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Forum: Relationships and Relationship Help

For discussing relationships, dealing with the sex of your preference, and similar topics. NO PORN!

Sticky Thread Sticky: RH Chat Thread 28: IIRC - this thread used to be cool

Let's get this back, crew. Everyone is welcome, no one is denied an Ignore button. Use it, if needed. Let's bring back the good times. :) For your viewing pleasure:

bitty_bish‎, 05-03-2017 01:33 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: **The New Formula for Picking Up Chicks**

______________________________________________________________ Before I created my account here, I was a lurker for years, but that thread, created by Saucehead completely changed my life. As a result, I created my account here to thank him by helping other members who were not so...

Coal Man‎, 04-30-2010 10:59 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: There's a New Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea That is Spread Primarily Thru Oral Sex

There's a New Antibiotic Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea That We Should All Be Aware About & Concerned About. It is untreatable with even the most potent antibiotics drug companies have available to them. What's most surprising about this is that it's primarily being spread via oral sex. It is...

pogue‎, 07-12-2017 12:56 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
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Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: !@!@ Alarming New STD Statistics *IMPORTANT Update 7/5* !@!@

There are some very alarming new statistics for people in the United States that have sexually transmitted diseases. In several recent news stories on CNN, it has been revealed that 1 in 4 women has genital herpes AND HPV (The Human Papillomavirus). That means "almost half of all women between...

pogue‎, 03-05-2007 01:07 AM
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Matches have pretty much died

When I first signed up to CMB, I was getting matches daily for ~ a week, now they're very rare even though I'm active. When I first signed up to Bumble, I was getting a ton of matches within the first day, now they're already very rare. So what is it: a. I've exhausted my dating pool or the...

Luc1fer‎, 07-19-2018 03:16 PM
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Should I text her again?

Alright I asked this girl I’ve been talking to, to spend a weekend with me a new city so we can explore the place and enjoy each other’s company. This was over FaceTime, and she said yes. I texted her 3 days later with a picture of an Airbnb that would cost only 113 each for 3 nights asking “does...

Coolman468‎, Yesterday 03:24 PM
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Regarding lasting longer during sex/masturbation

Sorry if this isnt the right place to ask but I wanted to know how to last longer naturally? I have tried the stop and start method but it doesnt seem to work at all for me. I read online about how its mostly psychological, is that it? So do I need to see a psychiatrist because seems like I cant...

olympianspirit‎, 12-06-2018 12:43 PM
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misc females: is mogging a thing that actually occurs?

For some guys their greatest fear is being "mogged' by other guys. They will literally distance themselves from situations where a another guy MOGS them. mogging = typically where a markedly more attractive (and typically physically larger) man enters the same field of vision (from a females...

psychosylocibin‎, 12-07-2018 08:12 AM
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Girlfriend going clubbing with her single friend

Hey guys! So basically my girlfriend and I have been together for 4 months and she's honestly all I've ever wanted in a girl. I've gotten along with her family and they're very fond of me and always want to see me, while my girlfriend and I are together a lot. Anyways, she's going clubbing next...

MagicMike81‎, 12-08-2018 01:48 PM
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Women who pay for themselves on first dates?

How many of you guys experience women who pay on the first date? And would you say your dating experience is much better with these types of women? Do they tend to have different “values”?

Jroc2017‎, 12-07-2018 09:44 AM
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Kissing and cuddling with your boyfriend and then checking if he got an erection

Is this the best way to separate a phagggot from a real man ? a lot of phaags end up marrying women to save their face and reputation in world . I fear I am being used by a man in the same way. I am thinking if he get an erection by simply cuddling with me . Is this the best way to check for...

linda2017‎, 12-08-2018 06:14 AM
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Feels like I am waiting a week to be broken up with

Long story short, we were on a 2 week break, I message her yesterday at 9pm because she didnt (she thought the break was a month...) says shes sorry she didnt know it was 2 weeks.. --ask her where her thoughts are --says she really wants to talk but shes busy with midterms and cant come down...

extendlol‎, 10-27-2018 08:33 AM
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Does your wife/gf know you fap?

Question to those living with another woman. Wife and I were having a discussion and she says she considers it cheating. Wut?

chivasregal‎, 12-07-2018 10:33 AM
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Apologize or let go?

Hello, so I really got a crush on this girl in college (we're 20), we've texting for a month or so (we don't text all day everyday but we hear from eachother at least twice a day). After a few weeks of knowing her, i asked her if she would like to go out with me and she said yes, made plans and she...

messiftw‎, 12-07-2018 03:47 PM
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Ex gf broke NC

After about 16 days of NC. My ex reached out to me through text after I blocked her on Social media and whatsapp. She said that "she wanted to mail me a book(that I lent her)" "And she was sorry for hurting me and she didn't want it to be hostile like this." I replied. "Hey, I'm not...

kev9kev‎, 12-08-2018 08:14 PM
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Your first love/breakup

You ever get the feeling where you WISH so badly that it could have worked out? Because you wanted them to be IT for you. I look back and think.. “why did you have to have second thoughts, why did you change your mind on commitment and our relationship even though you told me i was the best...

extendlol‎, 12-08-2018 10:53 PM
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Turned 30...Regrets

Regret the following decisions i made in life: -Not having a clear vision or goal -Letting gfs influence life decisions -Thinking i was working hard or working out hard. -caring about what others think -making any attempt fo please others -not being assertive enough -caring about if a girl...

Dale1988‎, Yesterday 12:11 PM
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gf of a year has a herpes outbreak....(SRS)

Ok this is really screwed up. im not posting on my main account out of embarrassment :( Been with girl for a year, known her for like a year and a half. She's awesome in every way and i love her alot. Sex has always been great(always raw dog and all the time :() and we get along really well....

Jaden04‎, 04-06-2011 09:37 AM
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Found out my ho cheated on me

Been together a little over 2 years up until tonight What's the best course of action? Right now I'm in North Carolina. Cliffs: -Girlfriend is a ho -Her work sent her to manners school for the weekend with another coworker -Was originally supposed to be her and another girl

idno‎, 12-01-2018 08:46 PM
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Exclamation Cheating on my wife!!!!

Ok guys I really need help here. I am married to my beautiful wife. I married her as a virgin. We couldn’t have sex for the first 3 months because her hyme was very thick and I couldn’t penetrate. When her pussy finally teared apart she was bleeding like hell. It’s 4 years now and she is still...

abletonlive‎, 12-08-2018 05:12 PM
Yesterday, 09:13 PM Go to last post
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I don't feel unattractive but attract nobody, maybe I am? Literally don't attract anybody. I don't feel that bad, but I have a bad feeling I'm decently photogenic(look better than I do in reality) I added a video but it's so hard to know. I suppose if you ain't attracting anybody you are by definition, unattractive.

AlamedaBoy‎, Yesterday 11:44 AM
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Stronger than my husband?

Help please. I had started working out several weeks ago, and i can see very good results. My muscles are growing fast and my strength grows. The problem is my husband. My husband is kind a weak man. That didn't matter to me until now, but now when I'm getting stronger, I'm really afraid to...

Dana57‎, 12-05-2018 04:12 PM
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Never been on a date, how to get one without coming off as a loser? Srs replies, plz

Not trying to bring myself down but I pretty much have no experience with girls. Currently working full time with a small group of friends and graduated undergrad. Waiting for med school to start in about a year. I'm good with people, in terms of making friends and making them laugh. My...

NoWheyOut17‎, 11-23-2018 03:59 PM
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Poll Poll: If I have gotten uglier over the years, can I go back to looking good in the future?

I used to get a LOT of girls in middle and H.S.(14-19 years old) I had a lot of G.Fs and even my attractive 30-something y/o counselor asked me to study with her and she showed interest in me(I had very bad social anxiety at the time, so I said no like an idiot.) I had some of the most attractive...

johnnydeep1‎, Yesterday 08:26 AM
Yesterday, 01:35 PM Go to last post
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Question Dating again

Ok. First of all I got out of a relationship a few years ago and my main focus was working and paying bills. I work nearly 70 hours a week so it’s hard to really meet girls. I decided to join match and instantly I have people hitting me up. I never really did the one night stand thing or anything...

Immichaelski‎, Yesterday 09:32 AM
Yesterday, 12:06 PM Go to last post
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Slootiness is it Nature or Nurture?

Hi BB Forums, First of i want to say this might sound like a fairly beta thing to do but im a senior in college and a couple of middle school friends and I had a reunion not too long ago. We started talking about the girls from ms and started looking them on facebook. We were shocked to see even...

HopefulPeasant‎, 12-08-2018 09:41 AM
Yesterday, 10:00 AM Go to last post
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How to get around bumble bans

I've found myself banned from Bumble/Tinder especially with Bumble a few times. If bumble or Tinder have blocked your phone number i have found the ultimate ways to get around this 1. Download Text now app 2. Go to 10 minute mail and get a quick email to use 3. Use that email to create your...

Gosu14‎, 12-06-2018 08:23 PM
Yesterday, 08:30 AM Go to last post
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How much should you spend on your girlfriend's christmas gift?

How much money should you spend on your girlfriend's christmas gift? Let's say a girl you've been with a few months to a year. I know someone will chime in and say "it shouldn't matter." It shouldn't but to women it usually does. They are all going to go back to work and have to tell their...

Emil_Hudson‎, 12-11-2008 01:28 AM
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I got stood up last night

So this actually happened. It's not that I'm that upset over the situation, I'm just perplexed. It doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe someone here can try to explain this. -Match with girl on Bumble -Text back and forth for a couple days on cell (outside of Bumble app). -I ask her out for...

FL_Z32‎, 12-06-2018 10:29 AM
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