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The legendary Misc. section! Participate at your own risk, some content NSFW. U Aware?

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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: The OFFICIAL Del Ray Misfits / Jason Genova Thread - The Last Piss

Hello everyone. ForumAlpha has allowed me to make an official del ray misfits / Genova thread on the condition that it is the only thread. do not post any related content outside of this thread as you will be banned. feel free to post related videos, follow the rules, stay on topic and keep it...

SPARTAAAAA‎, 05-24-2017 04:34 AM
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678 221,190

Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: *!*!* Join the Fight To Save Net Neutrality *!*!*

Don't want to see this every time you try and load a website? Tell the FCC that you want to keep the internet where it is - under Title II - as a utility that can't be throttled based on your ISP, and not switched to Title I (correct me if I'm wrong on the obscure Communications Act of 1934) where...

pogue‎, 07-11-2017 10:34 PM
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1 2
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36 1,628

Sticky Thread Sticky: Guitar Megathread - learn-share-talk-lessons-tips-fun

I am no self professed shred god or anything of the like - but i found a number of members here were looking for guitar lessons and thought i'd compile a set of lessons that really helped me get going in the world of guitar playing. If you have any lessons or tips, advice of anysort - feel free to...

iBswole‎, 02-02-2007 01:01 PM
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6,286 603,940

Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum Buddy Browser Extension: Notifications for when you are quoted in a post!

Forum Buddy Version: 1.2.1 Link: ------------------------------------------------------------------ This thread has been approved by Moderator ForumSentinel. Forum Buddy was not created by

nilekyle‎, 08-01-2014 07:22 PM
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2,191 1,840,582

Sticky Thread Sticky: [SRS] Depression Discussion and Support Thread Part II

My friend claims he's been depressed for years and takes all sorts of meds on and off. He gets really quiet at parties and ducks out early and unnoticed. Also, he's a pathological liar. Arguments against his depression are: A) He's rich B) He's good looking (no homo) C) He has a good,...

thefederalist‎, 07-06-2011 09:49 AM
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9,258 1,452,439

Sticky Thread Sticky: **The best of the Misc thread aka MISC 101**

Its Friday so lets end the work week on a high note. Post you favorite Misc memes, chops threads anything that automatically makes you think "Ahh yes the Misc". Depending how this goes I may make it a sticky and use it as a "Misc 101" for the unaware. From bubble porn to poverty ghost to red...

ForumAlpha‎, 06-26-2015 09:04 AM
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458 488,044

Sticky Thread Sticky: B.S Exercise Physiology. ask me your training questions

****Update: Please allow more time for me to address your question. if I do not get to it with a day or so, then shoot me a message***** I made 2 similar threads in 2014 and they did pretty well. I feel like i've helped out a lot of you guys with my knowledge and experience. Here are my quals:...

tank2003‎, 01-11-2017 05:16 PM
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570 310,449

Sticky Thread Sticky: 2017 Misc Raw Benchpress Competition(Supps and Mawd Reps)

2017Misc Raw Benchpress Competition Welcome to another 400Lb Gorilla hosted competition! Back to raw benchpress! The host of this competition screwed his knee up so benchpress was the only option for heavy lifting :D This competition officially starts around post 10 and ends July 1st, 2017...

400Lb Gorilla‎, 03-19-2017 03:29 PM
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645 113,245

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
0 110,800

Girl At The Gym Asked If I could Spit Her On Squats - Is She Hitting On Me?

First of all about myself. LA based. I'm considered good looking with exotic features but I also look intimidating cause I always look pissed of when I train. But I'm also a social retard when it comes to women flirting. This girl that I've seen couple times at the gym, came up to me out of...

slammintities‎, 07-18-2017 10:38 PM
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74 5,502

Thumbs up Answer The Question Above You Honestly - Jhawk Is Finally Sick of Travelling (v8)

Step 1: Answer the question directly above you Step 2: Ask a question for the next poster Simple as that. Everyone is welcome as long as they're civil. . . . Question: Would you ever screw someone over to get ahead in life?

-Lucifer‎, 03-31-2017 06:42 AM
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7,211 249,582

Movie Brahs, is IMAX worth it?

So planning on rewatching Dunkirk because I think I didn't get the full experience watching it on regular theater screen. The film is already breathtaking but I hear it has been shot especially for IMAX technology. The thing is, I never saw a movie in IMAX and the only theater equiped is in...

Trapezeus‎, Today 11:52 PM
1 2

Hot damn! Threads are disappearing left and right tonight!

I can't even post a well thought out drunken reply before i see "invalid thread specified" Which mod refuses to go the fuk to sleep? Don't you have work in the morning?

Muzzlrpress‎, Today 11:07 PM
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34 234

Rocko's Modern life was the GOAT! Rocko, I have a feeling we’re not in the ’90s anymore.

HILMAN76‎, Today 11:54 PM
Today, 11:54 PM Go to last post
0 1

Guys Can't Rate Other Guys Properly

guys overrate soft tissue (hair, skin, leanness ) when in reality girls just care about bone structure. This is why we have this dynamic where many guys like myself are rated as decent looking by other dudes and other dudes are surprised I can't find a gf, yet I'm invisible to girls. Because guys...

BeastModeFTW‎, Today 09:01 PM
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48 882

Wtf is it with women and pets???

I bet at least 70% of all women own these retarded fuking animals that they think are their friends. Every other apartment listing is a female with some dumbass pet requirements.

drFEEL‎, Today 11:43 PM
4 28

Why do people put butter in their coffee?

Just curious as if any nut job in the misc does this deplorable act. Overheard two people talking today about putting butter and coconut oil in their coffee, because it "tasted good". STRONG WTF Does it make it creamy? Does it make it taste better?

ErikTheElectric‎, Today 08:44 PM
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53 1,131

New Misc Series: "To Catch A Sloot" exposing wives posting on Chad's IG (pics)

Chad's IG is a fukkin honeypot goldmine for this chit. Part I The cuck provider:

SixThree205‎, Today 07:56 PM
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69 1,937
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11 134

Thumbs up Hey late night misc

What's going on? Hope all is well.

BigRangs‎, Today 11:45 PM
4 17
21 603

Poll Poll: Official 52 books in 52 weeks challenge VI (2017) ∞ Making Brain Cells Great Again ∞

Rules*- -You must post the name of the book you're reading/ have recently finished. -You may post quotes from your books here, discuss them with others. You may also review the books if you wish, rate them, etc. -Participation is NOT mandatory. You may pop in whenever you wish. -Please...

lnvictus‎, 12-30-2016 03:42 PM
40 Pages
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1,186 201,091

been hitting them hip thrusts lately..... edit: ig link cause y'all reported my streamable :-----(

Womanl33t‎, 07-17-2017 05:40 PM
23 Pages
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Today, 11:51 PM Go to last post
683 65,569

Anyone here go from being a Timothy to a Chad?

In my teens I was definitely a Timothy. I was very tall and super skinny, goofy looking, uncoordinated and just pathetic. When I was a sophomore in high school in one of my classes this guy on the football team asked every girl in the class if they'd ever go out with me and they all made fun of me,...

ironmaniac508‎, Today 08:37 PM
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54 1,254

100k posts version 4 - Pizza, Wings, and Tendies. GTFIH.

Version I: - OP: NWDub Version II: - OP: Buckeyenutz Version III: - OP: Zizzfanatica Random Gifs~ Random Convo~ Random Fun~

riley444‎, 02-19-2017 08:49 PM
318 Pages
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9,512 406,909

/b/rahs my forearm has been ****ed up for 4 months notroll.jpg

I injured my forearm 4 months ago, took a few weeks off and went to only working out a few times a week. Didn't improve, whenever I do pulling movements it gets tingly and feels like it kinda swells up but no pain. Fast foward, took 6 weeks off and still the same problem. Wtf am I doing wrong...

Jittery‎, Today 11:42 PM
2 24

Cool WHY are miscers irate the new Dr Who is a woman?

BRB sexy blonde nurse BRB Dr Who in a bikini BRB her sonic screwdriver is also a vibrator BRB riding a dalek with the eye stalk as a dildo BRB gangbang with the cybermen BRB sexy chad as a companion (no homo :cool:) BRB dat ass What's not to like? If you're mad Dr Who is a woman there's...

Yevrem‎, Today 11:15 PM
Today, 11:48 PM Go to last post
10 149

Have people ever thought some shock humor isn't funny because it actually sucks...

In light of Chester's death I've seen a couple of these in a few groups I'm on in FB Why do people think this **** is funny? It's just lazy ass shock humor. I'm presenting this in an objective manner, devoid of any sort of moral high ground or anything. Even though I think suicide is...

sword_‎, Today 10:54 PM
Today, 11:47 PM Go to last post
26 203
27 595

So I did uber for the lead singer of puddle of mud today, dude is crazy

I drive for uber just as a little part time thing. Anyway I get a request from this hot girl. I'm like I can't wait to pick her up and talk to her. She calls me and is like you won't be picking me up but instead my boss and I'm like okay. So I get to the hotel and this hippy looking dude comes out...

Coolman468‎, Today 06:10 PM
2 Pages
1 2
Today, 11:42 PM Go to last post
50 2,059

Exclamation Paying lots of money to fix my problem (pics)

Seeing many specialists such as pt chiro etc and all they do is take $ and not fix me I don't know why I randomly got a tilt in my pelvis, sitting too much? But I have done tons of stretches and no results I was perfectly normal didn't even lift: All of a sudden it turned into this ...

PeacefulDink‎, Today 10:21 PM
17 594

Linkin Park Lead singer commits suicide :/

Wow :/

ImJJames‎, Today 11:15 AM
13 Pages
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Today, 11:40 PM Go to last post
388 25,123

*** Official Dragon Ball Super Thread ***

So many DBZ fans on misc and there isn't an official thread for this? I can't be the only have that isn't waiting for the dub and has been watching it with subtitles? **** is finally getting real in episode 22....Gohan been slacking and about to die. I just can't wait for Vegeta to come in...

Tuga88‎, 12-06-2015 08:23 AM
53 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 53
1,582 129,350

I cant get my head around super yachts (pics)

and the sheer cost that comes with them, Also it seems only Russians and arabs own serious yachts with the top 10 being all arab and russian owned. The biggest in the world; Azzam (cost $605 million, length: 180m). It cost 100mil more than the second biggest which is 163m long. with a fuel...

Gringo12‎, Today 03:16 AM
7 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 7
Today, 11:37 PM Go to last post
192 17,121

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