muscle.My maintenance is 2700 cal. I am calories cycling. On days I need to “grow”...

Dfeiro5‎, 02-19-2019 05:35 PM
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Talking Beginner program for 15 yr old girl

Hi there, I recently started lifting weights and working out. My goals are mainly for aesthetic reasons but I also love to increase my overall strength to impress. Down below is my current workout plan, I want to add core and cardio but I'm a little confused on that area and would love some help. I...

thafiona13‎, 12-19-2018 06:12 PM
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Randuki Log 2.0 (Lvysaur 448, Who Was Cns 5/3/1)

Creating a new log because i'm starting over from scratch. Got a home gym with an oly bar and good weights. So i'm not gonna miss a day on my workouts. Gonna do Fullbody first (Lvysaur), planning on bulking through out this routine with mini cuts here and there. I'm 5'10 - 1,78 cm, 70 kg, 13...

donaldtrumpson‎, 01-21-2019 08:51 AM
02-14-2019, 11:17 AM Go to last post
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Exclamation Need Help weak as water

Okay I really need some help I am very weak and I want to get stronger. I have 2 8 pound weights which I lift. And I do 1 minute planks. But that's it and i could use some help. If you need pictures I will post. I am. 12 years about to turn 13 and I feel like im going to get killed in middle school...

TTVShadow‎, 02-11-2019 04:10 PM
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Unhappy Im skinny with a big butt help

Hey guys 👋 first of all my english is not that good so i hope yall understand me :) i have a big problem with my body and butt 🙁 my butt is way bigger than my body is there a way to get ride of that? I always wear those long t shirt that cover my butt so my friends dont notice it. I dont like to go...

Turboo98‎, 02-10-2019 03:54 PM
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Chest workout routine

Barbell Bench press S1: 95Lbs 12rp- S2 135lbs 12rp - S3 165 10rp S4 195 8rp S5 - 225 6rp Guillotine Press S1 165 6rp - S2 135 12rp - S3 95 12rp Dumbbell incline flys 4 sets, 20 - 50lbs 12reps every set Decline machine chest press 5 sets 90 - 260lbs 12 to 6 reps per set Cable...

MikkiAllinFit‎, 01-29-2019 09:34 PM
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Here's my Story

6/26/15 Here we go Well I've been thinking about making one so here it goes, but before we start heres a bit about myself. Im 18, Turn 19 July 1rst(CANADA DAY FKYEAH) I plan on becoming either a Physical Therapist, Physicians Assistant, Sports Med or a Assistant ME(Medical Examiner) I know...

BJP2k14‎, 06-26-2015 08:42 PM
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Workout Routine Advice and Critique

So I Run a 5-Day split I made it myself and idk if it's a good one? Are the volume days too much? Should I add isolation Arm stuff and shoulders if I want to get bigger arms? Been lifting seriously for a year and 9 months. I have off season college wrestling practices twice a week every Monday...

Wrestler2018‎, 01-17-2019 07:04 PM
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Chiz's Workouts

Hi I'm gonna start a log just because I feel like it and because I am hoping that these writing these out will help me find weak points. I'm not sure if I will have time to keep this up during the school year but I'll definitely try to keep this up over the summer and during breaks. Currently i...

Chiz214‎, 01-15-2019 04:53 PM
01-15-2019, 05:02 PM Go to last post
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My log

Hey guys. I am Christopher 20 years old from Greece. I am a wrestler and I do weight training at the same time so here is my weight training log :) Current lifts: squat 150kg x7, pause bench 107,5kg x6, deadlift (conventional) 180kg x6. I do a normal split and ofc progressive overload. Thank...

Christopherquad‎, 01-11-2019 06:48 PM
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convuLt's workout log

Same routine before I took a break 3 years ago except it's modified. PPLPPLRest. PUSH Flat Bench Press A 3x5-8, B 3x12-10-10 Overhead Press A 3x5, B 3x12-10-10 (alternate so if I did A of Bench Press, I would do B of overhead) Incline BP 3x12-10-10 Chest flys 3x12 Side lateral raise 3x12...

convuLt‎, 01-04-2019 10:15 AM
01-07-2019, 08:10 PM Go to last post
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Randuki Log (PPL)

Weight: 163 lbs / 74 kg Height: 5'10'' / 1,78 m From Uruguay, turning 19 in 10 days. My former routine was ICf 5x5 for about 3/4 months (66,6 - 73 kg) now I'm following a PPL split that I got from student aesthetics. My 5 rep maxes: SQ - 205 lbs/93 kg DL - 203 lbs/92 kg BP - 128...

donaldtrumpson‎, 01-06-2017 04:40 PM
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5 months gym progress

Hey guys, I’ve been working it last 5 months and was wondering if I could get some comments as to how my progress is going and where perhaps I could improve. I already have an idea what I could do but just want to hear it from others also just to be certain. Any critique is much appreciated

xvEVOLUTIONxv‎, 12-28-2018 03:45 PM
12-28-2018, 03:47 PM Go to last post
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Question Thoughts on workout week

I have been working out for around half a year And started in June of 2018. I weightlifted since I was thirteen but it was on and off until this June was when I got serious about it. I recently turned fifteen and I am wondering how my new workout plan is, and any thoughts or ideas about it. I am...

Oxxxx‎, 12-27-2018 02:21 PM
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Need some help from experienced lifters

Hi im currently 16, 202 5"10, I was 150 5"8 when I was 14, but I had a chance to start on my varsity football team at guard so I bulked up eating basically anything I could get pretty much a dirty bulk im 19% body fat, looking to trim down to around 10-13%, I have the time and effort I go to the...

Coopert512‎, 12-16-2018 04:16 PM
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Smile Thoughts on my workout plan?

Been doing bodyweight for 6 months. Recently I've been using my school's gym but I don't have a solid routine, you guys think this is good for building size and strength? Monday (Chest & Triceps) Flat Bench - 5 x 5 Incline Bench - 5 x 5 Dips - 3 x 10 Wide pushups - 3 x to failure...

ImCanadianEhh‎, 12-13-2018 09:36 PM
12-14-2018, 12:32 PM Go to last post
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